15 Second marriage wedding dresses to get for your wedding

What wedding dresses to wear for brides of a second marriage

By Kimmy
15 Second marriage wedding dresses to get for your wedding

Second Marriage Dress Etiquette and Color

Meghan Markle and the British royal family wedding was truly unforgettable. Yet, she drew criticism over her wedding dress choice. Some said she shouldn't have chosen a white dress because it's her second marriage and white symbolizes purity for first marriages.

Are the claims true? Are there really rules on what you can and cannot wear for your second marriage? In this article, we will discover more about the traditions and customs of second marriage dresses! 

First of all, to ease your mind, you actually can wear a white dress for your second marriage. White dresses aren't only a symbol of purity but also a symbol of joy, exactly what every marriage means. So don't worry about it if people challenge you about your choice. Now you can say to them that your choice is fully justified!

The best thing about second marriage dresses is that you can literally pick any color you like. There're no restrictions on it. Many second-time brides choose to wear floor-length dresses as it's elegant and also a symbol of maturity. The style can be more of an evening-gown type. It can be gray, blue, purple, light pink etc. Really just whatever color you like.

Although one thing worth mentioning is that most brides would choose a simpler dress for their second marriage, that means fewer beads, fewer layers and everything.

Casual Second Marriage Dress Ideas

1. Black long lace, crystal dress

MisShow Women's Rhinestone Long Applique Trumpet/Mermaid Evening Prom Dresses

Black is a taboo color for weddings? No! As mentioned before, you can choose whatever color you like. It's your wedding after all, so feel free to go bold. Pick whatever color makes you happy. A black dress is special and often creates a mysterious look for you. If you're looking for something different for your second marriage, try this one out!

2. Double v-neck long evening dress

Babyonline Women's Double V-Neck Tulle Appliques Long Evening Cocktail Gowns

You would actually look like a fairy or an angel on earth with this dress. It's just too angelic and surreal. The perfect wedding dress if you're getting married in nature with trees and birds around you! It's like a Disney dream come true! Every girl wants to feel like a princess and this dress will certainly make you feel like a princess straight out of the movie screen!

3. An off-shoulder princess-like dress

A-Line/Princess Off-the-Shoulder Sweep Train Tulle Evening Dress With Sequins (017147951)

This dress just reminds you of a disney princess. We all want to be a princess, not just on our wedding day, but for the rest of our lives to be loved and cherished by the prince we love. Fairtales can be found in real life too.

4. A v-neck floor-length chiffon

Fanmu V Neck A Line Organza Prom Dresses Evening Gowns

Red shows the passion and excitment you have for your marriage and that you can't wait to embark on this new journey! And needless to say, v-neck is just sexy.

5. Sleeved Covered Sequin Dress

A-Line/Princess Scoop Neck Floor-Length Chiffon Evening Dress With Beading Sequins (017153635)

Some beadings just adds a lot more to the beauty. While excessive beadings is not recommended, an optimal amount of it will really make you shine at your wedding. If you ever fantasize about being a princess, pick any dress that you can think of because it's no longer only about wearing white!

6. Floral lace sleeveless dress

MUADRESS Women's Vintage Floral Lace Sleeveless Hi-Lo Cocktail Formal Swing Dress

Imagine just how lively you would look in this dress. Almost like a happy Tinker Bell just flying around and spreading joy. Instead of the calm and peaceful feeling, this dress gives the lively and active feeling for those brides out there that are just always smiling and laughing! Your smile and this happy dress will go great together.

7. Again, another princess-like dress!

Unique ALine Sweetheart Burgundy Long BallGown Prom/Evening Dress 2017

For all the second time brides out there with a young heart and the desire to be loved like a princess! A pink dress like this will make you look young and like you are ready to sit in the forest and sing with the birds. Bright colors easily bring out the sense of joy and hope. Instead of feeling calm and peaceful, dresses like this for sure say you're energetic and is ready to jump into next adventure with your husband-to-be!

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Second Marriage Wedding Dresses for older brides

For older ladies getting into your second marriage, simplicity seems to be something that most prefer. With everything you've been through, you will think that a simple life is always the happiest. Hence, you will look for a dress that says it. It's simple but beautiful. Here are a few of our recommendations for all the older second-time brides! 

8. A long light blue dress

Alex Evenings Floral Embroidered Sheath Dress | Dillard's

With all the designs on the dress, it's still looking simple enough to suits your calm aura, but still makes you stand out from the crowd. You don't need to look the brightest to find happiness. Most older second time brides prefer dresses like this because it's just easy. The point is to embark on a new adventure with your loved one and this style says it all.

9. A Plunging Kimono Sequin Dress

sequin kimono sleeve wedding dress

Picking a dress like this will almost make you feel like Cate Blanchett going to an Oscar event. This type of dresses just speaks classy on their own. It's perfect for women over 50 on their second wedding.

When you get older, you tend to just want to wear clothes your age. You no longer try to look like you are in your 20s, because why would you do that? You have your own charm and charisma at this age. Not even a pure white dress says how happy you are because now it's more of a peaceful joy, knowing that you will spend the rest of your life calmly with the man you love. If it is too revealing for you, wear a bandeau or a sexy number in that, 50 is the new sassy!

10. A loose champagne dress

Art Deco Beaded Blouson Dress with Halter Neckline

A lot of ladies don't want some extravagent designs on their second marriage wedding dress just because they feel the most important part is that they are about to start a new chapter in peace and they want a dress that says it.

This style is great for girls that are not looking to be the star of the show, and just want to enjoy a sweet celebration with loved ones on your big day. Simple design with some beadings. On top of that, the champaign color just speaks class on its own.

11. Floral lace maxi dress

Miusol Women's Retro Floral Lace Vintage 2/3 Sleeve Slim Ruched Wedding Maxi Dress

Can't say it's true for every woman, but for most mature women, they certainly have a taste on darker dresses rather than lighter ones. Maybe it comes with the age and darker colors just feel safer and more reliable, and calm. This elegant blue lace dress is gerat for those that don't want too much fuss over their second wedding. It's simple but beautiful.

Second Marriage Wedding Dresses for plus size

12. V-neck long sleeves glitter dress

IN'VOLAND Women's Plus Size Glitter V-Neck Long Sleeve Bodycon Sequin Cocktail Party Club Evening Mini Dress(16~24W)

Ladies, time to step up and be special! Why can't a party dress be a wedding dress if it makes you a hottie? You will definitely have a wedding to remember showing up in a dress traditionally would not be worn by most brides. Just because your choice is different doesn't mean you are weird or it's the wrong choice. The look speaks for itself, It's the coolest wedding dress choice for the coolest girl!

13. A black chiffon

Women Plus Size Chiffon Evening Dresses Long Prom Bridesmaid Gown

Again, for ladies that want to do something different for the second wedding. Nothing is taboo because it's your wedding. Black doesn't bring bad luck if you don't believe it. Black is sexy and mysterious and that's why so many ladies have a closet with just black clothes! 

14. Soiree evening dress

Kiyonna Women's Plus Size Soiree Evening Gown

The red wine color is loved by many second marriage brides. Everyone wants their wedding to be different and special so going for a darker color istead of the white dress like the first time makes perfect sense. The color just adds to your body shape and makes you look more attractive and and the same time, a little bit mysterious.

15. A white wedding dress

Kiyonna Women's Plus Size Amour Lace Wedding Gown

We talked about having whatever color you want for your second wedding because there is basically no rule to it. That's why we are going to finish with the traditional wedding dress! If you just love the idea of wearing a white wedding dress, feel free to go for it! Don't feel forced to choose something that's not white just because it's your second wedding. There're many norms and all, but at the end of the day, it's your big day! Do what makes you happy and pick the purest and whitest dress so you look like an angel on your big day!

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Choosing a second marriage wedding dress isn't something that's on people's wishlist. But be happy because you get another chance at being happy for the rest of your life! Second marriage wedding dresses may not be what you were expecting but you now can have so much more freedom over what you want and that's just even more exciting! 

All the dresses we've covered isn't exactly traditional but that's the point! It's different, it's not the same as I'm sure you don't want to throw the same wedding again anyways! Get some inspiration for your wedding dress!