15 Ways To Tease A Man Without Touching Him And Turn Him On

The art of seduction at it's finest: Tease but no touch

By Aey
15 Ways To Tease A Man Without Touching Him And Turn Him On

Sex is an art form – anyone can do it, but it takes skill, practice, and creativity to do it well. Seduction is a complex and exciting game and there is so much that goes into turning your partner on, aside from the touches itself. Men want what they cannot have which is why putting out on the first date or creating no mystique and buildup is a great way to have an underwhelming and flat line sexual experience. Teasing is a great way to buildup sexual tension and release will be all the sweeter when you maximize the sweet agony of delay.

Teasing A Guy Mentally Can Be Stimulating

Half of the seduction game is played in the mind, not on the body – sex in its bare bones is mechanical but ornamented with games like role-playing and teasing you can have infinitely diverse sexual adventures. Here are a few ways to get your man off without even touching him.

15 Ways to Tease A Man Without Touching Him

At Work

1. Exaggerated and overly sexualized body movement

The workplace is a forbidden fruit kind of sweet place to turn someone on. The naughtiness of acting inappropriate in a place where that breaks the rules will turn him on even more – be the tart in a nunnery! Bend over to pick up that pen slowly and pop that ass out, reach for something on your desk seductively and drape yourself on that desk or lick/tease that office pen in your mouth while he is talking! Men are very visual creatures and he will not be able to resist you spilling you're sexy all over the place!

2. Seductive eye contact and lip biting

Men love eye contact – never shy from looking at a man straight in his eye and enslaving him in your sexy knowing gaze. You will leave him in a trance he cannot snap out of and drive him insane. Lips are one of many areas a man’s gaze will shift too. Lick, bite and pucker your lips and drive him insane. Do not leave anything left unsexualized and surely you will drive him off the edge of sexual buildup.

3. Make teasing sounds

Anytime you catch the chance, make teasing sex noises to drive him off the edge. Men love audio and if you give him moaning sounds or raspy pleasurable ones in a place where he cannot do anything for release he is sure to heat up like crazy. Make him go crazy with need and talk dirty! Most men will be very turned on by sex noises – maybe the best way to get him hard, second only, perhaps, to visuals! Say things like, “I want you, Daddy!” “I want to feel you inside me,” “I’m so wet right now” etc.

4. Play with your hair

Flip it around and run your fingers through it! Men like hair – on the head at least -  they like tugging it and pulling it and playing with it! When you’re talking to a man play around with your hair to tempt them into wanting to do the same.

5. Wear revealing clothes

See-through clothes, tight clothes, and deep cuts draw a man’s attention to your best features. Dress to flatter your form and do not shy from revealing what you feel comfortable revealing – of course, whatever you can reveal in an office setting – but you can get surprisingly creative with that! Maybe wear a dark bra under a white shirt or forget the bra altogether! You can even unbutton a dress shirt a little to give a very special someone a good view.

During Dinner

6. Eating food sexually

Visuals, girls and boys and non-binary people! You have got to give your man the views! Eat your food like you are making love to it. Bite into that fruit and let those juices ooze and drip down your chin. Take your time on phallic foods. Slide that sausage or banana into your mouth slowly and intently. In instants of privacy, lick your food. Nonverbal communication is more than half of the game. Do this right and you will soon have your man red in the face trying to manage an erection in the middle of the second course.

7. Making suggestive remarks

Use your words! Talk about how moist the cake is and somehow sneak the word “lubrication” in there. Euphemisms and puns are your best friend, talk about how your meat is hard and use the sexiest raspiest voice you can fake. Men also love roleplaying!

8. Laugh and smile a lot

A huge percentage of men have reported that they notice a partner’s mouth as their most prominent facial feature. Smiling and laughing is a great way to make a man feel an ego boost and turned on in your presence.

9. Whisper in his ear

Use any chance you get to lean in an inch to close and whisper into his ear! Men love the proximity and the raspy sound of your voice against their necks. Necks and ears are erogenous zones that can really turn your man on like crazy. Use this to the best of your advantage!

10. Show your body off

Lean in over the table, to show him your cleavage and flip your hair back to reveal your collarbone and chest! Flirty playful movements that flatter your body and show it off and sure to not go unnoticed and a great way to get the juices flowing! Don’t even be afraid to be a little cocky about it. He is sure to take it all in and feel the heat of your sexiness. He won’t be able to resist you!

Through Text

11. Send a cute picture

Like I said before, men are visual creatures which is why they like big butts and boobs. Put on a show – grab your camera and find good lighting and a sexy angle. Send him a photo that will give him a heartbeat in his groin. In taking a good nude remember, less is more! Leave something to his imagination to make the picture more erotic than pornographic. Also, let me just put this out there: slow motion can be your best friend!

12. Send a sexy voice note

Audio is a great way to turn a man on fast. Send him moaning noises or climaxing noises and he is sure to be defenseless against your weaponry. Be relentless! Mix in sex noises with dirty talk and make sure to use his name a lot! Men love hearing their partners, scream, moan and writhe while they say their name.

13. Dirty talk

Tell him how horny you are and what you have been up to in the shower or tell him about that really really naughty dream you had about him! Tell him you want to taste him. Do not hold back! Nothing is sexier than a partner who knows what they want. Tell him what you want to do to him or what you want to be done to yourself. Let your freak flag fly and you will have him in figurative handcuffs. Most men love being dominated by their partner and quite a few are shy of admitting they want this. Take the lead, drive him crazy!

14. Sexual jokes

If you are still in the initial phases, cracking subtle sexual jokes can make his imagination go wild because no man can resist a woman who is in touch with her sexual side and comfortable enough to make jokes about it. This will tell him you are fun playful and have a dirty mind and for sure turn him on. Don’t be crass about it though! Subtle is sexy!

15. Be mysterious

Do not put it all out there even if he is grilling you for your life story – we are all attracted to a little bit of mystery and sometimes less, really is more. Men love challenges so don’t put out easy. Tease him and leave him high and dry sometimes. Trust us! He’ll love the torture.

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Seduction is a tantalizing game, and everyone has their own unique style of playing it! The most important advice of all is to be confident and self-assured and have fun with it! Everyone is different and has varied preferences – explore your partners and enjoy wild sexual tension and the sweet release it builds up!