15 Undeniable Facts About Men: Do Guys Like Short Girls And Why

Most guys around us like shorter girls over the tall ones - the reasons behind this inclination

By Vasudha
15 Undeniable Facts About Men: Do Guys Like Short Girls And Why

1. Guys Like Feeling Empowered

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There is no denying that guys get a kick out of the chance to feel powerful in a relationship. If facts are to be believed, tall girls exude a personality of enhanced confidence and dominance, which can prove to be intimidating to guys. Being in a relationship with a short girl helps feed the male ego, leaving him to feel superior. Guys would like to think of themselves as knights in shining armors who comes to the rescue of their partners. Guys immensely enjoy the dependence that girls have on them, further making them feel masculine and validating their feelings of supremacy. Tall girls are however perceived by guys as ones with strong personalities, that might overshadow their identity as the alpha male in the relationship. This constant psychological need to feel needed and the battle to power and dominion might justify why they like short girls more.

2. Guys Like Cuddling Short Girls

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A lot of guys like hugging short girls over tall ones. Guys admit that there is something considerably satisfying in wrapping up short girls in their arms as compared to a tall girl. They just love how the girl’s head rests on their chest and like to place their chin on their heads during the hug. Moreover, sometimes one arm is enough to wrap around their petite partners and even pick them up during the hug. Lightweight and smaller built can actually encourage the guy to try and attempt picking his partner up and leaves him feeling like he won a trophy. It’s even easier to give a piggyback ride to short girls who just fit perfectly on their backs. Even in bed, while cuddling, guys like to lock their short partners in between their arms and legs.

3. Short Girls Make Sex More Enjoyable

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Some guys swear that sex with a short girl is massively pleasurable in contrast to having sexual relations with a tall girl. Guys feel it easier to experiment positions with short girls owing to their light weight and flexibility. Going by facts, the cervical width of short girls is less wide than a tall girl, and this makes guys believe that they can enjoy without much of a stretch, hit the G-spot. It is essential for a man to believe that they possess a sexual prowess and can dominate in the relationship, especially in the bed. Men like to experiment, and being able to easily pick her up means they can enjoy intercourse as per their whims and fancies.

4. Short Girls Look More Feminine To Guys

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It’s true that short girls come across as more feminine and lady like than tall girls. The reason behind this fact might have to do with the higher concentration of estrogen content in short girls’ bodies. It is believed that tall girls have elevated levels of testosterone making them slightly lesser appealing, scientifically. We do not out rightly claim that tall girls are less attractive than short girls, but chemical and hormonal balances in the body do contribute a lot in attracting a mate. Tall girls with longer torsos and legs are undeniably the symbol of beauty in the commercial world. Everybody likes their gazelle like tall legs. But if facts are to be reckoned, guys prefer to be the taller one in the relationship. Moreover, short girls are blessed with more fragile and delicate features which successfully mark the perception of feminine qualities among females.

5. Guys Go For Short Girls Due To Societal Norms

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Almost all the couples in our society see a tall-short combination when it comes to relationships. Once in a while, we do see a couple in which the girl is tall and the guy is short. This might be a contributing factor for guys in picking a short girl over a tall one. Seldom do we come across pairs breaking the height rule in a relationship. Also, there is something about a women’s short stature that makes the guy feel secure in social gatherings. Everybody wants to conform to the social standards and fit into the society. This implicit rule is followed almost by all guys, who blend well into the society standards.

6. Guys Like Short Girls In Oversized Shirts

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There is something about a girl dressed in her man’s clothes. Guys just love when short and cute girls wear their shirts as a dress. Many guys have agreed that they find something sexy in seeing their partners wearing nothing but their oversized tees and shirts at home. Guys can’t help but stare at their rugged sexiness in the backdrop of their adorable and tiny figures. The larger than average shirt brings out their sexuality which was otherwise hidden under layers of their cuteness.

7. The Feeling Of Security

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The height of a person is often linked to their underlying strength and power. Guys are usually highly viewed to having such muscular traits as compared to girls. A tall girl would, therefore, leave a man feeling belittled. A tall girl is perceived by men to be independent and tougher, leaving them feeling not required around by them. This can crop up feelings of insecurity in them. Being the powerful one in the relationship provides the guys with a sense of security. They feel that with their physical superiority, they can rescue their damsel in distress whenever required.

8. The Need For Protection In Short Girls

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Short women appear daintier and more in need of protection as perceived by most men. There is no denying that short women can be intense and gutsy as well, however, their size contradicts them. Taller women are thought to be capable enough to protect themselves in the event of any danger. Also, it doesn’t imply that tall girls do not need to be protected by men at all. It’s just all about ingrained mental perceptions and typecasts. Guys just love showering their protective love over their partners and keep them safe from harm.

9. It’s All About Proportions

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Guys are scientifically predisposed towards selecting a partner with symmetrical features. Men favor shorter girls because they are more likely to have a proportionate body, or at least seem like having one. This does not mean that tall women are disproportionate. Actually, it becomes more evident on a tall girl if she has a smaller bust or a bigger butt in proportion to her height and figure. Shorter girls tend to conform more to the popular hourglass figure and even if they have a slightly inconsistent boob to body ratio, it does not become that obvious.

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10. Guys Like To Get Playful With Short Girls

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Guys like to be playful every now and then and having a tiny partner helps with that. They can easily hold her up with their feet on her waist and raise them playfully. Guys just like to often display affection by grabbing their lovers by the waist and picking them up for a kiss. While this doesn’t mean that tall girls are all work and no play, there is something about short girls which makes them look more fun to love.

11. Kissing Short Girls Are Easier

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A guy might get nervous when it comes to kissing a girl taller than him, as they worry about faltering when trying to reach out for her lips. It can be a really awkward moment for a guy and can really affect his self-esteem. However, kissing a short girl is way less demanding and fun. They can easily bend down and kiss her. Guys like to make her ascend on her tiptoes while reaching out to kiss them. They like it when they see her gazing up to his eyes, requesting for a kiss. Also, guys like to pick her up and kiss her in their arms.

12. Short Girls Are Perceived To Be Friendlier

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Taller girls are seen as beings possessing a sense of arrogance and pride in them. Short girls are seen as more approachable and friendlier in comparison. While tall women may not necessarily be controlled hungry, guys are prone to be drawn towards shorter girls. It makes it difficult for guys to imagine a relationship with a strongly headed counterpart in which they do not lead the way. However, short women paint an image of great companions for life and are often viewed as followers in a relationship.

13. Short Girls Are Easier To Move Around

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Another reason guys like to jump at the chance to be in a relationship with a short girl is that they are easy to pick up. They can be easily carried around from the couch to the bedroom by him in his arms. Guys like to be playful with their partners and just love embracing them in their arms. Tall girls can be challenging to be picked up and moved around. However short girls just fit in a snug manner in the guy’s arms and can be effortlessly carried all around the house.

14. Short Girls Can Wear Heels

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All girls like to wear heels and dress up like the diva they are. In fact, wearing heels really enhance their posture making them look even more attractive. They go lengths and bounds to ensure they look taller and sexier, even if it means bearing pain in the feet all night long. While short girls in heels look more adorable than they already are, a tall girl wearing heels can overshadow a guy. We all know how much guys like looking taller than their partners all the time.

15. Short Girls Look Adorable

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Shorter girls look a lot like adorable teddy bears, made for cuddling and snuggling. Watching them burst into laughter like innocent kids or looking at them getting angry in the cutest way possible is something guys just can’t resist. It is really hard for guys to put off their hands away from so much cuteness overload and they can’t control their urge to hug and kiss them.

While we can only speculate the possible reasons why men like short girls more than tall ones, the fact is that guys themselves are most of the time oblivious to these things. In general, men don’t really think much about stuff like this. They just like to go after someone they find attractive without giving much consideration to size (well, vertically at least). But we have to agree, short girls have something about them that makes everyone go gaga over them.

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