40 Good Morning Texts Suitable For All Types Of Men

Make your man happy with a sweet or sultry good morning text

By Diana Nadim
40 Good Morning Texts Suitable For All Types Of Men

Why Your Man Will Love A Good Morning Text

Do you like your morning being enlightened by a good morning text? If yes, then as a woman, you should always ensure that you send that good morning text to your man. No matter how pointless good morning texts may seem to be, we all know their impacts throughout the day.

As ordinary, as this may seem to be, they mean so much and may result in the recipient smiling all the way. The good morning texts may look like small gestures, but it is the little things that add up to significant results. Here are some of the reasons why your man will love a good morning text from you.

It’s a way of showing your thoughts about him

We all love it when affection is shown to us. Don’t we? In the same way, your man will feel that you are concerned and thinking about them when they receive that good morning text. Waking up to a cute text will make your man have a very fabulous day.

Imagine when your man, after 8 hours of sleep, wakes up to your morning text. There could be nothing as romantic as that, that he would ask for.

Sign of appreciation

A good morning text will act as a sign of appreciation to your man. It shows that you are happy to have him by your side, and you want nothing better for his day but goodness.

Makes a great day

Men feel good when they receive these texts. This is because it makes then realize that their partners think about them right from the morning. Additionally, it makes them feel secure, which results in a confident and great day ahead. That text has the power to turn a dull day into a great one.

40 Good Morning Text Suitable For All Types Of Men

It doesn’t mean that a man has to be your spouse for him to receive a good morning text. You can wish a great morning to your friends, family, or just a random person that you just met. The following includes 40 texts that are suitable for all types of men.

The Positive And Motivating Morning Text

Sometimes you may feel unmotivated probably because your day's plans didn’t go as per your desire. Have you ever gone to sleep upset and then wake up to a positive morning text that completely changed your mood? That is exactly what happens when you send a positive morning message.

Motivating morning texts are very important. This is because the morning dictates how well your day unfolds. Below are some perfect examples of positive and motivating morning texts.

1. Start your day with a great attitude, and you will be surprised how it unfolds

2. Make sure you have a goal that makes you jump off the bed everyday

3. Some days require you to create your sunshine

4. There is always something good for each day

5. Leave your past behind, and you will be surprised how your journey becomes easier

6. Ensure that you start your day with a smile

7. Winning over your snooze button is where your success lies.

8. Arise and make sure that you see positive things and great opportunities

9. When you have inner peace and stability, the world becomes beautiful on the outside

10. Wake up thinking about what you will achieve today and not with yesterdays regrets

The Sweet Morning Text

The ability to pass certain information using words is timeless. Everyday serves as an opportunity to impress your partner, friend, relative, and this can only be through a sweet morning text.

This being the first message that you get in the morning; it brightens the rest of your day. A sweet text shows that you care about that particular person. This may entail what you feel towards that person. It further lets them realize how sweet and special they are to you.

Here are some sweet morning texts.

11. I hope you had the sweetest dreams

12. Sending you some love all the way this morning

13. Good morning handsome

14. I hope you are having a good morning thinking about me

15. I am proud of the man you have become and the hard work you put in for us. Good morning

16. I can’t wait to smooch those lips later in the evening. Have a good day

17. The morning is very beautiful, and I hope your day unfolds beautifully

18. May you get everything you cherish today

19. I wish you wake up feeling exceptional and potentially empowered

20. Good morning. I love you

The Sultry Morning Text

These are texts that are meant to trigger your partner's sexual desires. It is one way to keep the love burning and to spice up the relationship. These texts aim at dropping suggestions to your partner about your desires.

This morning texts will turn on your partner, making them go wild for each time that you send them. However, this must be planned from the beginning since starting something new can lead to disappointments. You have to first share a text that is seductive and naughty in a cute way to see how your partner reacts to it. Thereafter you can go deep and send the sultry texts.

Below are some excellent sultry morning texts.

21. I cleaned my kitchen last night so we could have room for morning glory

22. Why can’t you lay beside me instead of preparing to go to work?

23. What would you if you woke up to my tongue between your legs?

24. I brought you breakfast in bed so you can eat it as I eat you.

25. I hate waking up with you in my mind and not my bed

26. I wouldn’t be satisfied until I feel you on my body

27. I hope your morning workout doesn’t make you as sweaty as last night

28. I just got dressed, but I can't wait for you to undress all these clothes tonight. Goodmorning

29. I wish you were here to help me get dressed for the day

30. With the steamy night, I had I can hardly wait to see you

The NSFW Morning Texts

The initials NSFW means Not Suitable for Work Texts. These texts are insanely dirty and may result in you showering twice. They may include heavy profanity and other things that you can link to pornography.

The words in these texts often have an impact, especially to the libido due to the fantasies caused. The examples include:

31. Morning love, I love the feeling when I thrust deep inside, and my thighs pressed up against the back of yours.

32. Arise and shine, I know you liked the eye contact as I was sucking you off. 

33. I want to slowly spread your legs wide and kiss you down your inner thighs.

34. Thinking about your kisses all over my body is what keeps me going throughout the day.

35. I can’t wait for you to come over after work, I love how you taste

36. I wish you were here pressing your lips against mine

37. Trying to concentrate at work but all I do is fantasize about you bending over my desk with your jeans around the ankles

38. I want your hands all over my body trying to trace my curves  and going down between my legs to feel how wet I possibly have become

39. I want you to dominate over me, fill me up until I let out pleasure screams

40. Been having dirty thoughts about you since I left the house for work this morning. I can't wait to come home this evening.

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Mornings can bevery tough, especially because most people live their best life at night sleeping. Getting a text in the morning can lighten up your day, making it less dreadful. It is clear that you don't have to complicate the text, but as simple as it can be, it means a lot. 

Texting your partner good morning will keep them smiling until they see you again in the evening. The whole article has identified various types of good morning texts. Some of which are general, simple, and straight to the point. 

In addition to this, some texts are meant for intimate partners who want to express their feelings and desires for each other. It is also worth noting the importance of the good morning texts to your man. In conclusion, you must know where and on what occasions you should send a certain type of text.