How To Tell If Your Friend Is Your Potential Soulmate

We all have that one friend that we can't get rid of no matter how hard we try. This friendship might just suggest that he/she is your soulmate.

By Auntrone89
How To Tell If Your Friend Is Your Potential Soulmate

How to detect a soulmate friendship

We are all very social creatures and that explains why we all yearn to have a companion, whether a lover or are in a friendship, from time to time. While there are some people who will always come and go, there are those who will never leave no matter how hard you try to make them. An example is a person we often refer to as a best friend, and to some extent, a soulmate. It isn’t that difficult to detect your soulmate from a mile away and that is definitely the kind of friendship that you need to keep. There are a lot of benefits that stem from having this kind of friendship. Including loyalty, genuine love, and a support system that will get you through incredibly difficult times in your life. It is important for you to learn how to tell the real friendships from the fake ones. It might be a daunting task since nowadays people pretend so well. But thankfully, if you wait long enough, people will more often than not show their true colors and from there, you can get to know who is really down and who really isn’t. And that said, you can then proceed to pick your tribe carefully. Friendship with a soulmate is quite easy to distinguish because there are certain signs that you can never miss out on.

1. Soulmate friendship 101: you talk to him/her like a girlfriend

When you are in a friendship with your soulmate, it's easier for you two to talk about the deepest stuff that you would otherwise be uncomfortable sharing with other friends. The latter is so because you know that you are having the kind of friendship that has got no judgment. This is very difficult to come by, especially in the judgmental, contemporary society we live in. Even after you have shared with your soulmate the darkest secrets, he or she will go with it to the grave. Your soulmate companion will also carry on with your friendship as though you never told him or her the weird secrets that you just did, and that explains why you chose him or her as your best friend. The good thing about opening up is that it goes both ways. You can tell your best friend personal things and they can also do the same for you. It is this kind of opening up that will make your friendship special at the end of the day. Opening up is a very strong indication that you are in a friendship with your soulmate. If so, you need to stick with them because such friendships always go a long way in making you a much better person. In this dog eat dog world we call home, even the strongest of us need a friendship that provides a shoulder to lean on. Even if it’s just once in a blue moon.

2. A soulmate friendship is all about sharing good news

You’ve got your driving license, or maybe you've gotten the highest score on your math test, it could be that your hamster just delivered bouncing baby hamsters. Your soulmate friend will always have the urge to fill you in on the good news first before anyone else. This kind of friendship is special because it shows that your companion/friend always wants you to feel good when they feel good. This shows that they do care about you very much, which is always a good thing. The same thing will happen when it comes to sharing funny news, memes, and jokes on social media since this makes the friendship more interesting. You will almost always find your soulmate tagging you on some funny memes, or even better, screenshotting them and sending them directly to you so that you can have a much more personalized laugh together. You will also find yourself having the urge to share the good news with them so that you can get to feel good together. That is what makes your friendship pop in a good way. Also, the person you are in a soulmate friendship with will always strive to share the good pieces of information with you on a personal level. Why? Because seeing your reaction is something that makes them hella happy and so they will always keep your friendship. If not, then they will call you so that they can get to hear your voice and that is what makes this kind of friendship amazing and one to look forward to at all times.

3. Your friendship allows for crying in each other’s presence

We all know the need for being strong or pretending to be strong when we are in the general public. For ages, crying has always been perceived as something weak people do. But when you have been hurt significantly, you won’t be afraid to express yourself with your soulmate. If there is something that you are grieving over, you wouldn’t mind dampening the should that they offer for you to cry on. Needless to say, they will provide that shoulder without a shred of judgment, which makes everything incredibly amazing. And just like it is with the good times, you will always be ready to share the bad news with them first so that they can console you. You will do this because you already know that they are genuine and that they are the only people who can make you feel a hell lot better. If you have this kind of friendship, then it goes much deeper than being just a best friend. You might be in a friendship with your soulmate and you have no idea about it. Therefore, always pay attention to that best friend you always single out from all your other friendships when in a time of need. That might not just be a friendship but you might be having a soulmate just lingering, waiting for you to take things to the next level.

4. Comfortable being ugly around your soulmate friendship

You might be having issues with your friends seeing you looking unkempt and what not, but not while in the companionship of that one best friend. You won’t mind being around them when applying your makeup or with your ungroomed beard because, well, you know that they will never judge you. That is part of what makes them hella special. That is one kind of friendship that you need to examine as closely as possible because that might be your soulmate and you have no idea about it. Truth be told, such friendships are very rare, which is why you need to keep them. And if you find out that your best friend is your soulmate, the better. The latter is because you will end up being uncomfortable with not being at your level best with other people, just because of that one thing that people do best – judge and gossip. But with your friendship with this particular person, you will have no problem with just being yourself at all times. That being said you should, therefore, take your time and examine all those people who are you spending much time with. If he or she is truly your friend, then they will most certainly be your soulmate. The good thing about the latter task is that you can’t ever go wrong because you already know the friends you can rely on and those you can’t.

5. Soulmate friendship involves texting on time

Whether your soulmate friend has got good news or bad news, he or she will see to it that the text is reaching you at record speed. And it isn’t something that they take time to get to because, well, it just happens naturally. The same also occurs during your birthday or your soulmate's birthday. He or she will text you at midnight just to be the first one to wish you a happy birthday. It is such an amazing feeling altogether, one that will make you feel good just like they had intended. That kind of friendship or companion will also call or text consistently even on matters that are irrelevant. When your best friend, or the most important person in your friendship, texts you and says that they are bored, then it most certainly means that they are in a position to think about you all the time. It also shows that they think you can make them happy or enchanted and that is why they texted you. Thankfully, that is the same way that you think of them. Which makes your friendship incredibly superior. If this happens to you, then he or she is definitely a friend you would love to keep for a very long time. He or she is more than just a companion or a best friend – he or she might just be the soulmate you have been looking for.

6. Friendship with a soulmate means they are there for you.

You can know that he or she is your soulmate when they always have time for you. You might not even understand how fast they show up when you need them and that is why your friendship always feels right and is, needless to say, very incredibly exciting. You might not know what he or she has had to go through or sacrificed just to spend some more time with you, and you probably won’t get to know. At the end of the day, you will also get to make a couple of sacrifices just to be there for your soulmate or best friend. And just like that, your friendship will become much more special than you would have ever anticipated. Which is why you might want to take things to the very next step. Your soulmate/best friend will always want to be part of your life at all times. That includes both the good times as well as the bad times, which is a good thing altogether as it shows nothing but true friendship. The fact is that having a companion you can count on will always brighten your days. Whenever you get bored, you will be the first person that comes to their mind because you are their rock and vice versa.

7. He or she will always defend your honor and friendship

When you have that one best friend who doubles up as your soulmate, then you will never have to worry about anyone bad mouthing you at any given moment. He or she will always stand up for you even when you aren’t around because they believe in your friendship. That kind of friendship also goes both ways. You will not just sit there and allow someone to disrespect them because it feels as though they are spitting on your friendship – something that you cannot stand at any given point. Your friendship will always be very special, meaning that if anyone threatens your friendship in whichever way, whether through gossip or just bad mouthing, you will always stand up for your best friend. Just like he or she would do for you. While defending your friend’s honor, you will not even care about the consequences and the same will also go for them. Needless to say, that is the kind of friendship that you need to closely evaluate because chances are that you might be soulmates and you don’t even know it. Again, if you ever find yourself in that kind of a situation, it will be a good idea for you to kick back and do some in-depth evaluation. The latter is because you might end up being surprised that the special bond of friendship is with a soulmate. Something that would seem too good to be true.

8. You look cute together despite being 'Just Friends'

If you and that best friend are always being mistaken for being together, that would be a very obvious indicator that what you are having is much more than just a mere friendship. The latter usually happens because people always have a much better view of things since they aren’t blinded by the feelings of friendship that you and your soulmate have. Strangers can tell a lot just by watching how you are talking, laughing, and bonding. Your body language is going to give people the impression that you two are in a relationship – you two look like an item or as if you have much more than a friendship. So, if he or she is your best friend and people keep telling you that you are a pair, despite being in a friendship, then chances might be that you have a soulmate on your hands. If so, you need to think of taking things to the next level or something close to that. Just remember, you better make up your mind before someone else comes and snatches him or her away from you. Why? Because it sucks having such a friendship and losing it because you weren’t up to the task. So, the moment you detect such signs in your friendship, you should make up your mind to either take things to the next level or just chill and keep the friendship.

9. Their opinion matters

For some reason, you will always take his or her opinion to heart. Moreover, you will almost always seek their advice on just about everything that goes down. This is more or less an amazing thing, because he or she will always be honest while having your best interests at heart. If you ever find yourself in this kind of friendship, then you will most definitely be in the best position to have a suitable companion. And it will also seem as though your companion harbors the same feelings. They will always ask for your opinion and advice. When that kind of friendship starts to feel like more than just a normal friendship, then he or she might be a tad more than just a normal best friend. Again, it would be a good idea for you to drop everything that you are doing or prospecting and reevaluate your friendship once and for all. It would suck big time if you took this relationship for granted, only to end up losing someone who could have been a very special addition to your life.


As long as you are following the above tips, then you'll have an easy time detecting a soulmate in your amazing friendship. Once you have done so, the next thing for you to do would be to make a decision. If you like to have your soulmate as your friend or companion then, by all means, keep the friendship. If you want to take it to the next level, do that also. But the most important thing is to make sure that you are talking to him or her about it. Good Luck!