10 Most Flattering Pink Lipstick for women all ages

Best pink lipsticks must-haves to get the natural to hot looks

By Hana O.
10 Most Flattering Pink Lipstick for women all ages

Why you should have a pink lipstick

Perhaps the most-girly of all colors, pink has made it to the list of every girl’s top favorites. As adults, we stay true to our feminine side by owning at least one tube of pink lipstick in our makeup kits. If this isn’t the case, then it must be said that it doesn’t matter if you prefer black or you’re a no-nonsense type of girl, pink lips are the way to go for a confidence boost.


In fact, beauty gurus swear by the list called “4 lipstick shades that every woman should own”. Those colors include red, nude, plum, and pink. Have your favorite lippie in each of these shades, and you are prepared and ready for anything.

Pink lipstick wearers exude a friendly and fun-loving attitude that is contagious. She’s the girl next door or the girl that you must make into your best friend. Pink is such a versatile color that it also symbolizes power. When we think of girl power, we think pink. Even in the work environment, senior executives are more likely to own and use pink lipsticks compared to their juniors.


Now let’s look into what shades are the must-haves for this year.

Best light pink lipsticks to look sweet and natural

Ever heard of “millennial pink?” It turns out, this particular shade has bumped red off the top charts and has become the world’s favorite, according to a study by YouCam Makeup. This shade of pink is right in between nude and dark pink, making it perfect to look pretty in pink.

1. Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick, Pretty Social

Price: $21.00

Be Legendary Lipstick | Smashbox

The Smashbox Be Legendary line offers a whopping 120 different colors, including a handful of pink shades (26 to be exact!) The shade, Pretty Social, is light pink and can quickly become your everyday lippie.


Ladies who bought this color are addicted. The lipsticks are available in moisturizing cream and long-lasting matte finishes. Don’t worry about your lips drying when using the matte version because the product is formulated with shea butter, vitamins C and E so your lips are protected and nourished.


Did I mention that Smashbox is a brand that is cruelty-free? You can look pretty in pink on a clear conscience.

2. Glossier Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick, Like

Price: $18.00

Sheer Matte Lipstick: Generation G | Glossier

When it comes to millennial pink, Glossier is at the top. The light, cool pink that Like comes in is like a lip balm with its sheer finish yet it adapts to your natural lip color and not the other way around. In other words, your lips will look different from others giving you a unique look.


Generation G offers a new kind of lip shades that will leave you looking like you just blotted your perfect lips, sans the blot.


With only six shades to choose from, Glossier made sure that only the best of the best will make the cut. Swipe once for a subtle finish or three to four times for stronger and bolder lips.

3. NYX Professional Makeup Matte Lipstick, Pale Pink

Price: $6.00

Matte Lipstick | NYX Professional Makeup

Now onto something that offers value for the buck. This nude, blue-toned, light pink lipstick suits all skin types. It’s matte finish yet light on the lips. Just swipe it on, and you get a highly-pigmented material that stays on the lips.


Women who have tried one color usually buy more because they fall in love with the lipstick. Others even hinted of a light sweet smell unlike other brands with lipsticks that smell of chemicals. The playful pops of color are meant to be at home in our makeup kits for our go-to-look depending on our mood.

4. Bobbi Brown Luxe Matte Lip Color, Nude Reality

Price: $37.00

Luxe Matte Lip Color | BobbiBrown.com

Perfect for olive or medium skin tones, this pale nude pink lipstick is a first-of-its-kind formula by Bobbi Brown. The formulation offers a luxurious lipstick infused with oil powders and matte powder pigments that give you full coverage without the cracking and parched feeling. You’re left with a plush, matte, full lips that will stay on for up to 12 hours.


Bobbi Brown also ensures that its products are paraben, phthalate, sulfate, and gluten-free as well as vegan.


Lipstick junkies love this particular brand and color above other expensive brands. The lipstick is true to its word and stays on the lips and not on water bottles or coffee cups.

5. MAC Cosmetics Frost Lipstick, Angel

Price: $18.50

Frost Lipstick | MAC Cosmetics - Official Site

The iconic thin-lined, three-letter logo and the stylish yet straighforward all-black packaging are not the only reasons why MAC has become the holy grail brand for most ladies. There’s the fact that its products are fantastic. Take their Frost Lipstick in the shade Angel, for example.


The soft pink shade looks gorgeous for all skin types. It appears baby pink on light skin tones, while has a touch of wine and shimmer for olive complexions. When the lipstick touches dark skin tones, it looks like a pinkish nude with a bright and sexy shine.


The formula features smooth consistency with medium coverage and a high-pearl, semi-lustrous finish. Pink lipsticks that are more cream than matte for that girly touch.

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Best dark pink lipsticks to look hot and sexy

When you want to go beyond pretty and into hot and sexy, then it’s time to go sexy. Pink, being the versatile color that it is, can give you sophistication much like its counterpart shade, red, which is typically attributed to the “dominant and sexy look.”


It’s a fact that modern-day feminists are leaving red behind and are trying on another power shade: fuchsia. This was perhaps confirmed by Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, Storm Reid, and Mindy Kalin when they appeared on TIME’s December 2017 cover. There was something strong yet sexy, showing the right amount of power that those ladies portrayed, all because of dark pink lips.

6. NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment, Give it Up

Price: $26.00

Powermatte Lip Pigment - NARS | Sephora

This liquid matte lipstick may stick on your lips for hours, but because of its innovative formulation, you won’t feel a thing. The liquefied pigments provide an infinite matte finish that is weightless. Even the applicator was designed for effortless and precise application in one swipe.


After each swipe, it dries down instantly to lock in the color for smudge-resistant wear. This liquid lip color flatters all skin tones.

7. Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick, 205 Fuchsia Irrésistible

Price: $38.00

Le Rouge Lipstick - Givenchy | Sephora

For those who love Givenchy products, this Le Rouge lipstick is a must-try. If you’re planning to make your first luxury lippie, then you’ve come to the right place. This couture, richly-hued lip color will make you forget your name when you look at yourself wearing the lipstick. The ingredients were perfectly prepared, making your lips look gorgeous.


The pigment is soft and smooth yet intense. It does not fade nor cause feathering. One stroke is all it takes to steal the spotlight.

8. Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick, Punch Drunk

Price: $21.00

Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick | Ulta Beauty

It’s time to be legendary with Smashbox’s Punch Drunk hot pink lipstick. Not only does this matte lipstick last 10 hours on your lips, but it is also comfortable to wear, thanks to its vitamin-rich formula. The product is also cruelty-free so feel free to add more than one swipe.


Use day or night, the vibrant color will give you a boost of confidence and turn everyone’s eyes your way. Women swear by the coverage of this lipstick.

9. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Cherries in the Snow

Price: $6.00

Amazon.com : Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Cherries In The Snow [440] 0.15 oz (Pack of 3) : Beauty

A product that is light on the pocket but is dependable; this well-loved Revlon lipstick is a regular in a woman’s go-to look.


It doesn’t cake on the lips giving you superior comfort. Available in sheer, matte, pearl, and crème finishes, you can choose according to preference. The product is formulated with vitamin E and avocado oil to moisturize and nourish the lips while looking like the lady boss that you are.

10. FENTY BEAUTY Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick, Candy Venom

Price: $18.00

Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick - FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna | Sephora

First, let’s comment about the ultra-slim packaging that this hottie lippie comes in. Leave it to Riri to give us what we want. She created a rainbow of lightweight, long-wearing, petal-soft matte lipsticks that go well on any skin tone.


This highly-pigmented provides amazing coverage without drying out your lips because of its light-as-air texture that glides on smoothly.


There you have it. Pink is definitely in. The color symbolizes love, care, and compassion, characteristics that make a woman strong. You can go for the subtle shades or all out with bold hot pink, either way, you are making a powerful statement about your femininity and that no one can steal your sun.

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