35 Attractive Things In A Man That Makes A Woman Melt

Trying to figure out what will have a woman falling head over heels in love with you? Here are 35 things to make you irresistibly attractive.

By Susan Thomas
35 Attractive Things In A Man That Makes A Woman Melt

What Women Find Attractive May Surprise You!

Making A Woman Melt For You!

You could be on the receiving end of a makeout session like this with the right knowledge!

It's no secret that both men and women find the other to be a puzzle that we just can't seem to figure out. We keep guessing and hoping that we will have some luck along the way. One thing many men find themselves trying to figure out at one time or another is what kind I do to be attractive to women? How can I make them fall for me? What is the way to make a girl hot for me? There are many men out there who miss the answer to these questions by miles. I am here to make this just a little bit easier for you by telling you 35 things that will make a woman melt for you!

An Attractive Man is Self Sufficient

There is nothing sexier or more attractive than a man who knows how to take care of himself. Before a woman will let herself fall for you or be attracted to you she needs to know she can rely on you. She needs to know your not just an overgrown baby looking for someone to mother you. Listed below are a few attractive ways you can show a woman that you are a responsible adult.

1. An Attractive Man is a Man with Purpose in His Life

A woman loves a guy who knows what direction his life is going in. A man without direction who just wanders aimlessly through life will begin to grate on a girl's nerves. When you have no purpose or direction we begin to feel more like a mentor or teacher than a girlfriend or wife. We don't want to be a teacher. We want someone who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go for it. There is nothing more attractive than a man going after his purpose in life.

2. An Attractive Man is a Man On His Own

Nothing will turn a woman off faster than a man living in his parent's basement. This is a real buzz kill and it shows a woman she can't rely on you. I am not saying that aren't exceptions to the rule, but in general, a man that relies on mommy and daddy to get by just isn't cute. It is the opposite of cute. This will quickly repel the majority of women.

3. A Woman Wants a Man that is Driven

If you are one of those lazy guys that are content to just barely get by in life good luck getting a woman to stick around. We may hang around for a little bit but when it becomes clear that just enough is all you can manage to do then eventually she'll move on. We want a man that has big goals and has a game plan to tackle those big goals. A man with the drive to acheive those big goals in life is physically attractive to a woman. A man just skating by is well just begging for us to leave.

4. A Woman Loves a Guy that Can and Will Cook

Nothing Sexier than A Guy who Cooks for his Woman!

The old phrase the way to man's heart is his stomach is totally reversible!

As a married woman let me tell you one of the most attractive things about my guy when we were dating was the fact that he could cook. Not only that but he wanted to cook. I hate cooking and am not good at cooking and one of the things I fell in love with, one of the things that had me head over heels was the fact he could cook. This had me bragging about him to all my girlfriends and my girlfriends were a little jealous. You may have heard the phrase the way to a man's heart is his stomach, but let me tell you a guy who cooks for his woman is flat out sexy!

5. Nothing More Physically Attractive than A Man Who is Willing to Clean the House

It's time to kill those stereotypes that say a man earns the bacon and the woman takes care of the house. There is nothing more annoying than a guy who won't pick up a broom or load the dishwasher. You want a woman to melt for you, show her that you are equal partners in the household and that you can and will clean the house. If you sit around playing video games while she slaves away cleaning the house it will create nothing, but anger and frustration. When you do clean don't expect a round of applause unless you plan to do the same for her every time she cleans something. Doing the laundry doesn't earn you praise. It lets her know you care and appreciate her. You want her to find you cute, attractive, sexy, and handsome than learn how to clean!

6. A Man That Can Keep A Budget is Sexy

Let's face it no one really enjoys making a budget and trying to keep it. It's just a buzz kill. Unfortunately finding a girl that enjoys crunching the numbers is hard to find. Most girls grew up thinking that math isn't a girl thing and we have ways to go before that turns around. So if you want her to be attracted to you take charge and put the budget together. That being said this doesn't mean she doesn't get a say. It means you do the hard part of balancing the checkbook and paying the bills. Keep her informed and make any big money decisions together. Doing this you let her know you are responsible, that you trust her, and that you value her input too. When we feel valued you will be that much more attractive and sexy to your woman.

7. A Woman Wants A Man That Can Defend Himself

This doesn't mean that the woman wants to be some helpless damsel in distress. In fact, many women can defend themselves quite well. This means we don't want a push-over. If you were to get in a bad situation we want to know that you will come out in one piece. If we are in a dangerous situation that is too much for us to handle we want to know that you would be able to do something about it. We want a man that can defend himself but knows when to walk away and diffuse the situation. A man that can not only defend himself physically but can get himself out of the situation with the words as the first option. We don't need a muscle head that can't think clearly. We need a man that can keep a cool head and try and diffuse tense situations before it gets to physical violence. Besides we don't want that cute face getting messed up!

8. A Man That is Handy Around the House is Definitely Attractive!

A Man With A Tool Belt is a Turn On!

We love it when a man is handy around the house. Whether that means spider patrol or fixing the clogged sink!

I am not saying there aren't women who aren't handy. In fact, my mother is quite handy and can fix a great many things. In fact, I myself have taken a TV apart and put it back together successfully. But there are a great many situations that myself and other woman are hopeless at figuring out when it comes to repairs. It's nice to have a man that can reach that broken lightbulb in the kitchen and get it out without much fuss. It is nice to have a guy that can fix a broken door frame or even a guy to kill all the creepy spiders in the house. Besides seeing a man with his tools and fixing something around the house can be a real turn on.

A Attractive Man isn't a Jerk!

I won't lie that looks can be nice, but if you all you have going for you is your body then good luck finding a girl. Most girls look beyond the looks and want a real, respectable, honest and kind man. Being a jerk is great way to get your behind left in the dust!

9. A Woman Finds a Good Tasteful Sense of Humor Attractive

A good sense of humor is so important. It needs to mesh with our sense of humor and it helps if it isn't rude or crude. Unless you found yourself a woman who likes rude and crude. Most woman don't like jokes that belittle or demean a person or group of people. This is just distasteful, but a good tasteful joke is adorable and we love it!

10. A Man Who is a Good Father is down right Sexy!

A Good Father is Downright Irresistible!

We want a real man that is ready to step up and be a the Father their children or our children need!

A man that doesn't throw up silly excuses or try and get out of fatherhood but instead embraces when it comes charging into their life is so attractive in a guy. It seems immature guys who run away from responsibility are becoming the norm. It seems every day you hear a story about how some guy refused to step and be a father. If you want to stand out and want women to fall for you don't be afraid to step up when this opportunity comes busting its way into your life. Planned or not. A man that takes a moment to freak out or be happy whatever the scenario but then owns it and does what he has to do is dang irrestible!

11. A Little Humility Goes A Long Way

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to see a man who is actually humble. Have you ever been around someone that seems obsessed with themselves? These are the people you can only take in small doses because you can definitely have too much. The last thing you want is for a woman to get sick and tired of hanging out with you. If we can't enjoy your company because all you can do is talk about you we will go looking for someone else who can think of other people who aren't themselves. A humble man that isn't always seeking credit, who doesn't brag, and may even let someone else occasionally take credit for something they did can be one attractive quality in a man. We don't want you to be a doormat, but we don't want you to be obsessed with yourself either. A nice balance is sexy.

12. A Loyal Man is High On the Hot Scale!

It shouldn't need to be said that a man whose eyes don't wander is a valuable and attractive quality in a man. If we are going to open ourselves up to you and be attracted to you then we need to know we can trust you. That you aren't going to have some side action going on. We want to be your one and only and if you can't do that it will be a definite deal breaker. We will go out of our way to make sure every woman we know are well informed all about you and your dirty ways and that could seriously hurt your chances of having any women at all be attracted to you. If you want a woman's attention then keep that handsome face focused on one girl at a time.

13. A Man that Knows How and When to Ask For Help

Nothing is more irksome to many of womankind than when we can clearly see you are over your head and you won't ask for help. You don't even need to ask us! If you can't fix something then, by all means, call someone who can. If you are lost please for all that is sweet, dear, and holy pullover and ask for directions. We all know that sometimes GPS is a big fat failure. A man that can admit when he needs help is very attractive.

14. A Man that Treats Women with Respect

Woman are lesser than men. We aren't some sexual commodity to be bought and sold. No woman ever asks to be assaulted or catcalled. We want respect and a man who knows that and is repectful to not just his girl but all women in general is one of the sexiest men alive. We love a man that knows that certain behavior is never okay with women and who plans on passing this wisdom down to future generations.

15. Nothing is Uglier than a Bully!

We want a man who knows how to treat fellow human beings. No one deserves to be bullied. I don't care if it is trolling online forums, posting nasty comments, or being mean in person. This kind of behavior is sickening and we don't want to spend our lives with an outright bully. You might get lucky and find a woman that is just as mean as you, but let's face it the chances of that having a happy ending are slim. Learn to love others and be compassionate and you will be one attractive man.

16. A Gentlemen is Downright Hot!

A Gentlemen is so Hot!

Call me old-fashioned, but a lot of women love that old-fashioned crap. We like to get flowers or chocolates. We like to have the door opened for us. Personally when the guy offers to pay it is refreshing to know that certain things haven't died. If you are on a really tight budget then sure we can chip in, but you could use that to your advantage and plan a really unique, memorable, romantic evening on a dime. Don't let it stop you just get creative! Maybe you pack a picnic for two or plan a moonlit walk on the beach. It may sound cheesy but a lot of us women secretly adore cheesy! Why do you think romantic comedies are so popular?!

17. A Little Wisdom Goes a Long Way!

Now we may all have our dumb-ass moments, but if dumb-ass moments are common place for you then we may have a problem. We like a man that can think out consequences of his actions. While Tim Allen injuring himself on a regular basis was hillarious on home improvement it's not a quality that we look for in a man. We want you to stay safe so we can be sure you'll be around for awhile! So please keep the dumb stunts to a minimum. Do this and you will be all kinds of hot!

18. An Attractive Man is Willing to Stick Up For His Girl

We might be wrong. We might be right. That doesn't matter. What should matter is that someone is saying cruel things about us in front of you. We want a guy that can speak up and come to our defense. Especially when a family does it; whether it be your family or ours. Sometimes when our own family is extra critical or cruel we lose our voice and we are praying someone stands up for us. If you can be that man and even stand up to our father on occasion we will be putty in your arms! We can always talk about any issues that arose later when we can have a private discussion.

19. A Man that can Admit When He's Wrong!

There will be moments when you will fight and bicker. Sometimes you will realize you were wrong and if you can be that kind of man that can admit that we will adore you. A man that can say he's sorry and truly apologize with his heart because he knows he was wrong is trully sexy.

20. A Man That is Good With Animals

An Attractive Man Loves Animals

A man that understands that our beloved pets have feelings to is downright irresistible!

Our hearts will melt if you can play with our beloved dog, cat, or even guniea pig like they were your own. We won't be attracted to someone who thinks it is okay to be mean or cruel to animals. Women by nature have a lot of empathy and feel things deeply. Cruelty to animals is downright sickening to many of us. If you can treat animals with the love and respect they deserve you will be irresistible!

21. A Man that is Willing to Do What His Woman Loves to Do

Antiquing or watching that new romantic comedy that is out may not be your definition of fun. In fact, you may rather stay home or even put a drill to your head than do these things, but if you can put that aside and give it a real try to do it at least every once in awhile is beyond words. We don't want to torture you, honest. If anything by doing this one thing with us we might be more willing to do something of your choice we may not ordinarily agree to. This one is definitely a two-way street and can reap benefits for you as well. Doing something we love every once a while is truly an attractive trait in a man. One that I may add isn't much to ask.

A Real Man Knows How To Treat A Girl Right

One of the most unattractive qualitiies a man can have is when they just don't know how to treat a woman. Think of us like cars, if you don't take proper care of us we are going to break down on you. If you take proper care of us we can go for miles without a problem.

22. We Love A Man That Can Build Us Up

We Need Someone To Build Us Up!

Nothing sexier than finding someone and realizing that they truly see you as beautiful when you've been told you aren't good enough your entire life.

Most women struggle with loving themselves and can you blame them? We are constantly bombarded by messages that we just aren't good enough. You hear this often enough and you begin to believe its true. We are told we have to look a certain way, dress a certain way, and even act a certain way to be considered good enough or beautiful. So, when you find us our self-worth maybe at an all-time low. Mine was when I met my husband. The fact that he thought I was beautiful and thought I was worth something made him so attractive. I had begun to believe I was worthless just like everyone told me. The fact he built me up made me love him so much more.

23. Random Acts of Romance Make A Woman Melt

We Love a Little Spontaneous Romance!

Just because you have been with this one woman awhile is no reason to stop being romantic. If anything the reason we are still around is even more of a reason to step up and be spontaneous. You don't have to plan anything huge or expensive. Maybe you pick some fresh flowers from the garden and put them in a vase next to our bedside table while we sleep so we have something beautiful to wake up to. Maybe it means you buy us a box of our favorite chocolate and don't take any. Or the best surprise of all maybe it just means you give us a day all to ourselves away from the kids. Just letting us know you still love us the same and letting us know we are still appreciated when we least expect it is very attractive in a man!

24. Nothing Cuter Than A Man That Can Make Us Laugh On a Bad Day

Making Us Laugh on a Horrific Day is One Guy We Want To Stick Around!

Bad days are just that bad days. We don't need any silly or wordy catch phrases or metamphors to know this. This ties into having a tasteful sense of humor. There is nothing more sexy or attractive than a man that knows exactly what to do or say to make us laugh or smile when all we want to do is cry or scream. If you can make our life a little happier we won't want you to go anywhere!

25. We Want A Man That is Willing to Snuggle!

There are times we may want our space. Like if we had toddlers hanging on us all day, but there are times when all we want is a good snuggle with our man. One of the times I knew my man was a keeper was when we went to see a movie. We couldn't fully snuggle because of the seating but I wanted affection. So we held hands the whole movie. It got uncomfortable and both our arms cramped really bad, but I loved every moment. I loved knowing my guy could be affectionate when I needed it. He is always willing to give me a good cuddle, hug, or kiss where ever and when ever. Honestly it is one of his sexiest qualities!

26. A Man that Can Handle A Little Instruction In Bed

Sometimes we may be longing for a certain movement or something extra in bed. Maybe more foreplay or maybe we need you to move a certain way. A man that can handle a little instruction is so hot. We want to have the best possible experience with our guy and sometimes that means a little extra commentary. It isn't meant to hurt you or question your manhood. It is just meant to help improve the experience both you and your woman. If you can handle this we will love you that much more, plus bonus sex will be even better!

27. A Guy That Can Handle His Girl Having A Few Guy Friends

Not all girls enjoy the company of other girls. A great many girls prefer the company of guys. Girls who don't like drama or girl things may prefer to hang out with guys. In fact, they may have a few guy friends. They already probably get a lot of lip from other girls about this and they don't need you to get crazy jealous because they have a guy friend or two. I personally have always been the type that gets along better with guys. I never felt anything romantic with these guys. If anything I was just another guy to them. There is less drama with guy friends and us tomboys totally love that. We need you to be okay with that. If you are it is going to be totally sexy to us. Besides we have eyes for your handsome butt and not theirs.

28. A Man That Trusts His Woman is Super Attractive

We need to be able to go about our day without having an inquisition at the end of the day or every time we see you. If we get over 20 some texts from you each day wondering where we are, who we are with, and what we are doing then we will get the message loud and clear. We will get that you don't trust us and usually we haven't given you any reason to not trust us. So our thought is if he assumes I am doing something wrong then maybe he is the one misbehaving and I need to watch out. It creates a tense environment ripe for anger and hostility. If you can't trust us then we can't trust you and we don't want a guy like that. If you can trust us we will adore you!

29. We Want A Man Who Can And Will Listen

Why do you think so many people fall in love with their therapist? It's because they listen! If we have a problem we will want to talk to you about it. We may need to vent and to have you there listening will make us feel so much better. Maybe we just want to tell you about our day and know you heard us. We want to be heard. We can understand tuning out the nagging, but when it comes to the stuff that matters a guy who listens will score high on the attractive meter every time.

An Attractive Man Takes Care of Himself

Now looks may not be everything, but that doesn't mean we want a total slob! We do care that you are keeping with your hygenie and doing what you can to stay healthy. We don't want a guy that seems determined to sabotage his own health. We are looking for a guy that plans on sticking around a while.

30. Nothing Sexier Than A Man That Isn't Afraid to Cry

Now we aren't looking for a crybaby, but a guy that has enough self-confidence and esteem to let himself cry when things are down is a turn on. It lets us know you are mentally healthy and okay with who you are. It lets us know you aren't reliant on validation from others and that is an amazing thing to find in a man. The occasional meltdown because of stress or everything seems to be going wrong lets us know you are human and gives us the opportunity to step up and support you! Letting us support you makes us feel valuable to you and when we feel valued we feel attracted to you!

31. A Man That Works Out is Physically Attractive and Handsome

Working Out Lets Us Know You Care About Taking Care of Yourself

We aren't expecting you to look like a GQ model or anything, but working out is something the body needs to stay healthy. You working out lets us know that you care about your health. Nothing is sexier or hotter than a man that takes care of his body. Besides a guy that works up a little sweat can be very sexy indeed.

32. A Man That Cares About His Health Is Irrestible

This one ties in to the one above but we want to know you care enough to care for yourself. This means seeing the doctor when you need to without being stubborn about it. Eating right MOST of the time and taking the time to take care of you. Resting when you need to rest and so on and so forth. What is the point in keeping a man around if he seems determined to die by sabotaging his health at every turn?

33. A Man That Dresses Well is Hot, Hot, Hot!

It is true looks aren't everything but a man that doesn't seem to care about his appearance is a big turn off. We want to know you care enough to take the time to dress well. Sure we don't want you to be obessed with yourself, but that is no excuse to dress like a slob! Take care in how you dress and please for the love of chocolate pull up your dang pants! No one wants to see your underwear. Nothing is a bigger turn off than a man that can't find his waist!

34. A Man That Doesn't Drown Himself In Cologne is a Blessed Thing

Cologne can be a very nice thing. In many cases it is very pleasent, but a man that feels the need to dab on half the bottle and make our eyes water will have us running for the hills. We will run before you even get to talk to us because we can't breathe! Air is of vital importance to life so please one spritz maybe two is plenty. Don't go overboard on this. Cologne can be pleasant but it can send us running for the hills too!

35. Well Trimmed Facial Hair is Attractive on A Man

A little facial hair can be very sexy on a guy. It can be an attribute that we look for, but it can be taken to far to. Much like the cologne listed above, you can overdo! A man that looks like his beard came off the screen of Lord Of The Rings or once belonged to Dumbledore is a bit much. Most women won't dig it. We don't mind facial hair, but please keep it trimmed! We would like to be able to actually find your lips to kiss and not have to spend a few minutes looking for them. Which of course would totally kill the moment!

An Attractive Man Has More Than Looks Going For Him

In short we aren't looking for some vain egotistical bastard to date. We don't want some jerk wad who doesn't care about treating women with repsect. We want a guy that can lead with his heart, love us, show compassion, and empathy. A guy that also isn't afraid to be himself and cares enough about himself to put a little effort into his appearnce and health. It may seem like a daunting list but if I found a guy that fits almost all of these than you can start putting some effort into it and begin to attract women to you in no time!


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