Itty Bitty Titties: Why Having Small Boobs is a Blessing

Start looking at your boobs in a different light and love them!

By Michele
Itty Bitty Titties: Why Having Small Boobs is a Blessing

I do not know what this craze is all about – men and women fascinating over huge boobs. Like what sort of pleasure do they offer in general life or sexual activity? Yes, they get good glares but is that all about having or going for big boobs? 

In my honest opinion having natural boobs is better and here, I will discuss Itty Bitty Titties: Why Having Small Boobs is a Blessing. And you will be amazed to know that: there is only a slight percentage of men, who prefer big boobs. Rest like it natural and small. So there is no need to panic if you have small boobs, rather consider it as a blessing. 

Stop seeing what porn projects; huge boobs and artificial figures. It is nothing but a long term maintenance job that comes with several side effects. 

Itty Bitty Titties?

In these times, all we see is the extreme glorification of women and that too in an unnatural manner. Whether it is pornography, a song video, or any sort of commercial advertisement, women displayed are supposed to have huge boobs yet a small frame. This is something unnatural! 

Now what effect it does on the women, who have small boobs, is that they get into some sort of complex related to the size of their boobs. That is where several companies and surgical experts come into action. They make huge claims of giving women a busty look so that they can feel confident. Well in reality the confidence resides within. 

It is more of a fact that you accept the rate at which your body progresses and develops. By no means, you need to get into any sort of complex by seeing cosmetically treated figures over social media. Itty Bitty Titties are perfectly fine rather better! And you will soon why. The first step is to accept how you are and stop using ineffective lotions, creams, injections, and surgeries for breast size. Just do not do that!

11 Reasons Why Having Small Boobs is a Blessing

In this section, I have chosen 11 different reasons that explain why small boobs are better than fake large ones. I really hope that you will settle your mind here! 

1. Bikini Shopping is Easy

There is no need to go here and there to find the right size and style to cover your boobs. You can easily get a bikini that will fit in a perfect manner and that would definitely make you look sexy.  

2. You do not Need to Wear a Bra Always

Isn’t that a blessing to have no bra on during the hot and humid days? Certainly, it is a blessing to feel free and dress the way you want. Without bra spoiling your attire! 

3. Polo Necks Look Great

Yes, there is a special thing about women wearing long and loose-fitting polo necks. And they further look sexy on women having small boobs. Just imagine that!

4. Exercise is Easy

While you do not have healthy milk sacks, it gets a lot easier to exercise. You do not need to worry about securing your chest now and then. Just wear some fitting exercise gear and you are done!

5. You do not get lusty glares

All those women, who have small or natural boobs, do not have a prominent cleavage. That means they do not get any sort of unwanted glares. It saves the born from uncomfortable eye contact. 

6. Small Boobs = No Back Pain

Big boobs have their own weight and that can lead to back pain now and then. While having small boobs puts a little or no stress on the back hence, no back pain. 

7. Small Boobs Lead to more Pleasure

It has by no means been established that big boobs generate more sexual pleasure than the small boobs. According to an experiment, it has been established that small boobs are actually more sensitive than the bigger ones. Hence they get aroused easily and lead to lengthy and strong episodes of pleasure. 

8. Small Boobs Lead to a Better Orgasm

As pleasure is increased it means that the orgasm is also improved. Proper nipple sexual stimulation done on the small boobs can lead to boobgasm, which big boobs might not experience. So all the small boob girls out there, you can certainly enjoy more. 

9. Small Boobs Carry the same Amount of Milk

Jokes apart but the big jugs are no factories of milk, as there is no connection of big boobs with increased breast milk. Mammary glands are near the same size in every woman. The difference in the size of the boobs occurs due to the number of fat tissues present in breasts. 

10. You can Carry a Better Posture

Have you ever noticed that women having large boobs have an awkward body posture? Their upper back is bent forward, shoulders dropped and tummy down. This gives such a poor impression while on the Otis is not confirmed having small breasts actually manage a better posture. 

11. Size of Boobs Keeps on Changing

It is not confirmed that small breasts will always remain of the same size. They keep on evolving, especially during and after pregnancy. So enjoy the phases of transition and count the blessings of having small boobs. Hope you are getting it- Itty Bitty Titties: Why Having Small Boobs is medium-sized

Not All Men are into Big Boobs

Several experiments and surveys reveal that men prefer small or medium-sized breasts. Causey enjoys looking at them or playing with them during sexual activity. Men are rarely seen complaining of breast size. They generally accept what the natural size is and try to give and have pleasure. 

It is like the same that most of the women prefer average size penis, while men think the bigger the better. So, we can say that it has more to do with imagination rather than focusing on the concept of achieving sexual pleasure. Though men love boobs, they have little to do with the importance of size. They look into a lot of other things also while dating a girl. 

So stay relaxed and focus on your personality and attitude. There is no need to worry about the size of your boobs. You will get the man of your dreams or type, just stay natural.

Having Self Love on Yourself And Your Boobs

Is it something difficult to do? Well maybe in the beginning. The reason being, seeing all the fake stuff around you can easily feel overwhelmed. That takes to focus the way from your personal development and acceptance.  Here, I will discuss a few important points that you need to understand and implement. 

1. No Matter what – Do not Ever Settle for Less

By settle for less, I mean that you need to know your value. Everyone out there has some sort of imperfections and that does not mean you try to cover them in an unnatural manner. All that you need to do is practice your mind over the fact that you have to live according to the natural rules and patterns. There is no need to feel low over something that you cannot control. Count your blessings. 

2. Work on Generating Self-Love and Appreciating your Body

Just like you give time to your family and friends, it is equally important to work on yourself too. You needed to pamper your mind, body, and soul. Get regular massage therapy and aromatherapy. Cut any sort of toxic people or habits that can damage your self-esteem. It is important to generate boundaries and protect your existence from harmful factors. Do meditate regularly. 

3. Get Better

With the passage of time, you need to get better with whatever you possess. If you will love yourself it will instantly give an image to people, who are connected with you, that you are thankful for the way you are. This will actually help in achieving your dreams and staying mentally and emotionally stable. Be thankful and appreciative and see how time and tide turn in your favor. 

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Small boobs are after all a great blessing and I really hope that you have a clear idea of this fact. All you need to do is accept how this fact is something highly positive for you. Instead of falling for any sort of scam and getting into trouble or depression, just accept the reality. Itty Bitty Titties: Why Having Small Boobs is a Blessing – reality check is done!     

Your small boobs can go a long way and trust me there is nothing better than a decent pair of natural tits. Let them hang and show some love. It is the only way of getting love in return!