15 Reasons Why Men Watch Porn And Its Not Your Fault

Why men watch porn and when is it considered an addiction

By Sophia R
15 Reasons Why Men Watch Porn And Its Not Your Fault

Men And Porn

Think about life before the Internet. The only pornography that was available was in the side room of the VCR rental store. It was the place where men entered and left, trying not to be detected. If a child was fortunate enough, his father would have a personal collection that could only be accessed by being sneaky.

Pornography has been a source of discord between couples since print magazines arrived at the shops of sordid parts of the cities, but it has never been so easy to find and look before now.

Studies have shown that 90% of pornography is viewed online, while the other 10% comes from old DVDs. In addition, single men saw an average of 40 minutes from porn up to three times per week, while those in a committed relationship saw an average of 1.5 times per week, for approximately 20 minutes. If you are worried about finding your man watching pornography, the same study concluded that it had no negative effect on men.

There is nothing that can cause a fight easier than a woman finding porn on his men’s computer or smartphone. Although it is different in each relationship, there are many women who think of it as betrayal, or that men do it because they want something different from what they have. The truth is that boys can't help themselves, literally.

We've all heard the argument: "The devil forced me to do it," but when it comes to boys and porn, nature forces them to do it. It's not that a guy tries to disrespect his girl or doesn't find her attractive: boys literally can't help themselves. They are programmed to look for sexual variety.

Pornography is a way in which a man can fantasize about new experiences. They were created to extend their genes to as many partners as possible to continue with the human species. It is not an excuse, but basic brain chemistry. The reason they want other women is not that they don't love the woman they are with, respect her or even adore her.

Watching porn, for a man, has nothing to do with an emotional connection, or the way he feels about the woman he is with. Of course, having more sex in their lives can reduce their pornographic needs, but even in the most abundant sex, a man will look for pornography when it becomes available.

15 Reasons Why Men Watch Porn

Let's start by reassuring and reminding you that this practice cannot be described as negative (as long as it does not become a true addiction, that affects working or sentimental life) and that although it is a taboo subject, it should not be subject of scandal or guilt.

Now, I am sure we all want to know the true reason why men watch porn, don’t you? Here they are:

1. Facility and immediacy

Most men are very basic and they find in pornography a way to channel their contained desires, in a very elementary way that is always "at hand reach".

Relationships are very complex and require constant attention to details that sometimes men do not even notice. Pornography, on the other hand, offers a bubble where everything goes perfectly (it starts well and ends even better). It’s all basically a perfect fantasy. Who wouldn’t love that?

2. Monotony

The habits of modern life make the days become extremely repetitive and devoid of all emotion, the routines absorb us in such a way that we forget ourselves and focus on what our work or studies demand.

Pornography exists to break that circle of boredom, because although it always deals with the "same argument", its images always achieve their mission, which is to excite those who see it, even knowing that what happens there is not real, there are no pizza dealers who receive another type of credit in exchange for cash or any other weird thing like that, but it is always great for the mind to fantasize with extraordinary situations like that.

3. The feeling of power

This is another addiction that is not exclusive to men, everyone likes to feel powerful, that everyone and everything revolves around them.

This situation does not occur in real life as often as we would like (except birthdays or some particular achievement). On the other hand, in pornography, the protagonists full of hedonism, spend their time satisfying each other, especially men take the best part so that we develop empathy with the protagonist, which makes them feel powerful.

4. They are macho

Pornography is obviously a macho manifestation, where women give in to male innuendoes way too easily.

Many of these productions appeal to fantasies that men have…. uniforms, threesomes, among other secrets not confessed. With porn, they can sort of be spied and somehow they feel they participate in them, even as a third wheel.

5. They are visual

It is believed that men are more visual in their way of building their sexuality, and that is why they enjoy seeing it, without fear that the one who enjoys it will replace their sexuality with their partner.

6. Scientific reasons

The excitement caused by pornography activates certain parts of the brain and men have a permanent disposition to sex (more than women) due to a male instinct to "multiplication of the species."

7. Masturbation

Men love to masturbate as they are very sexual creatures. What better way than to get their sexy on than with some good porn? It is easy, quick, and very effective.

8. Boredom

Why do men masturbate or have sex sometimes? Because of boredom. The same happens with porn. They are bored and a great way to entertain themselves is with this kind of video. Not bad, tbh.

9. To last more

Many men watch porn so they can masturbate and last more in bed with their partners. It is actually a very effective way to achieve this.

10. To learn

Porn can teach you a lot of things about sex, how to do it, and how to please someone. There is no better way to learn something than by watching it happen. Many people remember what they saw in porn and try to imitate it when they are having some action to perform better. Think of it as an educative kind of video, but 18+.

11. To explore

There are so many undercover things about sex that we don’t really know even exists. Sometimes, it is nice to explore this world and learn about the different types, positions, and categories of porn. Who knows what you could find and what new world can you introduce yourself to? The possibilities are endless in this industry.

12. Curiosity

A lot of men watch porn as they are curious about what the fuzz about it is all about. Their pals talk about it, the internet talks about it, even their siblings do, so why not check it out and find out why people seem to love it so much?

13. Fantasize

Men may want to practice BDSM or role-playing, but when they can’t for any reason, they seem to look for it in porn to fulfill their fantasies, even if it is just mentally. We all like to go to alternate imaginary worlds sometimes, don’t we?

14. For ideas

When men feel like their sex life has become monotonous and just plain, they may seek a way to find new ideas that they can practice in bed. Don’t even doubt that you won’t find one in porn, the possibilities are endless.

15. It is nice

Nobody can lie; porn is nice to watch. It is entertaining, it gives us pleasure, and we have a good time when we do it, so why not watch and enjoy it?

Signs To See if There Is Porn Addiction

There a number, a certain amount of porn from which we should worry? Well, no. The world is very big and each person has for himself the concept of normality as far as sexuality is concerned.

This is the same as with the number of sexual encounters a couple has a week: what is normal? For some, it will be 3 or 4 times, for others 1 and for another 7 ... a day. And if both members enjoy it and agree with that amount ... what is the problem?

Where is the limit then? Well, as almost everything related to human behavior, something is considered pathological when it generates significant discomfort in the person or interferes with one of the fundamental spheres of his life (work, family, partner ...).

The discomfort, in this case, occurs when after having consumed pornography there is a feeling of guilt, emptiness, self-reproaches ... We would also be facing a problem when the user only gets the excitement through the use of pornography, or if it presents difficulties to have satisfactory relationships with another person "in real life".

How To Manage Porn in A Marriage

One of the things that concern us is finding porn websites in our husband's devices.

Some couples may even feel betrayed, hurt and deceived because they believe that their love prefers to see others or others. All these cases are very frequent and if you identify yourself with the scenario, read on to know what is the healthiest and the best way to address the situation for your marriage:

1. Reflect on the subject of watching porn

Yes, there are many bad things about how the porn industry works, with the types of pornography that are created and with the way people look at porn. But pornography itself is not intrinsically bad, as we have said several times throughout this article. There is nothing wrong with the simple act of seeing two people having sex in a movie. Porn can be beautiful, exciting, erotic, intimate and can even help you connect with each other.

Some people have strong reactions to discover that a couple is watching porn because they believe that all pornography is done in conditions of exploitation. If part of the problem is that you are concerned about the well-being of the people involved in the movies your boyfriend watches, there is a fairly new, but rapidly expanding, subgenre of porn, which is generally known as "ethical porn." Ethical porn follows guidelines such as emphasizing impartiality, consent, security, and diversity, and ethical porn producers and actors create films that show a more nuanced and realistic representation of sex; sometimes they even film real-life couples.

2. Don't take it personal

Never be worried that he will watch porn because he feels more attracted to actors than you. Remember watching porn says nothing about how a person feels about their marriage. People do not watch porn because they are not attracted to their partners. There is simply no connection between one thing and the other.

3. Everyone has the right and their own limits

You cannot oblige your partner to stop watching pornography, because he has the right to set his own limits. You have to understand what his decision is and that you must respect and accept it.

4. Do not relate your problems to pornography

Your disagreements about pornography and your frustrations about your sex life are unrelated and this should be taken into account. If you are disappointed by the lack of frequency or by erectile and orgasmic difficulties, it is recommended that you address sexual issues separately. It has nothing to do with the fact that he watches porn.

5. Make an agreement

Maybe you can ask your partner to watch porn when you are not in the room or to stop doing it so often, the idea is that they reach an agreement and this should be discussed openly. It is the only healthy way to address this issue.

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Now I guess you understand what porn is so hyped un by men after all. I mean, it had to be because of something, and it certainly is, as we said in today’s article. We wish you understand his desire for porn, and you find some in yourself, too, as it is actually quite entertaining and pleasing for anyone! Dare to try it out and finally see all the fuzz about porn for yourself!



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