8 Ways To Kiss A Guy Who Is Way Taller Than You

How to be a great kisser even when he is 10 inches taller

By Caren M
8 Ways To Kiss A Guy Who Is Way Taller Than You

Perks Of Dating A Tall Guy

I know I’m speaking to girls everywhere when I say that tall boyfriends are everything. I mean you look so tiny and fragile near him and he’s always so sweet and accommodating and you can’t help but be the envy of the people around you. (No offense to short boys)

Personally, I’m a short, short girl about 5’1 and I find myself dating guys over 6 feet tall and although I’m made painfully aware of how short I am around them, I like how it feels when a tall guy hugs or holds me. Or when they lift you off the floor and carry you everywhere just because they can. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

a) They reach the top shelf for you

All you have to do is say the word and they’ll get whatever you want from really high places for you. Yay, now I can get the wine kept at the top shelf no prob.

b) You melt into their body when they hug you

You plain just disappear in there anytime he comes in for a hug. Navigating the perfect hug maybe a little but once you get it right, there’s nothing sweeter.

c) Cute kisses anyone?

They are basically a forehead kiss factory because when they hug you real close, your forehead is right there for a kiss and we gotta admit those things are pretty cute and powerful.

How to kiss him when he’s way taller than you

For all the good stuff going on with your mini-giant, there is one thing that almost spoils the whole pooch. Kissing. Especially, kissing while standing. That becomes an almost impossibility. It’s really frustrating because you’ll be walking or standing and you want to share a bit of affection with your man but his head is all the way in the stratosphere and you’re just here. Plus when they are feeling mean they can just make you suffer jumping up and down trying to reach his lips.

If kissing has been a bit of a problem between you guys and you feel like it’s taking away from the amazing experiences you could be having with your man, then you have come to the right place because we have a list of 8 things to make your kissing experience a whole lot better.

1. Stand on tiptoes or on his feet

Don’t worry it’s like an unconscious form of exercising your calfs so pretty soon you’ll have great legs to show for all your efforts but right now you’re just majorly worried about getting your fix of the kiss he’s got you addicted to. Standing on your tiptoes should make a remarkable difference in your height and help you in meeting him up there.

Also, you can stand on his feet and then stretching up to meet him. Not only will this make kissing a whole lot easier for you but it also looks super cute to anyone who’s looking.

2. Have him support your head

You’re standing on tiptoes and still have to crane your neck? No problem, just have him support your neck by placing his large hand at the base of your neck. His fingers should spread to act as a cushion to support your neck so you don’t get a nasty neck kink and then just go for it. He could use his other hand by bringing it around your waist and holding you in place so you don’t lose your balance and also for support in case the kiss makes you a little wobbly.

You’re in a sport of sorts and sometimes things will get really uncomfortable especially when you have to crane your neck and it’s one of those long kisses.

3. Take advantage of uneven surfaces

If you’re just walking about and you come across an area that is uneven, you can use that to your advantage by standing on the higher ground while he remains on the lower surface. This should help even out the height difference and his lips will be that much closer. You guys can close the remaining distance by him lowering his head to meet you and you standing on tiptoes or craning your neck up and both your lips meeting somewhere in the middle of all that.

4. Invest in some high heels

If you’re going out with him then invest in some heels that are both super cute and functional in your purpose of a little display of affection. Don’t pick something too high that you end up doing one of those weird walks, just a perfect-inched heel that makes his lips getting to you that much easier.

5. Take advantage of sitting surfaces

It’s all about evening the height difference do you can kiss so if you see a surface that can be used for sitting, Have him do that and that should take care of the problem like it never existed. While he’s seated, there’s a couple of ways to navigate the next step. You can step in between his legs and close the distance between you two and his lips will be right there or you’ll be a little taller and roles will reverse a bit here and he’s going to have to crane his neck a little to meet you. There’s something awfully romantic about this position when he’s all vulnerable and you have the control that will have your toes curling.

Another option for this is sitting on his lap and then going for it. No one will be tired or in an uncomfortable position so it’s super easy and convenient and don’t we all just like being held by him?

Also take advantage whenever both of you are sitting to get in some make out sessions because both of you will be comfortable and no one will be straining to reach anything.

6. Jump into his arms and kiss him away

If your boyfriend’s got a backbone like we suspect he does then you could jump into his arms, literally and wrap your legs around his back. He’ll hold you up so you don’t need to worry about that. This should make you guys pretty much face to face and you can go in for some much-needed lip-locking. The great thing about this is it effectively eliminates space between you two making it a whole lot easier to share other kinds of kisses like Eskimo kisses if you like that or just looking into his beautiful eyes without having the sunburn your eyes.

7. Kiss on the stairs and by the curb

Still on our mission to eliminate distance, if you’re on a flight of stairs then take advantage by walking up ahead and have him remain on the lower part. This works a little bit better than the higher ground situation because with him on the bottom part of the stairs and you on the top part, the height difference is almost eliminated if not completely so, and his lips will be right there for the taking.

If you are by the curb then he could step to level ground while you remain on the curb and then he can just hold you and kiss away. Romantic, I know but keep an eye on water puddles.

8. Dipping you back and hold you while kissing

This type of kiss is super sexy and will create a whole swarm of butterflies, is swoon-worthy and I’m pretty sure has been reenacted in every rom-com for how romantic it is.

Your boyfriend just has to dip you back so you’re almost parallel with the ground while he supports your back and holds you around the waist while you lock your arms around his neck and shoulders for that extra support.

It’s important though that he not strain his back so he as to use his core muscles to hold himself up and use his legs to support both you and him.

And when he brings you back you’ll still be holding on to his shoulders and you can look in his eyes like you see the entire universe in them. Swoon.

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Kissing him won’t be much of a problem now that you got these tips working for you. Just know that he’s probably a little sensitive about his height too and he wants to make it good for you so just talk about it and find some things that work for you two.

Happy locking lips and have fun!