15 Tips to Master the Art of Flirting by Text

Learn the art of flirting by text with these useful 15 tips

By Adina Mazilu
15 Tips to Master the Art of Flirting by Text

When it comes to the modern art of text flirting, things might seem easy enough. In fact, the harsh truth is that texting someone in a manner that won’t make you seem desperate or annoying is really hard. Even if you truly like them and may want something more, sending the right flirty texts is key to your success. Nothing works if you don’t put a little bit of imagination and effort into it.

So, because young people today are undoubtedly familiar with the struggle of text flirting but are not quite sure how to go about it, we have prepared a comprehensive list of tips and tricks thanks to which you can learn to master this technological art. Muster your courage, choose the right words, touch “send” and wait. If you did everything right, the answer might even be the one that you’re waiting for. Good luck!

Tips on how to manage flirting by text with a guy

1. Call him by his name

This might sound like a self-explanatory thing, but you will be surprised to know that most people do not apply this technique. Texting is a rather cold means of communication. So, in order to give it a personal flavor and make the conversation more intimate, you need to write the receiver’s name in the body of your text. This works brilliantly when you’re trying to flirt with a guy because he will instantly realize that you are interested in him.

2. Emojis are key

Everyone is obsessed with those cute smiley faces because they also express feelings, are funny, and make us feel closer to the person we’re talking to. This is also why you should be using them in flirty texts. However, be careful to not exaggerate. Nobody likes a plethora of emojis because they are not meant to replace words. 

3. Trigger dirty thoughts without being dirty

As a girl, you don’t want to start talking dirty to a guy via text messages. Still, this doesn’t mean that you don’t wish him to think about you in that way. So, start with some cute and flirty texts and tell him what you’re doing at that moment. Talk about your clothes, how you’ve just taken a shower or anything else that might arouse him. You will trigger certain thoughts in his mind.

4. Don’t be too obvious or desperate

Nobody likes a girl who texts 24/7 and who doesn’t have anything interesting to say. Use cute ways of talking to him without sounding like you’re flirting and don’t do it too often either. He will quickly get annoyed at you and ignore you. Never come across as desperate or like you don’t do anything else but text him day and night.

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5. If the conversation is pointless, end it

There will be times when your texts will seem pointless and the conversation will be dragging. When something like this happens, the best idea would be to simply end the conversation nicely and start talking some other time. It’s very unpleasant to just text meaningless things just for the sake of flirt texting. Don’t go down that route!

Tips on how to manage flirting by text with a girl

6. Don’t be too predictable

Making a girl feel safe around you it’s one thing, but being completely predictable is boring and will drastically decrease your chances of being with the person you like. So, the solution here would be to be as unpredictable as possible without coming across as weird or crazy. Surprise her, text her things that will make her laugh, invite her to unusual places and she will soon become even more interested in you.

7. Be the one to start the conversation

This may sound like vintage advice, but regardless of the age that we’re living in, it’s the man’s job to start the conversation if he is really interested in someone. So, make sure that you do that via text and that you will also keep the conversation going. Also, be a good listener and be truly interested in what she has to say. This will offer her a clue about your intentions.

8. Some mystery is always alluring

Everybody, even if they don’t like to admit it, loves a little bit of mystery added to the mix. So, you can start doing just that in your flirty texts and hope that she will becoming increasingly curious and interested. If you do this the right way, meaning that you don’t reveal all about yourself from the start, this might just happen.

9. Compliment her

You can do this as often as it feels necessary and natural to do it, even if it’s by text. Talk about her cool personality, her beauty, her brains, and be an overall nice person. However, be careful to not throw compliments left and right just to impress her. She will know. Trust us.

10. Add pictures too, but just not “that kind”

Pictures are always a nice addition to any text conversation, especially if they are funny or interesting. So, don’t b afraid to send her some but only if they are decent and won’t disturb her. Never send pictures of you naked or your men's bits especially if unrequested. This is a grave mistake that will not only destroy your chances, but you might get in serious trouble too because it’s considered online harassment. Don’t be that guy!

Rules of sending flirt texts before the first date

11. Make your intentions clear

Before your first date, make sure to text your potential future partner and tell them about your intentions. Don’t go out just to become good friends when, in reality, you clearly want something more. For guys, this is especially relevant because by repressing their feelings, women never learn of their true intentions and suddenly, friend zone happens. So, be careful about this part.

12. Don’t apologize too much if you got something wrong

Everybody makes mistakes, but it’s important to admit that we were wrong and move forward. So, don’t get stuck in the past and keep apologizing for something that you texted, especially before your first date. Do it once and then try to make that person forget your mistake by sending funny and flirty texts that will amuse them.

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13. Don’t be too available

If the person that you’re texting asks to meet you, don’t agree to whatever their plan might be. Don’t be too available or you might just come across as desperate and needy. If their plan suits yours, very well, but if it doesn’t, tell them and switch it up. Take a stand and they will see what a strong character you are and desire you even more.

14. Act like you know what to do (even if you don’t)

During your first date, try to act like you definitely have the situation under control, even if that’s not usually the case. Speak firmly, make jokes, and try to convince your partner that this is the same you that was texting them earlier. It works every time and it may just land you the date of your dreams.

15. Have lots of fun

Last but not least, all you really need to do when you flirt text is have fun! Be spontaneous, be yourself, and the person you’re talking to will love you. Never try to take things too seriously and don’t be the grumpy kind when something goes south. If something nice comes out of your flirtation then it would have been all worth it. If not, life goes on and you will definitely meet someone nice one day. Just keep your hopes up!


To sum it all up, it appears that mastering the art of flirting by text messages is no easy task, especially if you’ve never done it before. The key is to also be yourself when you write, not only when you talk. Never try to imitate anyone, don’t brag too much, and don’t be rude. If you know these few tricks, your dating life will become a lot more successful and carefree. So, what are you waiting for now? Take that smartphone and start texting the one you want. It only takes a little bit of effort and the results can be amazing, truly.