20 Flirty Fun Games To Play With Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

Make your relationship fun and sprightly by playing a few flirty games

By Monalisa Murmu
20 Flirty Fun Games To Play With Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

Play a fun game to keep the chemistry crackling

At the onset of any relationship, there’s hardly much effort to put in. The initial days of dating are usually already bursting with fun and excitement, with both of you getting to know each other, and you have so much to talk about. But as the days pass, the magic, while still present, somewhat wanes in intensity.

It’s not a bad thing to happen, as a relationship takes its natural course to lead into other (probably more important) stages, like familiarity, comfort and trust. But you’d be lying if you didn’t think once in a while. Oh I miss those initial fun days, because who doesn’t like to do fun things? So if you’re missing how silly and goofy you used to be once, it is possible to bring those experiences back. All you need is a little creativity, imagination and the willingness to do that extra bit to make your relationship lively again. And that extra something is a little fun game!

Alternatively, even if you’re still in the early stages of the relationship, things might still get a tad bit boring from time to time, and you might be at a loss of things to do or topics to talk about. So, what’s the solution? Yep, games again. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most fun games that you can play with your significant other that will not just bring out your playful side, but also revive whatever little boredom that might have crept into your relationship. Let's get straight to them!

1. WOULD YOU RATHER: A classic fun game

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This is a very popular game and is best played between two partners, so it is tailor-made for couples. Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend a question starting with “Would you rather…?” that ends with two alternatives, if you didn’t already know this. The actual fun is in the alternatives you choose to include, and they can take the questions from harmless to flirty to very-very naughty; which makes this game completely customizable to whatever stage of a relationship you’re in. If you’ve just started dating, keep the questions non-PG level. But if you’ve known each other for a while, don’t be afraid to get a little brave, keeping in mind your partner’s comfort level, of course.

The best fun with this game can be had by choosing both alternatives that serve your motive. For example: “Would you rather marry me or cheat on your husband with me for the rest of your life?” Oh, seems like your S.O. has to choose to be with you no matter what! But you can also play this game for some harmless laughs, asking ridiculously silly questions like, “Would you rather smell like poop and not know it, or constantly smell like poop that no one else can smell?”

2. KILL, MARRY, HOOK UP: Fun for obvious reasons

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Any game that includes the words ‘hook up’ is going to be fun, won’t you agree? And a game that includes the words ‘hook up’ that you play with your boyfriend or girlfriend is just going to be double the fun! In this game, you take names of three different people and ask your partner which of them would they kill, which of them would they marry and which of them would they like to hook up with.

To make matters interesting (and to basically put your partner in a fix), name people both of you know; common friends, colleagues and neighbors for example. It would be great fun to see them try to keep things safe by carefully picking the person for the hook-up section. Or he or she might name someone unexpected and spring a surprise on you!

3. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW ME: A game that is also a test

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Tread carefully with this one. If you’re the one initiating this game, make sure you know all about your boyfriend or girlfriend first, or you’ll inevitably lose. This game is all about asking them questions about yourself and wait for their answers to see how well they really know you. The older your relationship, the higher the difficulty level the game should have.

However, start off with the easier questions, like questions about your family, job, etc. For example, “What are the names of my siblings?” or “What do I do for a living?” – remember, Monica Geller failed this test. Gradually move on to the tougher questions. “Which is the last movie that made me cry like a baby?” “What was my highest Flappy Bird score?” Plus there is the scope of making it as flirty and naughty as you want it to be.

So you could ask them the number of moles on your body, or whether or not you’ve been to a nude beach. However, don’t just make it a boring question and answer routine; make sure to pick a winner and set aside a prize for them so that it becomes an actual game. This is a great game to play over text as well.

4. TRUTH OR DARE: Play for the fun and revelation

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A popular party game that opens up whole treasure chests of secrets, it is fun to play between two participants as well. In fact, with your boyfriend or your girlfriend, it becomes even more fun because you’re made privy to some pretty interesting revelations. No matter what they choose, truth or dare, the other person always wins that round because you either get to know a revealing truth about your S.O. or you get to make them do something you’ve always wanted them to, but never had an excuse for it.

There is also that thrill of guessing what the next truth is, or what the next dare is going to be, which is like a game in itself. But there is also the fun of watching them making a fool out of themselves trying to execute your dare. For the maximum laughs, make sure you set dares that are ridiculous and hilarious. But you can also make things flirty and steamy by making the dares naughtier and more intimate. In which case, play the game in the privacy of your home; obviously, there is ample opportunity to set dares that are more on the wild side.

5. NEVER HAVE I EVER: Drinking game like no other

The most popular drinking game after ‘Take a shot every time…’, this game can be played easily without the alcohol inclusion and surprisingly, also over text. It is another really fun game that helps you get to know other sides to the personality of your boyfriend or girlfriend.

This is great for couples who have just started dating and need to know things about each other, so ask questions which you are normally hesitant to ask. All in the name of a game *wink wink*. But of course, give them the chance to opt out of answering a question too, because you don’t want to come across as too nosey a person. However, chances are they might back out because answering uncomfortable questions is what you sign up for when you agree to a game of ‘Never have I ever’. For your part, frame your questions on topics you’re most interested in knowing about them.

For example, “Never have I ever dated two people at the same time” will give you a pretty good idea about how likely it is for them to double time! But for the sake of your well-being, let’s hope your girlfriend or boyfriend answers with a “Never”. Also, be informed, if you ask such questions, you’ll have to be ready to answer them too, when it’s your turn!

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6. GUESS WHAT I'M WRITING: An excuse to touch

If you’re together some place waiting for something, like maybe in a queue or traveling in the subway, this is a fun game to play. But most importantly, it is a veritable excuse to get all touchy with your boyfriend or girlfriend, albeit in a clean way.

Take your partner’s arm and scribble things with the tip of your finger. Anything! Anything at all! You could start by scribbling in your name, your name and their last name (if you’re the girl), hinting at you know what, or more complex things like a full sentence. Practice makes perfect the participants in this game, and the more you play, the better you get at guessing what your partner writes on your skin. And as you might have already figured out, this game can be taken to further flirty levels not just via what you choose to scribble but also where you scribble them.

The nape of the neck for example! We can all be pretty sure that anything that is written in that area will never be correctly guessed. But that doesn’t matter because it still makes for a pretty cool game to play. The only downside is you can’t play it over text.

7. GUESS WHAT I'M THINKING: Play over text or in person

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This game is text-friendly and can be a great help changing the course of a boring conversation. Start by thinking about something in your mind – it can be an object or a person or an abstract thought –and ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to guess it via clues you provide. To narrow down the possibilities you can also pre-decide on one single subject within which to guess.

For example, if you both like to watch movies, you can decide to keep the thought within the subject of ‘movies’. But the thought could include movie names or actors or even dialogues from movies. You can also increase the difficulty level by limiting the number of guesswork. But by now, I know what you’re thinking. How is this flirty? It can be if you decide on the subject accordingly. So instead of a generic topic like ‘movies’, you could base your thoughts on naughty things you’d like your boyfriend or girlfriend to do to you. Or a throwback to the naughty things they’ve already done for you!

The one thing about this game is that you get to know how much you both are in sync with your thoughts. It is not entirely impossible to guess one’s thought at the very first attempt if you both have that crazy level of connection, and it’s so much fun playing this game and discovering that out for yourselves!

8. EMOJI TRANSLATION: Silly good fun

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This game has literally been everywhere ever since emojis were invented, and geniuses (yes, sarcasm, obviously) all over the world work overtime coming up with those song lyrics and movie names spelt out through emojis. It’s silly, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t fun.

For this game though, instead of writing song lyrics or movie names, you could write whatever it is that you want to communicate to your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is precisely how you can play flirty and naughty with this game. What makes it fun is the time taken to decipher the meaning of the sentence. If you’ve been flirtatious all this while, your partner definitely expects it to be a suggestive sentence and is desperate to find out what that is, but if it is difficult to decode, there is the frustration that makes things even more fun. And then when he/or she finally finds out, the triumph is unparalleled.

This whole process of playing makes the sentence even more fun to read, and there will be lots of giggles and laughs involved for sure. And if you haven’t already found out, this game can be played only over text.

9. FINISH THE SENTENCE: One for the imagination

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This is a great game to play over text as well, but can be played in person too. To play this game, you’re required to start a sentence and your boyfriend or girlfriend is supposed to finish the rest of it. It is a very fun and competitive game because each player has the chance to control the direction of the sentence, but the other player also has equal chances to totally change that course and defeat their opponent.

So if you have a kiss in mind and start your sentence like, “I would kiss you because…”, your boyfriend or girlfriend could totally change the course of that conversation by saying something on the lines of “…because you are the magic frog that will probably lead me to my prince/princess later in life." Cheeky!

10. REVERSE WRITING GAME: Play over text

What’s the fun in communicating something with your boyfriend or girlfriend straightway when you can complicate the same and have some fun as a result? The reverse writing game is a great way to do that over text. The rules are darn simple too.

All you need to do is type your message spelt the reverse way. For example, if you want to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend, “I miss you so much right now, if you were here I would kiss you immediately and not let go”, you would have to type it in reverse. You could either type it like “Go let not and immediately you kiss would I here were you if, now right much so you miss I” or you could type it like “Og tel ton dna yletaidemmi uoy ssik dluow I ereh erew uoy fi, won thgir hcum os uoy ssim I”.

Needless to say, the latter version of the game is going to be more difficult to play, both for the one typing in reverse as well for the one trying to decipher it. Also, the longer the sentence in question, the more difficult it is to play. Also, if you forget to proofread the sentence you've written in reverse, you might end up mistyping a word and make a fool of yourself instead of initiating a flirty fun game, as originally intended. Told you, not easy!

11. THE RHYMING GAME: Play for a good laugh

Bring the poet out of you with this fun game that deals with, as the name suggests, rhyming words. The rules for playing are simple: one of the players needs to start with a random word and the other player has to follow it up with another word that rhymes with the first word. The first player again matches it up with another rhyming word and the game continues with each player coming up with one word every time until both run out of ideas.

This is a fun game to play because the only criterion is to match the rhyming and not make sense, so the end result is often hilarious. So don’t be surprised if the game that starts with “kiss” ends up in “p***” because it’s not really against the rules you know. And if you’re in the zone, you’ll still effectively manage to be flirty and communicative while playing this game. So if you start with a “stick” and your boyfriend slyly follows up with a “d***”, you can immediately retort with a “sick”! This game also does put your vocabulary to test!

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12. 20 QUESTIONS: All-time classic

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We’ve all grown up playing this game so there is nothing unfamiliar about it. It is like the guessing game but the player gets to ask not more than 20 questions to figure out what the other player has in mind. And because you’re in a flirty mood, it is always fun to opt for the naughtiest thoughts and have your boyfriend or girlfriend work their way into your mind. Or, on the contrary, maybe you end up choosing something totally innocent for the second round, and it will be fun to see your opponent asking the naughtiest questions because they expect you to have something flirty in mind! This is a game comfortably played, both over text or in person too.

13. WHAT IF: Hypotheticals turned into a game

This is apparently a game, but actually a very constructive conversation, which can help you understand the mind of your boyfriend or girlfriend. And can be especially helpful if you’re serious about the relationship. However, it can also be flirty and incredibly fun. All you have to do in order to play this game is cook up a series of hypothetical situations and ask your S.O. what they would do in those situations.

As for the subject matter, the sky is the limit! You could choose to ask the something on the lines of, “If you traveled to the moon with Neil Armstrong, what would you have done differently than him?” or you could be flirt around with questions like, “If you found out the stuffed you hug to sleep is actually me, what would happen next?” See how creative you can get with this game?

14. DANCE OFF: Fun way to get grooving

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Why should games be only about talking and texting? Get physical with this one! And no, not that kind of physical, rather the clean kind. Put your dancing shoes on and show off them skills… even if you think you don’t have any! Yep, this game is not about proving how good of a dancer you are, it’s about having fun in your relationship (as relationships should be you know). The idea of a dance off is all about high octane energy and the one who dances until last beat drops, is the one who wins. But one thing is guaranteed, no matter who wins and when, there are going to be some very fun and entertaining moments until that point. And hopefully, a beautiful bond formed with your boyfriend or girlfriend too.

15. STORY TIME: Get creative and play

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Story Time is a pretty popular game as well and you might have already played it with your friends or colleagues while on the commute to someplace. What makes it fun to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend is the intimacy you both share, which is likely to result in a sweet little love story of your own. Pick a nice rainy day when you’re both tucked in warm duvets, either individually or together, and start the game. One of you has to begin by saying (or typing) words that typically start a story.

For example, “Once upon a time…” or “There was once…” or “In a land far, far away…”, or whatever floats your boat. It is always interesting to see what your partner comes up with next and if they’re feeling especially mischievous, the story could wind up into whole new dimensions of flirty. Or they could get playful and end the story with the very next line. “Once upon a time…there was a stupid man who slipped into a well and died”! For your sake though, I hope the story continues further and ends up being a Penguin bestseller in its own right, with lots of kisses and cuddles along the way.

16. THE LIST: Play to impress him or her

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You must have read a lot of listicles in your life. Heck, you’re reading one right now! But have you ever made one for your girlfriend or boyfriend? No? You should! And no, not the type that got Rachel mad with Ross, but the real sweet one that will show your S.O. how much they mean to you.

Consider this list: “Top 10 things I love about you”, or you get more specific and write something like: “Top 10 reasons that prove that you’re an angel, not a human”. *Aww* Lists are fun because they help you beautifully articulate things that you’re not always able to tell your boo in general conversations. If you want some loving too, you could set this up as a challenge for each other. Pick a topic and a deadline within which both of you will have to finish your respective lists and compare them on a specified date. The one that generates the maximum “awws” will win.

And then rest assured, the celebration that will follow will consist of so many kisses they will last you a lifetime. And also champagne, probably. Because of the nature of informative content, this game is best played over text.

17. TWISTER: Fun but clean way to get bendy

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Bending over doesn’t always have to be all dirty you see. It can sometimes mean just a game of Twister. And who doesn’t love Twister? Okay, maybe not those who’re suffering from Arthritis. But when you’re in a new relationship, or even an old one, and are looking to inject some fun into it, playing Twister can be a fun way to get silly with each other and literally roll on the floor laughing. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like having a good time to me!

Get your Twister mat out and challenge each other to get the most number of wins and see each other contorting to the most ridiculous (or maybe sexy, who knows) bodily positions. Eventually both of you will have to lose and tumble over each other (sooner if you couldn’t help laughing looking at your boyfriend or girlfriend struggle) and I’d be lying if I said all that touching won’t lead to at least one harmless kiss (or two or three).

18. TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE: Fun and insightful

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This is a game close on the lines of ‘How well you know me’, so knowing your girlfriend or boyfriend inside out is helpful, if not crucial, to playing this game. The rules are like so: One player says or types three statements. Two of those statements will be true of them, as in those incidents have happened in reality at some point in their lives, while one statement will be false. The order of the statements will change with each round.

So he/she could say something on the lines of: 1. I had got a spider tattoo after watching Spiderman as a teen, but have later removed it. 2. I binge watched Baywatch when I was just 8 years old. 3. I used to be a local spell bee champion.

The challenge for the other player is to find out which of these statements is a lie. And as you can tell, it isn’t the easiest task if you don’t know enough about them. On the brighter side though, even if you lose, you still get to learn some interesting things about your girlfriend or your boyfriend. So a win-win in the truest sense!

19. RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME: Share and shock

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This is a pretty simple game to play but fun nonetheless. All you have to do is take turns in sharing the most interesting random facts about yourself. Confused as to what qualifies as interesting? Here are some examples: 1. I once met Bradley Cooper at the airport. 2. I had a near-death experience when I was 14. 3. I once worked in a sex shop during the summer (!) Get the drift? Basically, any small or big anecdotal incidents that your girlfriend or boyfriend has no idea about, and that you think will mildly shock them. The idea is to also pull these information out form your life randomly, as shown in the example above. So for one statement, you talk about an incident about your family from your childhood, and the next instance you talk about something crazy that happened at work. Also remember, this is a two-way game, and you’re supposed to go at it alternately, like a tennis match. The competition is to see who shocks the other better, but it also helpful in finding out newer things about your partner.

20. SCAVENGER HUNT: A Valentine’s Day special

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Get into adventure mode playing this nostalgic game from your childhood, only this time there is nothing child-like about the game. Make this harmless little game flirty and fun on a special day by picking something naughty for the treasure. It could be anything you fancy. A simple note saying how many times you would kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend if they found that note within a certain time (set a deadline) or their birthday or Valentine’s Day gift.

This game is, therefore, best kept reserved for playing on special days like birthdays or Valentine’s but if you’re in a playful mood, you could opt to play the game on any day you prefer. However, make sure the treasure or the prize hidden is worth the trouble taken for both the player organizing it and the player on the hunt for it, or the fun will likely fizzle out at the end. In addition to the treasure, you could also have an extra reward waiting for them for having successfully completed the task, even if that reward is a bunch of smothering kisses.

Which fun ‘n’ flirty game are you playing today?

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This is a general idea of some games that you can play to keep the fun factor alive in your relationship. But you can come up with any game that you think you’d like to try playing with your significant other. It’s not about the actual game or the rules of playing. It’s all about prioritizing to have fun in your relationship, whether by playing games, or by being generally playful in your dealing with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Because no matter how much you adore them, there comes a stagnant point in your relationship where playing some fun games will help elevate the mood.

Or, if you’re in a brand new relationship, it is a good practice to play little games often so neither of you are inclined to tag this relationship as a boring one. Because playing games help keep the child in you alive, and no matter what your choice of games or method of playing, you’ll never stop having fun in life if you include games in it often. So which flirty game are you playing today?

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