The top 10 skin care bloggers you should follow right now

Who are 2018 current trending skin care bloggers everyone follows

By Hana O.
The top 10 skin care bloggers you should follow right now

In order to stay updated with the current beauty trends, there is now such a thing as a Skinfluencer, or a skincare influencer. These are skin care gurus who share their secrets, routines and discoveries through social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook or blogs. They are responsible for making our lives so much easier by guiding us in the right path towards achieving our beauty goals.


Let us take a look at this year’s top Skinfluencers on Instagram from different parts of the globe. 

Popular US skin care bloggers on Instagram

1. Kris Cherie

Kristine Agabaian is the founder of famous beauty blog Kris Cherie which was started in 2015. Kristine created the blog as a personal outlet for her to share her individual style, beauty tips, and vision and to connect with like-minded people. Within 3 years, Kris Cherie has already garnered a steadily growing 138k followers on Instagram. 


Aside from writing about beauty, fashion, style, and travel, Kris Cherie is also a skincare influencer that has worked with different brands such as Skinceuticals.


In her blog, she reviews different beauty brands and highlights them, she shares her top favorite mascaras, foundations, etc and she reveals her makeup routines. Of course, to show her appreciation to her fans, Kris Cherie is also known for her giveaways.

Source: @krischerie/ Instagram

She shared her complete look for a bridal shower she recently attended and went on to reveal her makeup routine for similar events.

I hardly ever wear foundation anymore, especially during the day. I try to keep things light in the daytime and save the heavy makeup application for those longer days filled with events. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t feel too heavy on your skin, I highly recommend the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream. It’s a tinted moisturizer, so it’s perfect to wear during the day, and it has SPF – super important! When you’re out in natural sunlight, heavy makeup looks even heavier. That’s why I love wearing tinted moisturizer! Apart from it letting your skin breathe, it also doesn’t look cakey!

Snippet from her post “My Go-To Makeup Routine”

2. Emily Weiss

Source: @emilywweiss/ Instagram

Have you recently heard of the popular brand “Glossier”? Well, you’re now reading about the woman who started the brand. Emily Weiss is the skinfluencer and blogger behind Into the Gloss. What started out as a blog about skincare and beauty products eventually grew into its own skincare line known as Glossier. Her Instagram profile gives everyone a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the life at Glossier.


Emily’s blog is filled with tutorials, reviews and routines all of which are geared towards making our lives easier when it comes to skincare and makeup. Her casual and down-to-earth writing style makes her content highly relatable.

Source: @intothegloss/ Instagram

It’s really very simple: washing your face and washing your hair are different processes. They should be done with different products at different times with different techniques. With that in mind...push your gosh darn hair back when you’re splish-splashing your face with water! Have you ever gotten a blow out? If yes, this should resonate. Can't let that shiny new 'do accidentally hang into the sink basin, know what I mean?

Snippet from her post: An Ode To The Face-Washing Headband

3. Bethany Mota

A successful vlogger, Bethany Mota currently has over 10million subscribers. Her channel focuses on style, travel, beauty, cooking, positivity to name a few. Her followers are called MOTAvators for which she is truly thankful for.


People are hooked with her morning and night skincare routine and because of its popularity, it’s been featured in Teen Vogue and Stylecaster. Aside from skincare routines, she’s also known for sharing with the world all her routines from her morning and night schedules (based on each season) to her other hobbies.


Her Instagram account, with 5.2million followers, is more focused on her private life which portrays her relationship with her boyfriend, their dogs, and fashion.

Source: @bethanynoelm/ Instagram

4. Lauren Elizabeth

Another YouTuber and skincare influencer is Lauren Elizabeth.

She is open about her fights with depression and anxiety which gives her audience a much-deserved boost. Her channel is filled with real-life scenarios and she shares how she goes through them, whether it’s a skincare routine for lazy days or tips on how to bounce back from a period of disregarding our skin.

Source: @laurenelizabeth/ Instagram

Famous Korean skin care bloggers on Instagram

5. Alicia Yoon

Source: @aliciayoon212 / Instagram

An esthetician, Alivia Yoon is the founder of Peach and Lily which started out as a blog about Korean beauty and skincare but was so successful that it became a store selling K-beauty products internationally. Her blog is still active and continues to give excellent tips on achieving and maintaining a healthy and glowing skin.


Now, Alicia is busy connecting the world with the latest and the best Korean skincare products. Her personal Instagram account with over 23.9k followers gives us a look into managing Peach and Lily.

Source: @aliciayoon212/ Instagram

I've been receiving a lot of Instagram direct messages from you all on what to buy this Black Friday, so I decided to write this blog post to share the things I've been loving! By the way, I love it when you guys message me and I always do read everything, so please keep your comments coming as it helps me figure out what you're interested in! We have hundreds of products on our site, and every single one goes through an intensive filtering process. You probably heard this from me before, but we take a long time to vet everything -- like, months and months -- and put the products through focus group tests and expert formulation-vetting, and we haven't changed that from day one. That way, you get only the best of the best!


6. Pony

Source: @ponysmakeup/ Instagram

While she may not be a K-pop idol, Pony or Park Hye Min sure looks like one. She is a self-taught beauty guru that is followed by a big audience. Pony is most well-known for being the makeup artist CL from the K-pop group 2NE1.


Her YouTube channel “Pony Makeup”, with 1 million subscribers, is filled with makeup tutorials achieving different looks. From a tutorial how to achieve the no-makeup makeup look to a Taylor Swift transformation video which currently has 19 million views.


From vlogging and being active in Instagram, Pony has expanded into her own makeup line called Pony Effect which is a makeup line focused on lipsticks.


Stylish, bright and versatile, Pony is definitely an eye candy skinfluencer that is worth the follow.

7. Jessica Jung

Source: @jessica.syj/ Instagram

Another Korean skincare and beauty influencer is Jessica Jung. She used to be a former member of K-pop group Girls Generation and is known for her sweet voice and great sense of fashion. She is an accomplished model, having worked for multiple cosmetic and fashion brands and covered for magazines.


Jessica is now the main host of KBS’s beauty variety show, “Beauty Bible”. Her fluency in English and Korean proved to be highly beneficial for the show as she was able to translate for the beauty models that they interview as well as give her honest opinions regarding beauty products that she uses on a daily basis.

Australian trending skin care bloggers on Instagram

8. Miranda Kerr

Source: @mirandakerr/ Instagram

An international model, mother and beauty influencer from Australia, Miranda Kerr is making huge waves in the skincare industry.


In 2006, she started her own line of products called KORA Organics which offers cosmetics and skincare products that are organic, vegan and not animal-tested. Miranda herself sourced key ingredients based on their natural healing and protective powers such as Rosehip oil, Noni extract and Green tea. She is committed to providing the gentlest and most natural products that are meant to revitalize the skin.


In 2009, KORA Organics was launched exclusively in Australia’s leading department store, David Jones. From there, they expanded to over 200 retailers across the country including Sephora. The products are also available worldwide through its website, and luxury e-retailer In 2007, KORA Organics was introduced to the US market through over 300 Sephora stores and by the end of 2018, the brand will have more than 2,500 stores across 25 countries.

9. Lauren Curtis

Source: @lozcurtis/ Instagram

Lauren Curtis is the highly-successful YouTuber with over 3.6 million subscribers. She is considered to be one of the industry’s OG influencers in Australia. Famous for her hair and makeup tutorials, travel vlogs and more, Lauren is easily a name that frequently passes people’s mouths when the topic is about beauty and skincare.


Her Instagram account is very chic, bright and stylish. One can really get a look into the life of an influencer.

Don't concern yourself with what others are doing around you. Focusing on your competitors and their actions only takes your focus away from creating your own success. Everyone has their own unique path, and what works for them may not work for you. Life is too short to spend your precious time on something that doesn't make you happy. Find something that feeds your soul and it will never feel like work

10. Elle Ferguson

Source: @elle_ferguson/ Instagram

Australia is definitely an up-and-coming beauty epicenter that has been consistent in producing fresh and new crop of talent in the beauty industry. One of them is Elle Ferguson. Her Instagram alone has 635,000 followers.


She started out as a fashion blogger then realized a natural phenomenon that she had: a never-fading, year-round bronzed skin. Her constant posts showcasing this gorgeous skin complexion made everyone intrigued about her beauty secrets.


Because of this, she added “entrepreneur” to her already full portfolio and founded her own self-tanner brand “Elle Effect”.

As if this isn’t enough, Elle is also besties with the goddesses of the beauty industry, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian.


Her advice as an influencer?

Stay true to your brand, remember who you are and what your brand stands for. Don't ever sacrifice it for anything

Interesting men's skin care bloggers to follow on Instagram

Looking good and having a skincare regime was never limited to the female population. But it was only until recently that the men have started “coming out” and sharing their style and personal grooming routines. The following are men who are definitely stealing the spotlight from their counterparts.

1. Matthew Zorpas

Source: @matthewzorpas/ Instagram

Named one of the Best Dressed Men in Britain by Esquire magazine UK in 2010, one of the top best-dressed men in the world 2013 by GQ Taiwan and recently crowned as one of the top ten best-dressed men on Instagram by British GQ, Matthew Zorpas is an accomplished influencer in all aspects.


Matthew started the blog “TheGentlemanBlogger” which is a guide in becoming a true gentleman of modern times. Aside from manners, etiquette, style, and culture, TheGentlemanBlogger also touches on men’s grooming.


Mr. Zorpas is not a stranger to the best shaving cream, beard balms, and moisturizers.

2. John Robertson

Source: @theeverydayman/ Instagram

John is the owner and writer of the very successful blog “The Everyday Man”.


Moisturizers, eye cream, exfoliation, cleansers and face masks? Yup. John uses them all in a strict skincare routine. He expresses how crucial it is to always look his best in his line of work, therefore, he visits the barbershop every ten days.


The result is highly acceptable with his fresh-faced posts on Instagram that is a heart magnet.

Grooming trends tend to come and go but one of the biggest in recent years was beards. Men everywhere were spurred on by a new breed of bearded social media faces to put down their razors and embrace the bushy look. In fact, just a few years back, finding a clean-shaven man under the age of 50 was a bit of a rarity. Not all went for the full-on hipster beard though, many (like me) preferred the 3- or 4-day stubbly look.


3. The Dapper Chapper

Source: @dapperchapperblog/ Instagram

This blog is a collective one with many writers. The editor, Alex Noble, is not allergic to skin care that others assume are for women only. He uses a lot of products on a daily basis and writes reviews on them for the whole male population to be acquainted with.

It’s safe to say that in the world of men’s grooming, changes have been coming thick and fast for the last decade. We’ve undergone (and are still experiencing) a revolution whereby an increasing number of gents are showing more care towards their facial grooming and skincare. First came the wave of hair products, followed by facial moisturisers, oils and balms, often specifically for facial hair and now we find ourselves in an environment where chaps are openly having conversations about what hand or eye cream they use; and we think it’s fantastic.

Snippet from a post by Alex Noble: L’Occitane En Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream

Summing it up

Being a skinfluencer is definitely a booming career and business. Through the use of technology, an influencer can stay connected with their audience and give them updates on the latest trends in skincare.


What used to be limited to women, this hobby/profession is now being embraced by men, and we’ve got to admit that they are doing an excellent job as well.