5 DIY Simple Green Tea Face Masks For Glowing Skin

These are amazing green tea mask ideas to improve your skin health and get that glowing skin to make you look and feel beautiful!

By Nicole Muir
5 DIY Simple Green Tea Face Masks For Glowing Skin

What is Matcha Green Tea?

We may know of matcha green tea as a wonderfully delicious drink, but you may not have heard of the amazing qualities it has for external use as a face mask or peel! Matcha green tea is a powdered form of tea that is rich in antioxidants, detoxifying properties and so much more! It is a form of green tea but is made of the entire leaf rather than green tea that is a brewed version of it. For these natural face masks we discuss you can use normal brewed green tea as well, but for the maximum benefits, matcha green tea is preferred.

How do I know the matcha green tea or green tea is good quality?

This is a great question, especially since what we put on our skin is absorbed so rapidly. We want to purchase the best quality ingredients that are also financially affordable. The best quality will be: -Ceremonial grade (this is ideal for consumption but not as necessary for external uses): ceremonial grade uses a more precise growing method and the youngest green tea leaves for the best results. -Organic Matcha Green Tea: This is used without any pesticides, herbicides or unnatural fertilizers. Green tea can come from many locations, but a less common location is from Jeju island. Jeju island is located in Korea. Korea has strict levels of requirements on their leaf growing for teas that only a couple percent of Jeju's green tea is exported. While we may not receive much green tea from the island of Jeju, much of the green tea we consume comes from Sri Lanka, China, and India.

What are the health benefits of Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha green tea is an amazing natural remedy not only to drink or eat but also to apply to our skin. The benefits of this green tea are far-reaching. We will discuss the benefits of matcha green tea specifically, but note that green tea has the same benefits, just not as concentrated. Green tea is wonderful in uses as a face mask or as a face peel, to be paired with a skin care routine that suits your skin. A great brand to pair with a face mask or peel is Boscia skincare. Boscia specifically means botanical, science and advanced technology. Boscia's line is free of preservatives, ethanol alcohol, animal ingredients and synthetic ingredients. In addition to Boscia, you can use any other brand that suits your preference. A few other natural brands would be Annmarie, Amala, Acure, Dr. Bronner's and so many more. You can get amazing benefits from green tea or matcha green tea for your skin, but you also want to make sure that you are pairing it with nourishing skin care products as well.

Matcha Green Tea Benefits:

1. Reduces acne and rosacea 2. Rich in antioxidants: helps cleanse toxins and reduces the risk of skin cancer. 3. Great for evening out your skin tone 4. Helps diminish bags under the eyes 5. Acts as a protectant from the sun 6. Improves skin tightness and reduces skin aging

5 Amazing DIY Natural Face Masks and Peels using Matcha Green Tea!

1. Sooth and brighten your skin with a green tea and honey face mask

Natural benefits of honey for your skin: *Helps with preventing acne or improving it since honey is antibacterial *Moisturizes and soothes the skin *Filled with antioxidants that help combat skin aging. *Unclogs pores Ingredients: 1 tsp. matcha green tea powder or 1 tsp. brewed green tea (cooled down) 1/2-1 tsp. raw honey Steps: (If you are using brewed green tea) 1. Heat water in a kettle, in the microwave or a pot 2. Add the water to a cup with a green tea bag and let it steep for 5 or more minutes 3. Add the green tea water to the honey in a small bowl 4. Add more honey or more green tea to the desired thickness 5. Apply the face mask onto your face and leave it on for 15 minutes 6. Wash off with warm water and complete your skin care routine *For Matcha green tea, just add matcha powder to the honey and go through the steps 4-6 Uses: 1. Soak a washcloth with the mixture and let it rest on your face for 15 minutes 2. Use cotton balls to lightly rub on your face and rinse off in 15 minutes 3. Apply as a mask and leave on for 15 minutes

2. Detoxify your skin with an activated charcoal green tea face mask

Benefits of activated charcoal for your skin: *Helps to treat and improve acne *Removes toxins from your skin *Soothing to your skin *Acts as a great exfoliator *Can remove scarring and blemishes Benefits of bentonite clay for your skin: *Helps to unclog pores *Can reduce oily skin *Detoxifies the skin *Moisturizes and smoothes out skin *Helps your skin have a glowing effect *Exfoliating *Reduces scars *Great at healing the skin from damage *Evens out skin tone Ingredients: 1/2 tsp. matcha green tea powder or 1/2 tsp. brewed green tea 1/2 tsp. bentonite clay powder 2 tsp. filtered water 2-3 drops tea tree essential oil 1/2 tsp. activated charcoal powder Steps: 1. Combine the powdered ingredients 2. Add in the liquid ingredients in the order of the tea tree oil and then the filtered water to the desired consistency 3. Apply to your damp and clean skin for 15 minutes. 4. Wash off with warm water and complete your skin care routine *If you would like to turn this into a face peel follow the link below for a wonderful DIY Charcoal Peel-off face mask. Add the extra ingredients of matcha tea powder and tea tree oil. Uses: 1. Apply to your cleansed face as a face mask for 15 minutes, then wash off completely with warm water

DIY Charcoal Peel-Off Mask - Easy Blackhead Busting Mask

3. Improve acne with a green tea and holy basil face mask

Benefits of holy basil for your skin: * A wonderful natural remedy for blackheads * Prevents and improves acne * Great for evening out and lightening your skin tone * Cure for skin infections * Aids with healing insect bites * Slows down skin aging Ingredients: 1 tsp green tea -you can cut open the bag and brew the leaves, applying the entire mixture to the face mask or green tea matcha powder Chopped up fresh basil *If you do not have fresh basil you can use frozen leaves as well Steps: *For the green tea bag 1. Heat up water on the stove or in the microwave 2. Add the warm or hot water to a cup with an opened green tea bag 3. Let this steep until it cools down 4. Remove the tea bag, shaking out any excess green tea leaves into the water 5. Add the chopped basil leaves 6. Use a washcloth to apply the liquid to your face (you may apply a couple of coats to get the desired coverage 7. Wash off after 15 minutes with warm water and continue with your skincare routine * You can turn this mask into a facial peel as well by following the steps for the charcoal face mask peel link Uses: 1. Apply as a face mask and leave on for 15 minutes, rinsing with warm water and moisturizing well 2. Freezing as ice cubes and rubbing on the desired area 3. Adding the mixture to cotton balls and rubbing on your skin

4. Repair your skin with a green tea and chia seed face mask

Benefits of chia seeds for your skin: * Has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to prevent and treat acne * Amazing moisturizer for your skin * Improves skin glow * Anti-aging properties Ingredients: 1 cup brewed green tea or 1 tsp. matcha green tea powder 1 spoonful of chia seeds *optional cleanser for a gentle face wash Steps: 1. For brewed green tea: Heat up 1 cup of water and steep green tea bags in the cup for 5 minutes or more 2. Let the tea cool and add in a spoonful of chia seeds 3. Let this sit for about 15 minutes or more, until the chia seeds have expanded substantially 4. Add the mixture to your skin, letting it sit for 20 minutes 5. Rinse off the face mask with warm water and moisturize your skin thoroughly *If you are using matcha green tea powder add a tsp to a cup of water and complete steps 2-5 Uses: 1. Apply to your skin as a mask for 20 minutes 2. Rub on gently as a gentle cleanse- add your cleanser to the mixture

5. Fade blemishes with a green tea and lemon face mask

Benefits of lemon for your skin: * Has wonderful antibacterial properties, great for detoxifying your skin * Helps to prevent and treat acne * Rich in Vitamin C which brightens the skin * Reduces excess oily skin Ingredients: 1/2 tsp. of fresh lemon juice 2 tbsps. of chilled green tea or 1/2 tsp. matcha green tea powder in 2 tbsps. of chilled water A dash of turmeric *optional: add a splash of apple cider vinegar. ACV is great at reducing aging spots, healing and reducing acne. Always make sure to test a small dab on your skin for any sensitivities you may have to ACV or the lemon juice. Steps: 1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl 2. Apply to your face with a washcloth. After it has dried repeat this step a couple more times until the desired amount is applied. 3. Rinse off your face after 10-15 minutes 4. Finish up with the remainder of your skincare routine Uses: 1. Use cotton pads or balls and rub on your skin, rinsing after it has dried 2. Soak a washcloth and let it set on your face for 15- 20 minutes

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Now go enjoy a relaxing spa experience in your home with these wonderful DIY green tea face masks!

Let this give you the motivation to DIY your own natural green tea face masks and not only benefit your skin but be a form of relaxation as well! You can set aside some time on the weekends or whenever you can get some free time, just make sure you can carve out at least a few minutes to completely enjoy some self-pampering.

More DIY Mask Ideas

If you would like more DIY face masks or peel ideas, check out the links below for more ideas! Or better yet, determine what ingredients you like the best for their benefits and create your own DIY mask or peel. Play around with the amount of each ingredient. You can dream up your ideal face mask using the ingredients in this article as a reference for what ingredients would work best for you.

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