10 Adorable Nicknames or Pet Names to Call Your Boyfriend

A list of cute and adorable names to call your boyfriend!

By Fred S.
10 Adorable Nicknames or Pet Names to Call Your Boyfriend

What To Call My Boyfriend

When you truly love someone, you could do anything to make your special someone feels just a little bit happier. That sparkle of joy in their eyes becomes your fuel to live, and it’s worth dying for. Well, when there’s genuine love between two people, you could achieve this even by calling him by an adorable nickname!

It can be hard to figure out which one to use though, but once again, the internet’s got you covered. In this article, we’ll bring you a mix of nicknames for your boyfriend that have some for everyone, from super cheesy to super subtle. Pick the ones you like, and see that charming smile on his face when you call him the next time!

What Names Do Guys Prefer To Be Called?

Guys may act and tough, but they’re just as soft on the inside. They crave love and affection from their girl. Anything that reassures them that they’re her hero, makes their day! Any compliments about his looks, personality, or style can be enough to raise him to cloud nine. Hence, nicknames that imply such positive and affectionate feelings are great for your man! Call him a cutie, or hit him with a ‘hey handsome’ out of nowhere, and just wait for his adorable reaction!

Other names that reinforce his manly attributes can also work to make him feel special. A ‘hey big guy!’ (on the subtle side) or ‘my superman’ (on the cheesy side) can accomplish this easily.

Other Alternative To The Word 'Boyfriend'

The most commonly used word to refer to a male romantic partner is ‘boyfriend’ – but sticking to just that all the time can get boring. There are many other alternatives to this word that depict the same meaning, but have a more special and warmer feel to them. Here’s a list you could pick from;

  • Love
  • Lover
  • Babe
  • Darling
  • Numero uno (number one)
  • Honey
  • Love of my life (loml)

This mix of has one for all types of people, whether you’re the lovey-dovey type or just a toned down lover. So pick your fave!

Lover Synonyms

We refer to our one-and-only with terms of endearment, which express how much they mean to us. There are many other creative and adorable ways to describe your lover, and here are some examples;

  • Significant other
  • Honey
  • Bae
  • Sugar
  • Baby
  • Boo

List of Romantic Names to Call Your Partner

1. Big Guy

 If you’ve got a tall guy as your partner, then this is the one for you! If he loves to train a lot and is obsessed with the gym ‘gains’, calling him a big guy is gonna boost his self-confidence!

2. Love Muffin

This is just one of those cute nicknames to throw into the mix in a warm moment with your boyfriend. Call him this when he’s being extra sweet!

3. Iron Man

Source: https://tenor.com

Guys love toughening up for their girl, and the next time he does that, call him Mr. Iron Man to show him that you’ve acknowledged it!

4. Eye Candy

Guys don’t get complimented enough on their looks, but you can change that with your partner! Call him eye candy to show that he’s absolutely stunning to you, and it’s a treat for you to look at him.

5. Hot Stuff

Calling your man good-looking is one thing, but calling him ‘hot’ is another. It instantly boosts a man’s confidence in the sky each time they hear that they seem hot to their girl. It’s obvious that he’ll attract you as he’s your boyfriend, but hearing it again and again just never gets old!  

6. Prince Charming

Source: https://tenor.com

Here’s one for the cheesy types among y’all! Every girl dreams of finding a Prince Charming, but is he the one? Well, if you start calling your boyfriend by this nick, he’ll know that you see him as your one-and-only!

7. Sweetie Pie

This one’s a generic lovey-dovey nickname that just works in all casual situations with your significant other. It tells him that he means a lot to you, and inspires him to be even sweeter and caring.

8. Other half

When you call your man your other half, it instantly tells him that you want him for life. It reinforces the belief that you two are each other’s soulmates, who also happen to be best friends for life!

9. Pumpkin

Is your boyfriend a bit on the chubby side? If that’s the case, then calling him by this cute nickname suits well! It’ll make him more comfortable with himself, as it tells him that you see his body type as cute!

10. Champ

Every guy wants to be their girl’s hero and to be seen as a winner by her. If you call her ‘champ’ occasionally, it’ll let him know that he has your respect and that you see him as a great guy! Stuff like this opens doors for subtle appreciation between two partners, which goes a long way in bringing positivity into your lives through the relationship.

11. Hottie

Calling your man ‘hottie’ means business straight away. It means you’re not afraid to express how attractive you find him, and who wouldn’t appreciate that? He’ll love it, and you get to experience the joy of bringing a smile to his face free of cost. It’s a win-win!  

12. My Love

Here’s another generic nickname that never fails to reignite the affection in the air between you two. Casually calling him ‘my love’ will just fill his heart with gratitude, reminding him how lucky he is to have a caring girlfriend like you. If you call him by this nickname while asking if he wants anything, it’ll have an even stronger effect, as it communicates emotions of caring and nurturing.

13. Hunk

Calling your man a ‘hunk’ has a similar effect to calling him a big guy, or a tough guy. Guys naturally feel more desirable when they’re seen as strong and well-built. They love it when their partners acknowledge and appreciate how strong they are, and he’ll be glad to be called a hunk by you!

14. My Soulmate

Source: https://media.giphy.com

This is possibly the deepest and most romantic nicknames on this list. If you call him by this nickname, he’ll immediately understand how serious you are about the relationship between the two of you. Soulmates aren’t temporary, they’re meant to live together in this life and the next. If you’re in a long-term relationship with your man, possibly leading up to marriage, feel free to call him your soulmate – he’ll love it!

Cute Names With Meanings

1. Bae

Source: https://media.giphy.com

You’ve probably read this nickname a million times on the internet already. It got popular only a few years ago, and it is super common for partners to refer to each other with this cute little nickname. It apparently means ‘Before Anyone Else (bae)’, which is possibly the cutest thing you could say to your lover.

It’s an easy way to show that you belong to him and he belongs to you, and you enjoy every second of the bond you share with each other. Your priority list is topped by his name, and if all of this can be conveyed by a simple three-letter nick, then why not use it?

2. Pookie

This is a nickname that just oozes cuteness, just through the way that it sounds. It can make anyone feel cute, and calling your boyfriend Pookie will show how adorable he is to you. He’ll know he brings tons of happiness to you just by being called by that nickname, and that’s priceless!

3. Amore

Source: https://media.giphy.com

You might have seen couples use this nickname in a super lovey-dovey way, but never knew what it means, right? It’s a foreign word, Italian to be precise, meaning ‘love’.

Calling your man ‘Amore’ means you’ve totally fallen for him, and you’re very serious about the two of you. It symbolizes that you truly value him, as he makes you happy, and you feel the need to make him happy too!  

4. Papi

Here’s another nickname suggestion for the ladies with a superhot boyfriend! Well, let’s be honest, all boyfriends are hot to their particular partners. The next time you’re having a blast with him, just casually call him ‘mi Papi!’ to make the moment even more special!

5. Better Half

Being called someone’s other half is heartwarming enough, let alone ‘better half’!

This little nickname has a lot of deep messages that it conveys at a time. Firstly, it tells him that you see the two of you as one. Secondly, it tells him that you’ve already become sure of the fact that you both complete each other! Thirdly, he’ll be filled with love knowing that you see him as the ‘better half’ among the two of you.

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Source: https://media.giphy.com

When there’s genuine love shared between two people, even the simplest of things can bring this mutual joy. Even if it’s just a sweet name to call your boyfriend by, if it’s coming from you, it can make him feel like he’s the king of the world! If you can make your man feel loved and appreciated effortlessly, just by calling him by a different nickname, isn’t that magical? Go try it!