8 Ways to Apply Body Glitter and Look Gorgeous

How to apply body glitter the correct way to rock the party

By Madiha A.
8 Ways to Apply Body Glitter and Look Gorgeous

Use of Body Glitter to Grab Attraction

Who doesn’t crave for some extra attention? We all do, right? What if I tell you, all it requires is a little dab of shimmer. Yes, you heard that right. A little bit of sparkle is all you need to look like a divine goddess.

Shimmer has always been a significant part of women’s beauty regimens for decades. Today, the shimmer that women all around the globe are raving about is body glitter. Body glitter is the latest emerging beauty trend. 
There is no right age to look glamorous and attractive, so body glitter has gained popularity among women of all age groups equally.  However, teenagers prefer to use it every now and then while women from other age groups tend to use body glitter on special occasions. Body glitter is capable of putting you in the right mood for the festive season. Other than festive days and parties you can also wear it on casual workdays as well if you dare. 

Whether it is an after office party or reunion with old friends, a family wedding or first date; you can rock every occasion and get in the spotlight with the right amount of glitter applied the right way.
Doing body glitter is no rocket science but it surely is a challenge for newbies, because one clearly needs to understand how much sparkle is too much and how much will go unnoticed. Currently, body glitter is available in the form of loose powder, sprays, lotions, gels, and roll-ons in the market. One can choose an option that goes right for them.

Don’t be hesitant; dip your hands totally in that sparkly stuff this festive season. Trust us; body glitter is a totally doable thing without making you look like a craft project.

8 Ways to Apply Body Glitter Correctly

No matter how much obsessed we are with that sparkly stuff since grade 6 a little effort is actually required to understand how it can be done correctly on the body. If not done rightly, body glitter is capable of making you look like a clown in an instant. Since the ultimate goal is to look attractive and stand out from the crowd, we believe that there is no harm in learning the right techniques. Don’t fear we have got your back, we will walk you through 8 different ways to help you ace your body glitter game this festive season. Just don’t fear to experiment and practice. 

1. Check Your Skin Tone

Skin tones vary from person to person. A shade of body glitter that is popping on your friend might make you look horrible. It is all because every skin tone is unique and requires to be treated in a specific way. While choosing body glitter for yourself, take your time and use the testers first to understand which shades and forms will suit your skin tone. Go for shades and tones of body glitter that will make your skin look enriched, fresh and sparkly. 

2. Choose Good Grade Glitter

We are definitely not talking about craft glitter here. Certainly, there is a huge difference between body glitter and craft glitter. Many good grade body glitter brands are available in the market these days to choose from. Choose wisely, a brand of body glitter that might be working for your friend or colleague might not work for you. So make sure you opt for something that you are comfortable to work with and wear. 

3. Consider Your Outfit and Makeup

Have a closer look at your makeup and outfit before picking out the body part you want glitter on. Also, pick a body glitter shade that goes well with your outfit and makeup. Because at the end of the day they all are supposed to gel in together to make you look ravishing.

4. Focus on a Single Feature

When playing with glitter on your face it is best if you choose to focus on a single area. Because you definitely don’t want your eyes or lips to fight with each other for attention. Too many glittery parts can make you look like shimmering chaos which is definitely the last thing you want. Moreover, if you focus on a single part you will definitely be able to bring out your dazzling inner goddess. 

5. Use Small Amounts of Glitter at a Time

You definitely don’t want your room to look like a Christmas tree has exploded in there. Using small amounts will help you have a better hold of glitter and you definitely won’t be spilling it all over the place. Take out a small amount of glitter on the back of your hand, mix it up with your fixing agent (i.e. aloe vera gel, vaseline or eyelash glue ) with the help of a brush and then dab it on the area where you want that touch of glam. If you run out of the product on your hand before completing the entire part, you can definitely take out some more from the container. The same goes for sprays and gels, apply a small amount first and then apply more if needed. 

6. Fixing Body Glitter

Day-dreaming about slathering yourself with body glitter but you are afraid it will start falling off the second you apply it. Fixing body glitter can be a little tacky but trust us it is not impossible. One method to make it stick to your skin perfectly is: take out some Vaseline on the back of your hand and mix it up with glitter and then apply it to your skin with a brush. Another method is applying hair gel to the area you want your glitter to stick and then dabbing a brush with glitter over it. 

7. Use Odor Free Glitter

Wearing a cologne and scented body glitter together to a party is certainly not a wise choice. Upon colliding both the scents will leave you in a bubble of unwanted odour. So make sure that the body glitter you are opting for is odour free.

8. Removing the Glitter

Most people dread applying glitter. It is mainly because they are clueless about removing it without splattering it all over their body. Removing glitter has become a breeze with oil-based makeup removers available in the market. All you need to do is, dip a cotton ball in your oil-based makeup remover and swipe it against the glittery part. If you are unable to get all of it in one swipe you can definitely go again. Another simple way to get rid of glitter is to run the glittery area under a warm stream of water.

Recommended Body Glitter

Since body glitter has started trending; newer and better forms of it keep hitting the market. It is not an easy task to recommend a type or two of body glitter to anyone. One must do their own research and opt for a product that they can tackle easily and will also look good on their body. Here we are listing down two most common forms of body glitter available in the market these days.

Roll-on Glitter

Body Glitter Face Or Hair Roll On Shimmer Holographic Cosmetic Grade Glamour, Rose Gold Pink

Certainly, this is the most convenient form of body glitters available in the market. To apply it, all you need to do is unscrew its cap and roll it wherever you need that extra touch of sparkle. The best part is you don’t have to worry about using any adhesives to stick the glitter to your body before using the roll-on. The glitter definitely stays in its place and you don’t have to fear to create a glitter show wherever you go. 

Spray Glitter

Unicorn Snot Holographic Body Glitter Gel - Vegan & Cruelty Free, Perfect for Festival, Rave, Costume, Silver, 1.6 Ounces

Spray based body glitters can be a little tacky to handle. However, once you get a hold on to right spraying technique you will fall in love with it. They are basically formulated to cover bigger areas at once. Sprays work great for getting glitter in your hair. All you need to do is shake the can well, take the lid off and apply. Make sure that you maintain a 12 to 18 inches distance between the area and the can before spraying. Even though the glitter used in sprays is of fine quality but one drawback about spray based body glitters is that after getting used several times the glitter particles start clogging the pump, and it becomes difficult to use it anymore.

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Today, every season is the season of body glitter. Glittery eyes, sparkly lips, glitzy collarbone, bejewelled brow, and cheekbones can give you just the right look for the festive season. Don’t underestimate the power of body glitter as it can take a casual look to a dazzling glamorous one within minutes. If you have never been into glitters, now is the time to hit the market and get yourself some sparkly stuff. Don’t be hesitant if it is your first time with the body glitter, have faith it won’t be your last time.