8 Flawlessly Gorgeous Bridal Makeup Looks in 2019

The prettiest bridal makeup looks that suit all brides

By Adina Mazilu
8 Flawlessly Gorgeous Bridal Makeup Looks in 2019

Let’s say that it’s finally your long-awaited special day, your wedding day. Naturally, everything needs to be absolutely perfect and that includes your bridal makeup. Let’s face it! Choosing the look that best suits you and that it’s also good for the occasion without being too over the top or too simple is extremely difficult. This is probably the hardest part when it comes to choosing your entire look as a bride, more difficult than the dress and the hair. But don’t panic! We may have some solutions for you.

In this article, we will be talking about some of the most flawlessly gorgeous bridal makeup looks that are in trend right now. Look through them all and pick the ones that you feel might suit you most. Remember that you can always adapt and change them according to your preferences and features so that the entire look becomes truly how you dreamt it. Here we go!

Types of Bridal Makeup looks

When it comes to the various types of bridal makeup looks that one can choose from, the possibilities are almost endless. The rule is that there are no rules to this and that every bride should feel free to choose whatever type of makeup she wants for her big day. Usually, the most popular ones are the natural bridal makeup looks, the classic ones (usually with a winged eyeliner), the more dramatic approaches, and the glamorous looks. Of course, choosing the makeup depends on a lot of things like the hair, the dress, the groom, and the overall mood of the wedding party and its decorations. You cannot go for a very bold makeup look if you are having a bohemian and simple wedding. It just doesn’t suit the occasion. So, having this in mind, here are some of the prettiest bridal makeup looks for this year!

Best Natural Bridal makeup looks for Dark Skin


Ohemaa 🇬🇭 (@_ohemaabonsu)

This first example of natural makeup look for a dark-skinned bride is everything that a woman might want for her special day. Nice, dewy skin thanks to an illuminating primer and a light coverage foundation, combined with a flattering eye look that also contains a small quantity of illuminating pigments. You can go for any color you want for the eyes and you can also ignore the eyeliner wing and leave it all even more natural. Just use some good mascara or natural-looking falsies and you will have a look. Pay extra attention to your eyebrows for this bridal look because they frame your face and they need to be as natural and tamed as possible. As for the lips, go for a juicy gloss that will make those bad boys kissable and pretty.


KiKi Layne (@kikilayne)

Another interesting natural bridal makeup look for a dark-skinned beauty would be one that contains a rather more matte finish for the skin combined with golden shades of eye shadow on the eyelids. Leave the brows as natural as possible by just brushing through them with gel and a spooly. Add some false lashes if you want but leave the bottom part of your face natural and beautiful. A gloss and a slight contour will do the trick just fine. You can even let go of the blush let your skin peek through.

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HAWA • SECK (@hawa.sck)

For a bridal makeup look, you can also go for bold lips but leave your eyes and face very natural and matte. Some carefully-put together brows with a natural, shimmery eye shadow and some nice lashes will look amazing. Go for a rosy blush this time and draw all the attention on the lips. Use a juicy burgundy, mauve or even red and draw them perfectly. This is definitely an incredible bridal makeup look for any dark-skinned woman.


The BASEics (@thebaseics)

Finally, if you are a real chocolate goddess, this all-natural, all-bare bridal makeup look is for you. Put all the focus on the skin and make it look as dewy and radiant as possible with an illuminating primer, foundation, and cream products like brown blush, highlighter, and just a little bit of powder in the T area. Brush your eyebrows with a spooly and put on an eye shadow shade that’s close to your natural skin tone. Finish off with a juicy transparent gloss and voila! An otherworldly look for a gorgeous, dark-skinned bride.

Best Natural Bridal makeup looks for Fair Skin


Eds Go (@itsedsgomakeup)

For lighter-skinned brides, we also have some interesting examples of natural makeup looks that you can use or adapt for your big day. In this first example, it’s all about dewy skin and rosy cheeks. You should simply brush your eyebrows using transparent gel and apply some earthly shades of eye shadow but keep it simple! Some falsies will do the trick just fine and then you can complete the entire look with a matte, rosy-nude lipstick. Finish off with a light highlighter and apply it on the tip of your nose, on the upper sides of your cheeks, and in the inner corner of your eyes. Apply a dewy setting spray and there you have it!


Nicky Edwards (@nickyedwardsmua)

Another nice example of bridal makeup look includes a slightly more matte-looking skin but with highlighter applied in just the right places. Natural eyebrows are still mandatory but false eyelashes are optional here. Apply a sparkly, light pink eye shadow and combine it with that highlighter for extra light. Slightly contour your cheeks and apply a peachy blush. You should definitely bronze up your face a bit for this look using a fluffy brush and a shade that’s not too dark for your light skin tone. Finish everything off with a juicy lip gloss in a nude shade. Don’t forget to apply highlighter to the upper part of your upper lip for extra volume.


Emily Surjo Makeup Artist (@emilymakeupartist)

This example here is based on a matte finish for your skin. Brush your eyebrows and fix them with a transparent gel. Then apply a natural eye shadow and contour your eyes with a black eye pencil. Use some good mascara and apply multiple layers. No falsies here! The next step should the highlighter applied on the upper cheeks, the tip of the nose, a bit on the forehead, and above your upper lip for extra volume. A pinky shade of blush and a nude-pink gloss is all you need to finish this amazing natural makeup look.


Makeup By Lee (@muabylee)

The final example for fair-skinned brides is also based on matte skin and natural eyebrows. You should apply a brown shade of eye shadow in the crease of your eyelid and then, with a flat brush, go for a pink shade on the rest of your eyelid. Apply a matte eyeliner wing but keep it delicate. It’s meant to accentuate your eyes. Go for multiple layers of mascara and a rosy blush on your cheeks. Highlighter should be minimal here and your lipstick should be hydrating and in a nude, even slightly more orange shade. The contour of the face should also be kept to a minimum this time.


All in all, we have now seen that choosing the best makeup look for your wedding day can be a real pain in the ass. It’s no longer about what’s trendy, but about what best suits you. In this article, we have presented some natural and fashionable looks that can be achieved by any bride. Consult your makeup artist to check if you're suitable for the look. It’s worth noting that, for a makeup artist, it’s usually more complicated to do such a look than to go full on and add layers upon layers of products for a bolder look. The differences are in the smallest of details that will certainly make you the star of your big day, as it should definitely be.

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