How Nude Wedding Dresses Become a Trend To Continue

Go stylish with nude wedding dresses and become the daring bride!

By Sophia R
How Nude Wedding Dresses Become a Trend To Continue

For many years, brides wore the color white for their wedding day. But things have changed and today's women are choosing dresses that are more suited to their personality; after all, it is their day and they can do whatever they want.

If you are a daring girl who does not want to walk down the aisle wearing the typical white dress, don't worry, we have the solution for you: the nude! With this color you will look elegant, sexy, and daring to say: “yes, I accept” and you will captivate your future husband even more.

Wait, What Is A Nude Wedding Dress?

Are you up to date with the trends in bridal fashion? Make sure you know everything about the color that is completely revolutionizing this industry. In this article, you will find the most incredible nude dresses and many ideas to wear to your wedding.

From bridal bouquets to shoes, bridal fashion is always changing. Its evolution corresponds to the transformations in the mentality of brides and their way of conceiving the meaning of the wedding. Nude touches have become, for many wedding dress designers, the new white; that is, in a way to redefine the style of the classic bride. You have seen it in celebrity cocktail dresses and now in almost every bridal fashion collection. Do you want to know how brides look in nude color?

There are many ways to use this color palette. Although the complete outfits in nude color are captivating, many brides prefer to incorporate it in the form of discreet accents either in the body of the dress or in the skirt. Sometimes taking advantage of the nude-white overlay can be enough to give simple wedding dresses a twist.

For lovers of princess-cut wedding dresses, there are also models with multilayer skirts whose transparencies reveal nude shades from the neckline to the skirt. And not to mention the spectacular combination of nude skirts and white ultra-embroidered bodies. You will find this last pairing especially in mermaid dresses and A-shaped silhouettes.

When the effect of the nude color is combined with a game of layers, tulle and organza are generally made on more solid, but lighter fabrics, such as satin, satin, or denser organza. Its translucent character will be what reveals the color of the tissues in the deeper layers or alters the tone of the lower layers, in such a way that very mysterious color gradients are generated.

How Nude Wedding Dresses Become a Trend

After more than a century and a half of the predominance of white, the introduction of color in wedding dresses is one of those trends whose definition is still lacking in the perspective given by time. When it comes to nude, each designer has a different concept and a different way of working with this color.

Its use and its success in the images of wedding dresses are mainly due to the influence that celebrities have had by showing nude dresses on red carpets and catwalks. Uma Thurman, Bella Hadid, and Beyoncé are some of the celebrities who have worn majestic haute couture dresses in "nude" colors.

For some designers, nude can be achieved with a set of transparencies made up of lace and openwork. For others, it is an integrating palette of colors with different shades, which is an opportunity to express the style of each woman in her wedding dress.

And so, nude, which could be translated as "skin color", can also be a very soft powdery pink, with peach or salmon sparkles. Today, designers who have already presented previews of their 2019 wedding dress collections interpret the nude with nuances ranging from champagne to yellowish tones or slight touches of millennial pink.

Bold and striking or discreet and romantic, nude can paint modern wedding dresses or become the hallmark of classic brides. For many brands, the nude also poses a small revolution in bridal fashion. 

Instagram Accounts With Beautiful Nude Wedding Dresses


The dress, one of the many things to think about and plan for a wedding. Unless you have one or a wedding planner to help you make the decisions, it is always good to have some extra inspiration. Or even if you are not engaged, it never hurts to fantasize about the ideal wedding and scroll through the perfect photos to save in favorites for when the big day arrives. Whether it's to start coming up with ideas as a future girlfriend or to dream non-stop, we have selected some of the Instagram accounts that you have to follow when it comes to wedding fashion. Check them out:

1. @Marchesafashion

Marchesafashion• Instagram

Marchesa is a designer well known for her spectacular red carpet dresses, and her bridal line is a very important part of the brand, so photos of her dresses are very common on her Instagram. She has made beautiful designs with the nude wedding dress trend, so you must follow this account. 

2. @Naeemkhanbride

Naeemkhanbride • Instagram

Naeem Khan dresses are full of details that you will love to copy if you are looking for the wedding dress you have always dreamed of. We could say they are one of the most beautiful and trendy dresses on the app, so there will obviously be some nude wedding dresses there. 

3. @Samuellecouture

Samuellecouture • Instagram

An approach to the world of weddings from the Californian point of view. This bridal fashion boutique has a bohemian touch that we love. Boho is also in fashion and trend, so nude wedding dresses won't be missing in this account.

4. @Ralphandrusso


With all the spectacularity of Ralph and Russo dresses, this account also puts special relevance in shoes and bags, which can help give the final touch to your wedding or the ones you are invited to. It is also one of the most up to date wedding dress stores, so they won't miss any trend.

Matching Shoes for Nude Wedding Dresses

Since nude is a soft and relatively neutral color, the value that the accessories that accompany it have colors that contrast, but without saturating. Some shoes in red, green, or blue will be a fantastic choice, but it will be excessive for you to replicate those same tones in the rest of the accessories. Instead, they could be coordinated well with pieces of jewelry in rose gold or materials of colors similar to the type of nude you are going to wear.

If you want a more angelic look, go for a total look: nude bridal shoes, accessories, a bouquet with peonies and peach roses, or an artificial bridal bouquet whose fabric flowers are replicated in a romantic crown. If you want to introduce some color into your makeup and chase away the excess paleness of the look, illuminate your face with a more intense lipstick in red, wine, or marsala and intensify your look with a slightly smoky shadow.

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Now that you know what nude is and you even have some ideas on how to complement it with the colors of your bridal bouquet, your makeup, and your shoes, take advantage of it to create your own trend. The nude is so versatile that you can use it in wedding dresses for civil weddings or in all kinds of receptions. In your case, would you combine it with classic elements or with a bohemian style? It's your choice! Be creative!