12 Erotica Sites to Access When You Are Stucked At Home

Try these sites for your erotic pleasure when you can't get out

By Kimmy
12 Erotica Sites to Access When You Are Stucked At Home

Erotica and pornography

Masturbation often beats real-life sex because fantasies beat reality. No doubt many of us are avid porn lovers. Even PornHub Premium is free for a month during this quarantine time, kudos to them. Erotica sounds like a classy name for pornography. Is it really the case?

Erotica is any artwork such as books, films, sculptures, and paintings depicting sexual themes. Pornography is any explicit, raw content depicting the act of intercourse. Most confuse erotica with pornography thinking they are the same thing. Erotica can be considered to be a more artistic experience for the soul while pornography is a more vivid experience for the eyes.

Pornography is graphic, with no subtle meaning, pure and raw. Whereas erotica often includes subtle hints of sex. Erotica aims to be sexually arousing in an artistic way. More than about an act of sex, it focuses on conveying a story that's visually pleasing and arousing for viewers.

What Are Erotica Sites?

Unlike porn sites, erotica sites have more various elements such as novels, dramas, paintings, and poems. With the artistic work, you're supposed to be aroused and feel the raw desire of human lust. A lot of times erotica sites don't provide graphic content like porn sites upfront. It gradually arouses your desire as you read through the artistic work to gain a deeper and more personal understanding of the lust you feel.

Sometimes, there isn't even a nudity scene on erotica sites. What you can't see arouses you even more. It gives you a little sneak peek and you have to imagine the rest, making it one of the best sexual experiences for most.

Intrigued to give it a try? Here are 12 erotica sites you should hit!

12 Best Erotica Sites

For free

1. Remittance Girl

Erotic Fiction by Remittance Girl

Ready for a night of satisfaction of fulfilling your fetish? Each piece is meticulously categorized so you would find the one that suits you even if it's something niche. The whole site is free and runs on donations. A very well-maintained site without spams or pop-up ads.

The fictions run in the same style and tone for consistency. Content is different according to the style. Recently, the religious and cultural taboo has been a popular hit. We all want what we can't have, right?

2. BDSM Cafe

Free BDSM Stories and Information

For those with rough fantasies in BDSM, BDSM Cafe is where you should spend your nights in! Lots and lots of stories on BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism), the site won't disappoint. The content goes from short stories, novels to poems, and more. Sometimes, fulfilling your fantasies with visuals is not as pleasing as fulfilling it with imagination. BDSM Cafe is here for you!

3. Lush Stories

Free Sex Stories, Adult Chat and Erotic Stories

Lush Stories is among one of the most popular erotica sites out there. It's a combination of erotica and pornography. They have sensational erotica fictions, live chat rooms, and actual porns available for free. Time for a change from PornHub?

4. Bellesa

Free Porn Videos for Her | Bellesa - Porn for Women

Focusing on pleasure for women, Bellesa entails all the hacks to make a girl cum. Women are receivers of pleasure rather than givers. The site makes sure you see that. Very empowering for girls. A must-read for ladies! Ranging from stories to porn that teaches you to know more about your body and what is pleasurable, Bellesa is a guidebook for ladies around the world!

5. Sex, Life, and Everything In Between

A Couple Blogging About Sex, Life, and Everything In Between

Marriage is for two people, or for the two people to decide what they want? Sex, Life, and Everything In Between is a blog run by a couple that decided to open up their relationship into a polyamorous one where they get to have multiple partners and how it enriches their lives.

For all the couples sharing similar stories or wanting to try it out, this blogs tells you a lot of the thoughts and personal experiences surrounding this topic.

6. Nifty

Nifty Erotic Stories Archive - Gay Fiction

Most of the erotica and porn content on the internet is for straight people. Don't worry, Nifty has got you covered. Dedicated to serving the LGBT community, all of the Nifty contents are to arouse the sexual orientation of the minority. You won't be disappointed with their vivid depiction and graphic content of sexual arousal. Get ready to spend all night on this website to satisfy your desire!

7. Kinkly


Kinkly is a Newbie-friendly erotica site that throws all the categories out there for you to explore. Your best place to start looking if you're new to this. They have content ranging from classy erotica novels to masturbation to BDSM stuff. Rest assured you'd find something you like up on the site. Easy to navigate and get around. Explore a few pieces of work in each category before moving onto the next to discover what turns you on the most!

8. Chyoa

Interactive Sex Stories

Remember how fun it was when Netflix released its interactive adventure film? You get to choose the path the lead takes and sees the story unfolds with your choice. Now you can do the same with erotica content! Chyna lets you create your own story that all leads to a happy ending. Perfect for those dominant souls that like take have things under their control.

Paid sites

9. Frolic Me

Beautiful Tasteful Erotic Films & Sensual Stories for Women & Couples

Beautifully photographed scenes with visually pleasing actors to fill your imagination as you read on, Frolic Me provides you a premium experience in erotica beauty. From novels to actual porn, the site has got you covered. With a monthly membership fee as low as $5, you have a lot to take from it. They take their products seriously and you will have a really good orgasm by the words they articulate in the stories.

10. Lexi Sylver

Erotica Author of Mating Season: Erotic Short Stories

She writes the hottest, most sensational erotica novels. The ones that will keep you up all night masturbating and it still won't be enough. She also hosts podcasts to share arousing thoughts and sexual kinks. Unfiltered and raw, you will fulfill your deepest desire on her website, together with all the products she sells.

Her books are available on Amazon at different prices depending on the book.


11. Girl on the Net

Sexy stories, mostly true

With a wide range of selection for audio stories on erotica material, Girl on the Net offers audience books available for purchase to further enhance your experience. Mesmerized by her voice, soon you will fall in love with the story and the voice leading you're through it. Their stories are soft and sensational and their books are priced at $12 usually.

12. Wasteland

The BDSM Porn & Bondage Video headquarters!

A BDSM site dedicated to your full enjoyment of rough sex. From erotica stories to actual porn, this site has got you covered, even guides to teach you how to perform BDSM stuff. Everything is professionally made to provide you a thrilling sensation but also a safe environment to learn from. Perfect for both beginners and masters at BDSM.

Membership fees start at $5, depending on the package.

Safety Issues On Erotica Sites

Asides from all those 12 awesome erotica sites with good ratings, there are plenty more on the Internet. Be aware of scams in shady erotica sites that record you during your live webcam session or asking for your credit card details even though it's a free site.

Safety issues are a big concern on these adult sites as most victims are too embarrassed to come forward and the criminals getaway. For your own safety. Always go for a site with good ratings to protect yourself so you can have a safe experience.

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Enjoying erotica more than pornography now? Things that you can't see tend to give you better sensations as your imagination fills in the blank. Don't be surprised that lots of people prefer erotica sites over porn. If you enjoy reading a good poem or a good book, make sure you go on these seductive erotica sites and give yourself a treat tonight!


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