8 Things to Know About The Tall Guy Short Girl Couple Combo

Some swear that this is the best combo for a relationship!

By Sophia R
8 Things to Know About The Tall Guy Short Girl Couple Combo


There is a quite interesting photoshoot of Sultan Kosen, the tallest man in the world with his 2.51m height (our most sincere greeting to the mother who gave birth to him), and Jyoti Amge, who is only 60 centimeters tall. The two awarded a Guinness record, met in Cairo for the curious session, which was part of a new campaign aimed at reviving tourism in the area. More than two meters of difference separates these two, but in the event that they decided to be a couple, things would go well for them, because according to science, tall men and short women make up the best couples.

It is well known that there is no perfect formula for a beautiful relationship. According to a study, the difference between the height of the couple will tell a lot about how they are and the way they will live with the person they love.

In the investigation, it was determined that the shorter the woman and the taller the man, they will be the best couple.

Science talks

You don't believe us? Well, it seems that it has scientific support. A group of researchers from the University of Konkuk, in South Korea, have determined that it is true after several experiments carried out on thousands of couples over a few years.

This research showed that the shorter the woman and the taller the man, they will form a better couple. This study was carried out by the University of Konkut and investigated more than 7,800 couples that were made up of short women and tall men.

Furthermore, the study concluded that couples made up of a short woman and a tall man showed more happiness and confidence.

Reasons Why Short Women Love Tall Men

Could it be true? Are short women more attracted to tall men? Height is a biological factor that obviously cannot be changed permanently (tell Tom Cruise), but height affects our lives, whether we want to or not, and sometimes without realizing it. Here is the reason why women love and prefer tall men:

1. Biological reasons

As reported by the researchers themselves, "the difference in height between the couple is related to the happiness of the woman", responding to an apparent biological need, which would have to do with their preference for taller partners for more effective reproduction.

2. They are powerful

Apparently, those who are taller are considered more dominant, with greater purchasing power, healthier and smarter; essential attributes for leadership, crucial in our species. But not only that, there is a multitude of studies that have confirmed that those who are taller are usually considered more attractive, more in the case of men than women, who are precisely preferred with normal height.

It seems to be part of that difference in power between men and women, and that although everything has to do with biological factors, it translates into social attitudes that condition our thanks to the collaboration of external factors, such as the media.

3. They show strength

According to Science Direct, women prefer tall men because show strength. I mean, would you even dare to fight a very tall man? Nobody would, and that is pretty much very very attractive. It makes women feel extremely protected and safe!

4. They are happier


In addition, tall men are considered to have greater ability and confidence for their employers, and height is related to happiness.

Many believe that they have greater satisfaction with life. That is why these men have more self-esteem and they show a lot of self-confidence, which makes them overall happier.

Reasons Why Tall Men Love Short Women


It is not only about women preferring taller men. Tall men also have a weakness for short girls. Want to know why? Here are some reasons:

1. They feel huge

Men feel great next to a short girl, which is very good for them to demonstrate their manhood. We don't know why, but that's the way they are ...

The good thing for them is that they do not have to be too high to be able to exceed the girl's height. Even the man who is considered short among his own can feel high next to a short woman.

2. They feel they can protect them


As they feel huge next to a short girl, it gives them the feeling of being important and being able to protect their little girl from anything.

Girls of short stature are generally not weak at all; on the contrary, their character, and strength always demonstrate otherwise. But, they still love to be protected and cared for.

3. They are sexy but cute

Who said that to be sensual you have to be a catwalk model? Needless! Men know it well because they love short girls because they are super sexy and, above all, passionate. The fierceness of little girls is not a myth, it is a reality that every man wants some time in his life.

Due to the mix between the attitude of a great woman but at the same time, the sweetness, tenderness, and love of a girl in one person makes them totally irresistible.

Expiration date

The study we talked about before also showed that not everything was going to be happy for these couples since it seems that this "perfection" disappears after 18 years.

"Women are known to prefer tall men for evolutionary and reproductive reasons, but no study so far has investigated whether a taller husband makes his wife happier," Dr. Kitae Sohn, study author, "The results proved that a greater difference in height was positively related to the happiness of women. Of course, this relationship weakened over time, disappearing after 18 years of marriage. "

The reason for such an outcome could have to do with the husband's ability in the matter of conflict resolution, which has nothing to do with the height that he made his wife so happy at the beginning of the relationship.

"We argued that the height of the husband might make her very happy at first, but this ceases to be an important factor over time. However, this weakening lasts for such a long period of time indicates the power of male height in the psychology of women, probably prepared by their evolution ”, Sohn stated. Interesting right?

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Despite everything, height is still only one factor, and while it is very important for some women, others are able to modify their expectations if they meet someone who is not part of their preferred height range, but are strongly attracted to him.

What we are saying is that yes, there are many cases where this situation has happened, hence the results of the study, but every case is different and there is nothing written in stone. But, if you are a tall man or a small woman and you really wish or are in a relationship of this type, be happy! Science supports you!