12 Wedding advice to better prep for your wedding day

The most talked about wedding advice you can find with brides

By Hana O.
12 Wedding advice to better prep for your wedding day

The wedding. One of the most significant highlights of someone’s life. The stakes are raised very high as you are about to spend the rest of your life building a new life with someone you love. Don’t forget the pressure in making that special day unforgettable and perfect.


There are so many things to take care of, from the guest list to the color of the flowers. There’s also the theme, whether you want a traditional church wedding or something else like a beach ceremony. Of course, the budget must be set realistically, and compromises will be made to stay within one’s means in planning a wedding. Countless movies portray just how hectic things can get when you’re planning a wedding. The tears, arguments, surprises, disappointments; yup, it’s all there.

Luckily, we have gone on ahead and did our research on some wedding advice that will help you prepare for your wedding day. As the soon-to-be bride, you can take the following with a grain of salt, and go for what you (and your groom) perceive is the best course of action.

Funny Wedding Advice


For those who are introverts but with demanding families, this is a piece of advice that many are taking heed of nowadays. You’ll save money, time and hassle. Fly to Vegas for the weekend, get your marriage license there and drop the bomb when you get back! Your family will get over it, believe me. After all, you’re marrying each other and not the 100-people guest list.


Take heed of this advice with caution as it is not for everyone. There are scenarios when as much as you want to run away with your partner and get things over with as discreetly as possible, you are faced with “must-have-a-wedding” non-negotiables.

“Keep it short”

As a wedding guest, do you enjoy the 2-hour long readings about love and marriage? Not really. So, for your wedding, keep the formal stuff as brief as possible and prioritize the party stuff. Everyone wants to eat, drink, dance and socialize and they will love you for it.


“Keep the ceremony short but the party long and the booze free-flowing.” This is one funny advice that those who took the other route regret not doing.

Best Wedding Advice

“Look for ways to put your family and friends to use”

You might feel like a user, but no one will notice because people love to feel important and wanted. This is your time to maximize everyone’s unique talents and skills.


Get your photographer cousin to handle one of the most crucial aspects of a wedding. Hire your friend who is a member of a local band. Get your charismatic friend to emcee. Adding your personal touch into the wedding will make the whole thing even more memorable. It’s definitely better than hiring strangers into your special day.

“Become a Monica”

If you are an avid Friends fan, then you are well-acquainted with Monica’s over-the-top organizational skills. It’s time to be just like her for your wedding, especially if you are someone who loves planning and making checklists.


It is advised to get a binder and compile everything related to your wedding there, including vendor details, notes during meetings, tear sheets and samples, and things-to-do lists. Also, it would be good to designate a separate email address for the sole purpose of planning your wedding. It would be nice to go back to this in the future as well and reminisce when the storm has cleared.

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There are also applications you can download to keep all your wedding planning handy on your phone at all times.


If you aren’t the “Monica”-type, then hire one. Having a wedding planner is like having a personal lifesaver.


This advice may seem trivial but is an essential step in exercising foresight because scheduling your wedding date on the same day as a charity fun run, conference, or local event will affect the traffic flow and hotel room availability in the area. Check on the calendar beforehand and make sure to set the date on a quiet non-eventful day.


Another thing to investigate is the weather and the environment. If you want a beach wedding, then make sure rain is not in the forecast. If you’re going for a garden/outdoor wedding, ensure that the area is appropriately taken care of and bugs won’t be a problem.

Wedding Advice on Speech

“Imagine your special someone and don’t wing it”

Do not wing your speech at all costs. You may think that you are brimming with love and words for your loved one but, believe me, things change when you are at that moment when it’s time to say your vows or make a speech. Our brains love to take a holiday when there are many sets of eyes on us. It’s better to be prepared.


What you can do instead is to set aside some time beforehand, prepare a pen and paper, imagine your special someone and the whole ceremony, then write away. Don’t worry about the content; the words will flow.

“Make people laugh”

Funny is your secret weapon to acing your wedding speech. It will break the ice, lessen the “formality” of the event, make people like you and enjoy themselves. Go for your embarrassing childhood memories or those crazy experiences with your then-boyfriend. You can even mention the funny quirks your partner has that made you fall for him even more. You will receive laughter then “awwws,” two birds with one stone.

Advice on the wedding night

“Just relax and let nature take its course”

The wedding night is something that every bride is looking forward to. You’ve dreamt about it your whole life, in fact. However, there’s just one thing that must be mentioned: the wedding night comes after the wedding day, which is technically the longest day of your life! You will be exhausted. Mustering up the energy for the night is easier said than done.


Therefore, the advice here would be not to stress yourself with the wedding night since you already did the stressing for the wedding day. You will be spending the rest of your life with your husband so just relax, enjoy each other’s company and let nature take its course. Actually, a popular wedding night tip is to get a good night’s sleep and “wait for the morning to have sex!”

“Bubble baths and massages”

Don’t be so eager to jump each other the second you two are alone at the hotel room. Instead, relax and unwind through bubble baths and massages. Turn on the jacuzzi if you booked a room with one and spend some time getting to know each other as husband and wife.


Get some massage oil and give each other body massages, which is also a great way to stimulate sensuality.

Advice on Wedding Planning

“Lighten the list”

If you are on the danger zone of the wedding budget and need to cut on some costs, the easiest way to do it would be to lighten your guest list. Half of your wedding expenses are spent on the food of your guests, so if you are looking at $100 per head, eliminating a table of ten already saves you $1,000.


Nowadays, people don’t mind the lacking option of bringing a plus one to the wedding. With the rising prices of everything, it’s common knowledge that having a wedding burns a hole in the pocket. So, don’t feel bad to “cut some people off.”

“Classify your cash and check your credit”

This is another advice to harness your inner “Monica.” In terms of budget, make a checklist and list down the items based on importance like music, wedding gown, invitations to flowers. Now, invest on the top and cut costs with those at the bottom. This will help you stay within budget and still get the dream wedding you always wanted.


Don’t shy away from signing up for a new credit card with a rewards program just for your wedding. You already know that you will be spending so might as well earn extra points on the side for shopping deals or free flights. You can even use them for your honeymoon which is a great save!

“Something will go wrong”

This is perhaps the most sound advice to give someone about to wed. “Something will go wrong.” There is no wedding on earth that went perfectly. There will be technical difficulties, caterer disasters, floral arrangements mishaps, a hung-up ex, you name it! Knowing this fact will significantly help in lowering expectations and preparing you for the worst. So when the disasters do happen, you won’t be taken off guard but can handle them in stride.


At the end of the day, the decisions are still left on your shoulders, although hopefully, the advice helped. Just always keep in mind that no matter what happens, you and you your partner must enjoy your wedding because it is a celebration of your future journey together. It will be an unforgettable memory.

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