How To Leave Sexy Hickeys On Your Partner's Neck Like A Pro

Neck kissing 101: How to give a pleasurable orgasmic hickey

By Kimmy
How To Leave Sexy Hickeys On Your Partner's Neck Like A Pro

What Is A Hickey?

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“Love bites”, commonly known as hickeys, are kiss marks left on the skin after a hard suck on the usually soft spots on the skin. Hickeys are basically broken blood vessels and are usually in the color of brownish-red and dark purple, like bruises. Hickeys are a symbol of passionate love and sex. You leave hickeys on your partner when you’re hot in the actions.

More than that, hickeys are marks of territory. Like how animals pretend to bite their loved ones to leave a mark, hickeys come from the raw desire of dominance. Leaving a hickey tells others this person belongs to you, hence marking your territory.

Leaving a hickey might hurt a bit since it’s like a bruise. Knowing how to do it right and sexy will make the experience so enjoyable that your partner will want more! Follow these tips to do a sexy and tasteful hickey on your partner!

Tips on giving hickeys like a pro

1. Ask for permission

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The new rule, permission is sexy. Always ask for permission. It’d be awkward if you go straight for a hickey and your partner pulls away and even get upset, and your night ends right there and then. There goes your Fifty Shades of Grey fantasy. Some people have to go to work the next day and do not necessarily find hickeys sexy. Ask to see if your partner is on the same page as you. If not, um...try to convince with your reasons then.

2. Put on bright lipsticks

The color of your lipsticks doesn’t affect how big the hickey is, but it will enhance your sensation. Put on a bright color, like flaming red, to make you look like a vampire thirst for blood. Suck hard and leave a bright lipstick mark and a hickey. The whole experience is lifted up by this raw, sexual sensation. Seeing the shape of your lips on the hickey you left your partner is a major turn on. You’ve marked your territory, like an animal. That’s kind of hot.

3. Suck hard for at least 10 seconds

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There isn’t a rule on how long you have to suck to make a hickey. If you suck as hard as your vacuum cleaner, one second will probably do the job, but that’s just violent and not fun, and quite a turn-off. Start off with a gentle kiss, and then increase the force until you feel like you’re sucking like a moth to flames. A gradual transition from soft gentle kisses to hardcore sucking boosts the experience a lot, especially for newbies that are nervous about it. It eases off the feeling of instant pain from a hard-on sucking and let your partner feel how that passionate kiss turns into a hickey.

Like sex, the longer doesn’t equate to better enjoyment. Usually, you shouldn’t suck on for more than 30 seconds. It’s more pleasurable if you suck on more other areas instead. Give your girl/man a good sucking for 10-20 seconds and move on to the next part.

4. Try different positions

Are you going straight down, face to face? Or are you holding your partner from behind? There is no right or wrong when comes to hickey positioning. Just whatever feels good to you. Try out more different positions to find out the one that turns you on the most. Usually, people favor gently grabbing your partner’s neck from behind and suck hard. It gives a powerful, dominating vampire vibe that turns a lot of girls on.

5. Try out different areas

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People often restrain their imagination when it comes to hickeys and believes that you can only give hickeys on the neck. Nah, you can leave hickeys wherever you want, as long as you can. The neck is perceived as the sexiest body zone and that’s why most enjoy giving hickeys on the neck. If you’re daring and adventurous, you can surely give hickeys on the thighs, arms, and stomach. Leave your love bites all over your lover’s body to mark your territory. Let the world knows who does your partner belongs to.

6. Set the mood right

Most people would agree that the best hickeys are made when you can’t see them. You would want to see the love bites the next day, not right after it’s made. You should focus more on the mood when it happens. Dim the lights and light up some candles for the best results. A semi-dim environment is easier for your partner to get into the mood. Your partner doesn’t have to see how many hickeys are made on spot, they only have to feel the lust and desire.

7. Know when to stop

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Scarcity is what makes things precious. Sucking on your partner’s skin for 30 minutes isn’t sexy, nor it’s a pretty scene. Take breaks in between, focus on something else, then come back to it. Taking breaks to let your partner rejoice in the pleasure you just gave and the wait for the next one makes him/her want it even more. Take a break sometimes. All good things come to an end because you don’t know when to pause it. Giving hickeys is like listening to your favorite song. Putting it in the loop will kill the song in no time. Taking pauses will make it last.

Tips On Giving Or Receiving Hickeys

8. Are you sure you can go wild tonight?

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Check your schedule. You don’t want to show up to your clients with hickeys on the neck if your work uniform doesn’t come with a scarf to cover it up. Be considerate to your partner as well. As much fun as it might be, don’t force a hickey onto your partner secretly thinking it’d be fun. It won’t be fun for your partner if it jeopardizes their work profession.

If you are spending the night at your partner’s and you want to try receiving hickeys, bring a scarf or anything that can cover up your love bite marks so you feel exposed going to work the next day.

9. Try to fantasize something that turns you on

It can be tough to enjoy receiving hickeys if it’s your first time. It might feel weird or even a bit painful if you’re not used to this feeling. Try to picture an image that will turn you on, rather than focusing on your partner sucking the life out of your neck. Seriously, whatever image works. Either you’re a cave girl and your caveman husband is sucking the venom out of you or you’re giving blood to let your vampire boyfriend stay alive. Anything that works. Try not to think about how much your partner is sucking on your skin and picture a sex scenario that you’d want to be in.

10. Try to go from behind if you’re too nervous

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As we’ve mentioned, what position you choose depends on your personal preference. But a lot of people find it more enjoyable if they receive/give hickey from behind, probably because it’s a more raw, dominance position than face to face and it enhances the experience. Going face to face can be awkward if both of you don’t know how to do it. Another advantage of going from behind is that you can trial and error giving hickeys. Your partner probably won’t notice even if you made a mistake. You can just pretend to kiss it off.

At the end of the day you will have to find out what works for you, but do try to go from behind if it’s your first time doing it.

11. Assign roles

Will you be the one giving hickeys or receiving only? Some people like giving while some like taking, and some enjoy both. Assign your roles clearly so your expectations match reality. If you would like to receive only and so does your partner, you better sit and make compromises so you both get to enjoy the experience!

Setting reasonable expectations is an essential part of any good sex. Simply saying let's make hickeys don't clearly define your roles. Of course, it may not be a problem but in the end, you don't want to risk ruining your experience. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

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I bet you didn’t know there’s so much knowledge into giving and receiving hickeys. Just when you thought you knew everything about sex. There’s always something new to learn. Hickeys are a fun and sexy way to bond with your partner. The raw desire lurking inside makes you want to claim your prize and mark that person as yours. It’s a primal thing. Sexy and raw. Don’t be ashamed of having such desires. Gently ask your partner if they want to be adventurous and have hickeys all over their bodies. Then follow our guide to get a hickey orgasm