20 Sexual Tips For Your Sizzling Make Out Sessions

Are you looking to spice up your make out sessions? Here are ways in which you can make this experience pleasurable and quite memorable.

By Dagmar Thomson
20 Sexual Tips For Your Sizzling Make Out Sessions

20 Sexual Tips For Your Sizzling Make Out Session

Making out is one of the things that most people love to do. It is so amazing when you find that your make-out sessions leave you both turned on. Make-out sessions help you and your partner to show your passion. If you and your partner have not yet moved to the bedroom, making out sessions will give you the chance to practice on one another. Make-out sessions will help you to know if you have any chemistry and get to know your partner’s body. Make-out sessions help to create a bond between the two of you. Make-out sessions do not only involve using lips but other parts of the body. Before you try having a make-out session, you need to know that there are do’s and don’ts. The 20 sexual tips discussed below will help you to make your make-out sessions amazing.

1. Prepare Your Lips

If you want to have a make-out session that your partner will remember, you first need to prepare your lips. You need to ensure that your lips are properly moisturized before you have a make-out session. You need to remember that no one wants a make-out session with a partner who has dry and chapped lips. Ensure that the lip moisturizer you use is not slippery, as this will make the make-out session a huge failure.

2. Make The Make Out Session Sweet

You can improve your make-out sessions by making them sexually romantic. This can be done by taking something sweet like a sweet or chocolate before you have your make-out session. Sweets are known to be aphrodisiacs that sexually awaken your senses. When you kiss your partner with the sweet taste in your mouth, it will awaken your partner’s senses. If you want to give your partner a heady feeling, then have a glass of sweet wine and see what happens.

3. Try Out Some Mint

If you are not the kind of person who loves eating or drinking sweet things, then try out with mint. You can use a mint lip balm before your make-out session. You can also have some mints before a make-out session. The menthol found in the mint will sexually spice your make-out session when mixed with warm breath.

4. Make Eye Contact

When you are having a make-out session, always remember to look your partner in the eyes at different times. Making eye contact helps to create a bond between you and your partner. You can make your make-out session amazing by taking a break from the kiss and seducing your partner by looking at him or her under your eyelashes. This will show your partner that you are interested and you can even use this moment to talk dirty. When you do this, just be sure you are ready for things to progress to the next level sexually.

5. Flow Into It

There is no need for you to rush your make-out session. Just start slow and let your partner know that there is no hurry. You can start your make-out session by giving light kisses on places like the eyes, chin, and cheeks. You can move slowly downwards towards the neck when you want to spice up your make-out session.

6. Tease A Little

You can drive your partner crazy during a make-out session by playing hard to get. You can use this moment to pull back from the kiss and make eye contact with your partner. You can even try to sexually tickle your partner using your lips on your partner’s ears. You can even talk dirty to your partner to heat up the make-out session. Just be sure that you do this right to sizzle your make-out session.

7. Use Your Hands

During a make-out session, do not forget that your hands can also be used. Ensure that your hands are busy caressing your partner’s body in your make-out session. You can run your hands through your partner’s hair, slowly rub your partner’s arms, or touch their neck and face. Using your hands will ensure that you and your partner’s senses are heightened during your make-out session.

8. Try To Be A Little Rough

When you try to be a little rough, it will make the make-out session to be more interesting. You can do this by having a few slow kisses, you can use your nails on his back, and you can slightly pull your partner’s hair, or tug on your partner’s lips. You can do any of these exciting techniques to electrify your make-out session.

9. Take A Breath

When you have a make-out session that lasts for a long time, you and your partner will be short of breath. Always make sure that in between your make-out session, you get to breathe, and it is done in a sexy way meaning, you can do this by changing the kiss from the lips to another place like the neck. You can even talk dirty as a way to take a breather during your make-out session. Long make-out sessions can make the heat to die down. Ensure that your make-out sessions are not long but have some subtle breaks.

10. Dress The Part

You need to know that a make-out session is not spiced up only by kissing. There are other things that are involved, like putting on something sexy. When you put on something sexy, it is bound to turn on your partner and make the make-out session sizzling since your partner will be sexually attracted to you. Ensure that the sexy clothes are not so tight or long to allow your partner’s hands to get under the clothes when the make-out session spices up.

11. Reduce The Biting

During a make-out session, ensure that you reduce the biting since it can be painful. You might find that there are some people who get turned off by biting during a make-out session. You can test to find out if your partner likes it by gently biting. If the biting does not work, then try something else that will heat up the make-out session.

12. Try Some Tongue

Using your tongue on your partner during a make-out session can be very exciting when it is properly done. You can know your partner is an amateur when he or she is hasty to use his or her tongue during a make-out session. Reduce the number of times you use your tongue during a make-out session. You need to remember that you do not have to use your tongue every time you kiss with your mouth open. No one wants to feel his or her partner’s tongue all over your face during a make-out session.

13. Avoid Hickies

You need to remember that not everyone loves to have proof on his or her body that he or she was in a make-out session. If your partner does not mind having a Hickie, then ensure that it is not in an obvious place like the neck. Hickies are very painful to get. When you feel like you cannot stand the hard sucking during a make-out session, then let your partner know.

14. Groom Yourself

You need to know that hygiene is essential to make a make-out session enjoyable. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where your partner avoids you in a make-out session because you smell. Ensure that you always brush and floss your teeth before any make-out session. You can even carry your own mint mouthwash when you suspect you are going to have a make-out session. Also, remember that during your make-out session, you are too close to the person. Ensure that you put on deodorant and your make-out sessions will never fizzle out.

15. Take It Slow

When you have a make-out session, things will always tend to heat up. You can always try to take it slow during a make-out session. When you make the make-out session to be slow, it will make things between you more intimate. Taking a make-out session slowly will make your partner recall you and some of the things you did in the make-out session.

16. Change Location

Most women fantasize about making love in weird places, meaning that it is not so different with making out. Fantasies can also be used in make-out sessions meaning you can ensure your make-out sessions are in different places. You can try to take your make-out session in public place like a car. Your partner will be turned on by the idea of having a make-out session in a car, which is public. A car will give the impression that you are in a safe space but someone can peep at you as you make-out. This will make your adrenaline level to be up and take your make-out sessions to another level.

17. Be Confident

Have confidence during your make-out session. When you are confident, it will show your partner that you know what you are doing and keep them in the mood.

18. Mix Things Up

The far you have gone on the list, you can see that things have to be kept interesting in a make-out session. Always ensure that your make-out session is interesting by mixing up things. You can do this by either increasing or decreasing the pace and pressure of your make-out session.

19. Do Some exploring

During your make-out session, do not be afraid to explore your partner’s body. You can do this using your lips, hands, fingers or your tongue on your partner’s body and it will drive him or her crazy. This will also help you to know your partner’s body during a make-out session.

20. Cuddle up

You can always end a make-out session by cuddling up. During this time, you can let them know what you liked during the make-out session. You can also express your love for one another after the make-out session. Making out is an important aspect of every couple’s love life. Make-out sessions can sometimes be dull and boring. You can spice up your make-out sessions by doing new things meaning; you can try out fantasies like having make-out sessions in a car. Practice some of the tips mentioned above, and you will take your make-outs and sex life a completely new level.


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