19 Ways To Identify If He Is Stringing You All Along

Are you taken as a fool and been deceived by the one you love?

By Diana Nadim
19 Ways To Identify If He Is Stringing You All Along

Trusting Your Gut Feeling About The Relationship

You meet him when you are almost giving up on love, and he lights up your world. Two months later and things are so great that your mind starts to play a blissful future together.

However, you notice something is missing, and although you want to make yourself comfortable in the relationship, something is pulling you back. Oh! He is sending mixed signals!

And since you don’t want to sound like you are rushing things, you avoid asking serious questions. You don’t want him to think that you are immature so, you play cool and collected lest you scare him off.

But this little voice in you isn’t making it easy. It keeps telling you to watch out, but you conveniently put it off.

However, here is the dilemma; you can't start doubting his intentions because of the gut feeling. You want something more argumentative, like hearing him confess.

Though it is hard to ask for more in a union, you have to do it early because he can’t lead you on unless you permit it! Girl, trust your gut feeling and shield you from a heart-break.

There's no doubt that it hurts to learn the truth, but having your heart towed through dirt hurts more. Therefore, if it is long enough for you and your partner is not yet straightforward with his intentions, ask him.

19 Ways To Identify If He Is Stringing You All Along

1. The Future Is Uncertain

He does not discuss his plans with you, and he is unbothered about taking things further. In his defense, he does not want to ruin the good thing that you have.

2. You Initiate Contact

A guy who is stringing you may seem happy to talk to you, but then, he is never the one making the first move. For instance, he talks to you when you want to, by waiting for you to call, text, or find him first.

3. No Public Acknowledgement

Is he is still at ‘’ Meet Hanna, my friend, ‘’ whenever you bump into his friends three months later? If he is into you, he’ll gladly let his essential people know your name and role in his life because you are also special

It is even worse if he forgets to introduce you to them!

4. He Rushes Into Sex

Although he is passionate while you are at it, he is not as enthusiastic when you have your clothes on. Apart from that, if he’s always about how you have perfect boobs, ass, or figure, it is about his libido. 

5. He Rejects Your Compliments

Sure, it is normal for people to shy at compliments, but if he dismisses you when you tell him about what you like in him, it could be a sign that he doesn’t want you to like him too much. He doesn’t want you to invest yourself in him when he is not staying.

6. There’s Always ‘Something Going On’ For Him

You send him invites to events, parties, or for dinner, and all he gives are legit excuses for why he can't make it. If he does that and then reminds you to always inform him early about your plans, he could be making them up.

7. He Always Talks About Himself

Does he ask you about how you feel, or how your day is? Is it always about his activities, his day, what he wants, or do you get a chance to tell him what is in your mind as well?

Someone who plans to stick around for long will listen to you first!

8. He Leaves You Hanging

If he makes you feel lacking, incomplete, and leave you wanting more, he could be doing it to keep you under his radar until he doesn't want you anymore.

9. He’s Uncomfortable Around The People You Love

You know that a committing lover will always look forward to meeting your people. However, your boyfriend requires much convincing to meet them.

And if he does, he gets moody, weird, and quiet. It is because he is afraid to act like your boyfriend in front of your friends when he is not.

10. Avoids Your Serious Discussions

If he does not want to engage in meaningful talks about his family, his plans, or your wishes, then he isn’t into you.

11. He Gets Serious When You Detach

When you lose hope and disconnect from his mixed signals, he becomes serious and turns out to be the man you desire. However, once you get back to him, he becomes the same unconcerned and uninterested person.

Therefore, don’t think it is safe to commit yourself again just because he is regularly contacting you now.

12. His Priority Changes When He Has Time And Money

A stringing partner will hardly make time for you, and if he does, it is because he is broke. However, he is always around his friends and family when he has the means.

13. Your Relationship Has No Label

A guy is into labels if he likes a woman, no matter who notices it. If he leaves you hurting because he says he's not ready to call you this or give a brand to your union, then he is not for you.

14. He Is Selective With Texting

If you notice that he only answers some of your texts and ignore other important ones, he is feeding you only what he sees fit, and he is not serious at all.

15. Does Not Keep Promises

He does not mean well if he makes promises to you and repeatedly fails to commit to them. Every person with good intentions will always remember what they tell a person they love.

16. He Has Ex-issues

A lover who is in close contact with his ex could be using you as a place holder. They might be solving issues between them behind your back, and he may go back to her once they are okay.

17. You Feel Like Everything Is One-Sided

Do you feel like he is not putting in as much effort as you are?  Girl, it takes two, and if he is not into it, he'll let you be the one to figure out how to make things work.

18. He Jokes About You Liking Other Guys

If he wants you to notice the hot guys around you, and even suggest that he thinks you like or fit with the other man, that's it! He wants you to know that it is not a big deal to do what you want so that he is free to have his way.

19. He Barely Has His Life Together

Before a man comes to you, he makes sure that everything around him is in order. However, if everything around your man is chaotic, like he can’t hold a job, or spends irresponsibly, they want a caregiver and not an equal partner.

What To Do Next If It Is True

Don’t allow to make you his puppet and get away with it. Check out what you can do.

1. Walk Away

Make him know that you deserve better and then walk away from him. Mean it because he will do everything he can and convince you to stick around.

2. Break Contact

Cut all the means he can use to reach you, and stay away from him to make him know that you are not easy after all. He can try to have his way with you again if he contacts you.

3. Mourn

Nurse your shame and regrets by crying over it if you please. You deserve a chance to get over the attachment and the few good parts. However, do not blame yourself for anything because it is his loss after all.

4. Don’t Change Yourself

If he made you feel lesser, don’t bow to it, and make him look big. Accept that you can’t teach him how to love and that another person will love the whole of you.

5. Fall In Love Again

Keep your options open and find another man who appreciates you, and give them all you have. However, be smarter this time and let him earn it first. 

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