12 Things to Note when you Host an Outdoor Garden Wedding

The dos and don'ts when you organized an outdoor garden wedding

By Madiha A.
12 Things to Note when you Host an Outdoor Garden Wedding

Garden Wedding Ideas

The wedding is the most special event in one’s life. In order to make it memorable, most couples make special arrangements. These arrangements include selection of a unique venue, one-of-a-kind theme and activities to make it fun and extraordinarily unforgettable for themselves and their friends and family. 

A knight in the shining armor and fairytale wedding are two things that every girl dreams of and no place is better for a fairytale wedding than a garden. 

Garden is the perfect place for nature lovers to tie the knot. Starting a new chapter in the intimate and natural setting can be an overwhelming experience. As the weather gets warmer, you start getting garden themed wedding invites. Garden itself is an enchanting place and wedding décor will add to its incredible beauty.

Mentioned below is a checklist that contains 12 things you must consider when hosting an outdoor garden wedding:  

12 Checklist when you Host a Garden Wedding

Planning for an outdoor wedding can be fun. You can play around lots of colors and create a mesmerizing atmosphere for your guests. In order to make the whole process of hosting a garden wedding easier, we have formulated a checklist of event essentials.

Have fun reading them.      

1.    Dresses

Playing around certain color themes will make the process of selecting a dress easier. From the dress of the bride to the bride’s maid’s dresses, everything should look cohesive. Since garden weddings are mostly hosted in summer and spring seasons when flowers are blooming and trees stand proudly in their lush green wardrobes, light fabrics like lace and chiffon are perfect fabric choices for the dresses. Sundresses, skirt and blouse and long maxis in pastel colors and floral prints will surely entice the guests. Always opt for light jewelry to go with summer wedding dresses. Using flowers as accessories will add a beautiful natural touch to the lovely attire.     

2.    Venue

Venue of the garden wedding is surely a garden. While selecting the venue, consider the number of guests you are inviting and the theme of the event. The venue should be big enough if your circle of friends and family is large. You don’t want to squeeze people in a smaller place as there should always be room for people to roam around and enjoy nature at its best.

If you are inviting a limited number of people and it is going to be more of a private function with just close friends and family, you can select a cozier venue. Try finding a garden wedding venue that has a pool or water feature or has a stream running alongside for an added wow factor. The guests will enjoy the scenery and the photographs will come amazingly good. Some garden venues are of historical value and some have museums in the vicinity, find one that best suits your style.  Also check if the venue has adequate parking, restrooms for guests, electricity and generators in case of power failures.

Making arrangements for transporting guests from parking to the main venue should also be kept in mind.            

3.    Weather

In outdoor weddings, weather can be a real game changer. Everything is going fine, the venue is all set and guests seated, the groom is standing at the chapel waiting for the bride, here comes the bride and “the rain”, yes this can happen in outdoor weddings. Keep an eye on the weather if you have planned an outdoor garden wedding.

Local weather forecasts can be quite helpful for checking what the weather will be like on the day of the wedding. Getting ready for unexpected weather will save you from embarrassment. Besides rain, weather can get extremely warm or windy, so suitable measures should be taken for any unforeseen misadventure.

4.    Food

What one thing most guests look forward to is food. If you live by a coastal area and wedding venue is around somewhere by the beach, serving seafood will be the best option. And if you live in urban settings, live BBQ will be a delightful experience.

From comfort food to culinary delights, everything can match the mood of a garden wedding. Always opt for seasonal vegetables as side dishes and fruits for salads and desserts. Gone are the days of staff serving food at the tables, self-service food stations and buffet are very trendy and easier to manage. People tend to overeat on weddings, so food served should be light, healthy and fulfilling. 

5.    Drinks

Cold beverages can be served at a drink bar. From fruit punches to smoothies and shakes and soda water to cocktails anything can be served at an outdoor garden wedding. You can set the drink bar to match your wedding theme.

From elegant champagne glasses to serving fresh fruit juices in glass drink dispensers and mason jars to chilling soda bottles in vintage bathtubs and wheelbarrows, everything goes pretty well with an outdoor garden setting. 

6.    Décor

Although garden setting does not require an addition of anything to its natural goodness but some lanterns and fairy lights here and there will tune up the mood. Flower arches and bouquets along the aisle, floral backdrop and brightly blooming centerpieces are best features of a garden wedding. The contrast of white table linens and chair covers against fresh green grass is an amazing combination. Draping fabric from canopy adds a soft touch.

7.    Wedding Favors

You surely want to take your guests a little part of the essence of the garden wedding. Flower scented candles, succulent pots, chocolates with personalized labels, personalized coasters, seed packets, personalized champagne flutes, handmade soaps, baby plants, sunscreen, sandalwood fans, playing cards and candle holders all make great garden wedding favors. 

8.    Music

Whether you have arranged live music or relying on a recorded playlist, songs for wedding reception must align with the theme. Add all the favorite songs from low and slow to hip hop. You need to have good sound equipment for outdoor weddings. There are companies that can set up the sound system and play the music of your choice. If a friend is good at playing the piano or violin, you can request him to play some favorite tunes. Live music really sets the mood. Here are a few songs that if played, will put you in the mood for love.
My personal favorite “Secret Garden,” by Bruce Springsteen

Some others are:

  • Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi
  • Water under the bridge by Adele
  • Stay with me by Sam Smith
  • How long will I love you by Ellie Goulding

9.    Get Rid of Unwanted Guests

Bugs and insects can be wedding crashers. You surely don’t want them to fall in drinks and food of your guests and definitely don’t want your guests to be bitten. The need to keep these unwanted guests at a distance requires working solutions.

Getting the venue sprayed with bug repellents and applying mosquito repellent lotions and creams can help you and your guests keep the bugs away. Burning citronella candles, bracelet bug sprays, hand fans and incorporation of flowers and plants that repel bugs and insects can be quite helpful.    

10.    Photography and Props

Garden offers a perfect background for wedding photographs. Natural blooms, contrasting climbers and nice green grass come together perfectly and add enchantment to the wedding photographs. The fairytale garden wedding comes to life with nature’s beauty and the photographer’s skills. Garden themed photo booth, floral prop frame, bright colored umbrellas and floral tiaras will incorporate perfectly well with the garden wedding.   

11.    Lighting Arrangement for Night Time Event

In case you have chosen an evening-night time for your wedding, you need to cleverly play with the lighting. Lights should be as such that enhance natural beauty and special features of the garden. Spotlights can be used for the main seating area, aisle and along the paths. Fairy lights, twinkling lights and lanterns can be hung throughout the venue to add charm. 

12.    Backup Plan

No matter how carefully you planned the whole idea of the garden wedding, accidents and misadventures can happen. You need to make a working backup plan for each and everything. Ways to handle unforeseen situations and ability to come up with alternate ideas should always be considered and given a thorough thought. A misfit dress, a problem with the venue, sudden weather change, power failures, catering disaster and decoration failure will require a strong backup plan and you should be ready. 

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There is nothing as beautiful as a wedding in the garden. No matter how beautiful it looks on the outside, it needs careful planning to successfully pull it through. To avoid last-minute disappointments and embarrassing situations, make a checklist and keep updating it with newer and better ideas. Have maximum fun on your big day and ensure that your guests go back with the best memories.