How To Apply BB Cream Like A Pro For Beginners

BB cream is perfect for beginners looking to use a makeup product that is both foundation and concealer. Check out our BB cream tutorial below!

By Katrina M.
How To Apply BB Cream Like A Pro For Beginners

First Things First: What is BB Cream?

Have you ever agreed to go out for a night on the town directly after work and while attempting to pack your makeup, you realize you have too much of it? When going out after work, you need something you can apply quickly and effectively that will do everything for you. Something that is all-in-one so you can apply it and go. What about when you are packing for a trip, business or vacation? You have to figure out which essential makeup items you need to bring with you because you can't bring them all. You don't want your bag to be overweight because you decided to bring every single piece of makeup you own. Or maybe you are the person who always has someplace to be, whether it's going to work or running errands. You may not have time in the morning for a full makeup routine. You don't want to leave the house looking unpresentable, but you also don't want to be dangerous by applying your makeup in the car. Or you might just be a simple person who likes to look like you are wearing no makeup, even if you are. Because let's be honest, sometimes we just want to walk out of the house with nothing on our faces. The right bb cream can give that effect while still protecting and moisturizing your face.

If any of these options sound like you, if these are things you've thought about, or if you are just a busy on the go woman, you could benefit from a good bb cream. BB cream, also known as beauty balm or blemish balm, is an all in one cosmetic that can have different benefits for you, depending on your needs. BB cream has the ability to act as a foundation, concealer, moisturizer, sunscreen, and so much more. This article is a tutorial to teach you how to use bb cream correctly, and with just a few practice sessions, you will be applying it like a pro in no time.

What BB Creams Can Do For You

As previously stated, there are many different properties and benefits that bb creams can offer. So when deciding which one to use, make sure you do your research before you select one. For example, Garnier offers a couple of different categories for bb creams. One category from Garnier is the oil-free shine control bb creams. This bb cream is intended for skin that is oily or combination and will have a matte finish. The second category from Garnier is the anti-aging bb creams. These bb creams even, firm, and brighten the skin, resulting in a younger and healthier look. Maybelline is another brand that has options for bb creams. Maybelline has three different selections of bb creams. The bb creams from Maybelline include eight properties each that will help to fight whatever your skin needs to fight. Ponds is a third brand that offers an option for a bb cream. The bb cream found at Ponds lightens dark spots and blocks UV rays. The bb cream offered by Ponds also acts as a foundation and a concealer.

A list of the possible benefits and properties that can be found in bb creams include: - Hydrates and smooths skin - Enhances and clarifies skin - Clears acne - Conceals imperfections - Priming and tinting the skin - Blocks UV rays - Reduces the appearance of redness - Minimizes the look of pores - Anti-aging properties

Did You Read the Reviews?

Once you have decided which bb cream you would like to use, I recommend reading the reviews before making your purchase. Although the product description may seem to give you all the information you need, there is value in hearing what other people have to say about the product. This should be the final deciding factor because then you will know if the bb cream truly delivers the benefits it claims to have.

Know Your Skin Type

Each bb cream caters to a different type of skin, whether it is oily skin, normal skin, or dry skin. Oily skin tends to be sensitive so when looking at bb creams, choose one that is labeled hypoallergenic and has very few filler ingredients, such as fragrance. The shorter the ingredient list in the bb cream, the less likely it is that your skin will react to the makeup. Another thing to look for is a bb cream that has a matte finish. If your skin is already oily, you would not want to add more dewiness on top of the existing shine. You want to make sure your bb cream helps to reduce the oil. Normal skin will always benefit from bb creams that moisturize the skin. If you notice that you are beginning to have blotchy skin, then bb creams that even out your tone would also be a good choice. Dry skin needs moisture. So bb creams that are water-based and have a more liquid consistency will be beneficial. The thicker the bb cream, the dryer it will make your face so this is the opposite of what you want for your already dry skin.

Matching the BB Cream to Your Skin Tone

BB cream is still relatively new, so there may not be as many skin tone options available as of now. This makes it very important to compare the options of colors so you can find the bb cream that will blend with your skin tone. When trying to determine the right bb cream shade for you, put a small amount on a testing strip and smoothe it out so you can see what the true color is. Then bring the strip up to your face and neck and see how the color compares. If it is possible to get samples, I would suggest doing this so you can compare how the bb cream looks in different lighting. You want to make sure the bb cream looks the same on your face and neck when you are in natural lighting and artificial lighting.

Applying BB Cream: Use Your Fingers

Now that we have gone over what to look for in your bb cream, it's time to do a little tutorial on how to use and apply it! Using your fingers to apply bb cream is the easiest way to do it. Although this method is most preferred, the results will not be as smooth as if you were to use a sponge. But because we are beginners, we will start by using our fingers.

Step 1: Measuring the Amount You Need

To control the amount of bb cream you use, put a dime size amount on the back of your hand first. The purpose of this is to limit how much product you use on your face, avoiding the cakey makeup look. If you have experience with applying makeup and can control the amount of bb cream you use, then feel free to skip this step. Although, I do recommend this step for everyone from the beginners to the pros.

Step 2: Use The 5 Dot System

Now you are going to apply five small dots to your face. One on the forehead, one on the nose, one on the chin, and one on each cheek. To do this first, dab your middle finger into the dime size puddle on the back of your hand. Then dab the cream from your finger onto each of the five places on your face. The dots of the bb cream should be equal in amount in each of the spots on your face. It is important to remember to not smear the bb cream when applying the dots.

Step 3: Patting the BB Cream into Place

To pat the cream evenly onto your skin, you want to use your middle and index finger. Slowly, gently, and in a circular motion, pat the bb cream into your skin. While doing this, tap your fingers up and down on your face so the circular motion will not irritate your skin. Start in the middle of your forehead and work your way to the side of your face. Continue patting the bb cream into your nose and then move down to your chin. Finish by patting the bb cream into your cheeks, starting from the middle and working your way toward the side of your face. If the patting technique isn't one that you favor, then you can blend the bb cream in by using gentle strokes. With this method, you will use your middle and index fingers to apply outward strokes. Use the same flow as the patting technique, starting with your forehead, working your way down to the nose and chin. Then finish with your cheeks.

Step 4: Those Beautiful Eyes of Yours

When applying the bb cream around your eyes, you have to be very gentle. Whether you use the patting technique or apply the bb cream with strokes, you have to take care when doing so around the eyes. It is important to keep in mind that if you do prefer the stroke technique, stroking under your eyes can create lines due to dragging of the skin. The skin under the eye is very sensitive, so I would recommend patting the bb cream on the underside of the eye to prevent lines from forming.

Step 5: Use BB Cream to Cover Imperfections

After you have evenly applied bb cream onto your face, take a good look at how your skin looks. Look at your face and neck in different lighting. If you see that some areas could use an extra coating of bb cream, then go ahead and add another layer. Remember that one of the main purposes of bb cream is to even out the skin tone, not necessarily cover every single blemish and imperfection. I say this because as beginners, we may have a tendency to want to put layers and layers of makeup onto our face, but that is not what bb cream is meant for.

Applying BB Cream with a Sponge

The second part of the tutorial is going to teach you how to apply bb cream with the use of a sponge. This technique is best suited for people with oily skin because fingers will only provide additional oil to your face.

Wet Your Sponge

Before using the sponge, you want to make sure the sponge is damp before you use it to blend in the bb cream. Spraying the sponge with a hydrating facial mist will allow for the bb cream to spread onto your face smoothly. The face mist will also help keep as much of the bb cream on your face as opposed to on your sponge. If you do not own a face spray, Garnier has a few options available that you can choose from. You could also just use plain old water.

Use a Dime Size Amount

The next thing you are going to do is put a dime size amount of bb cream on to the back of your hand, This is a step that is not necessarily required, but it will allow for better control over the amount that is used for your face.

Dab 5 Dots of BB Cream Onto Your Face

Dab your middle finger into the dime sized amount of bb cream on the back of your hand. Then you are going to dab the bb cream from your middle finger onto your face. Make five equally-sized dots on your face. One on your forehead, one on your nose, one on your chin, and one on each of your cheeks. Although this is a tutorial for using the sponge technique, it is important that you do this part with your finger because it will allow you to better control the size of the dots. The dots should not be too large or smeared on because we do not want to have excess bb cream weighing down your face.

Smoothing the BB Cream with the Sponge

Now begin to smoothe the bb cream onto your face with the sponge. Use even and firm outward strokes, with a bit of pressure. Start at the center of your forehead and work your way toward the sides of your forehead. Then move to your nose and chin, saving the cheeks for last. Once you get to your cheeks, start at the apple of your cheek (or the part closest to your nose) and apply outward strokes.

Around Your Eyes

The skin around and under your eyes can be very sensitive, so you want to be careful how you spread the bb cream on these areas. If you decide to continue using the sponge for this part, make sure to reduce the amount of pressure you use. You want to ensure that there is minimal dragging and that you spread the bb cream with care. You should love your eyes and the area around them so do what you can to keep them looking beautiful. If you think that using the sponge is not the best route for you to take when focusing on your eyes, then feel free to switch to your finger. You want to gently pat the bb cream under your eyes, ensuring that there is no pulling of the skin.

Applying BB Cream with a Brush

The third and final method that will be discussed in this tutorial is applying the bb cream with a brush. Using a brush is best when you have dry skin and are using a very liquidy bb cream. Using your fingers when you have dry skin can irritate the skin, which will make the skin even drier. Using a sponge to spread the bb cream can cause dry skin to take whatever moisture you have left on your face. Bottom line: use a brush if you have dry skin.

What Type of Brush?

In the world of makeup, there are endless amounts of different types of brushes. There are different lengths, widths, and thicknesses of brushes. Brushes for applying concealer. Brushes for applying foundation. It may all seem a bit overwhelming for beginners, but with each makeup item, there are recommendations for what brushes to use. For bb cream, you want to select a brush that is medium all around. Medium in thickness and bristle length. Brushes are available to buy at most places you buy your bb creams, such as Maybelline, Garnier, and Ponds.

The Process Of Using the Brush

Just like how the other two tutorials began, is how you will begin to apply the bb cream with a brush. Place a dime size amount onto the back of your hand to prepare for even dabs. Next, you will use your middle finger to dab five equally-sized spots on your face. One on your forehead, nose, chin, and each cheek. Using the brush, apply firm and even strokes to spread the bb cream. Using the brush will feel more gentle than your fingers and the sponge and will result in a smoother finish. It is important to keep in mind that you can apply more pressure when using the brush because of how smooth it feels on your face.

It's All About the BB Cream

In the end, applying bb cream using one of these three techniques in the tutorial is going to be the best method for beginners. You will feel amazing having to only apply one thing to your face as opposed to layering on foundation and concealer. Your face deserves to breathe without all the weight of the foundation and the concealer. Ponds is a brand that only carries one type of bb cream, but it is still worth looking into. The bb cream from Ponds has focuses mainly on dark spots and dark circles. Garnier has many different options for bb creams, each with different benefits and properties. Garnier even has bb creams that act and look like a foundation or a concealer. Maybelline is a brand that we always see on television promoting one makeup product or another, but they put care into each item they promote. This includes their bb creams. You may decide to go with Ponds, Garnier, or Maybelline for your brand of bb cream. You may also be debating between applying with your finger, with a sponge, or with a brush. Each option provided will give you amazing results, even if you are just a beginner. Following the tips in the article will ensure your bb cream goes on flawlessly and stays put all day.