115 Fun And Spontaneous Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Sometimes it can be difficult to plan new and original, fun things to do with your girlfriend, so we've compiled a list of ideas for you!

By Katie Jenison
115 Fun And Spontaneous Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to planning dates for your girlfriend or wife?

Does it seem like you take your significant other on the same date over and over again? If so, you might need to spice things up a little bit and try out something new and spontaneous. But where do you start? Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of 115 fun things to do with your girlfriend or wife. Read through the list and pick out a few ideas for your next date!

Sporting activities can be fun things to do with your girlfriend

1. Play billiards

Take her to a pool hall for a fun and laid back date. If she’s a newbie to pool, you might have to show her a few tricks - and maybe even let her win a game. She might surprise you though, and be a great pool player. Just don’t be mad if she hustles you!

2. Go to the gym with your girlfriend

If you both love to workout, plan a gym date and sweat together. If there is a class that you’re both interested in, like zumba or a tabata class, take it together. If one or both of you feels like giving up before the workout is over, you can motivate each other to push through.

3. Join a summer sports league

Most communities offer summer sport leagues. Teenagers could join a co-ed league together that is put on by the park district whereas adults can look into joining a beer league, which combines sports and alcohol - always a win.

4. Play mini golf

Is golf not your thing? Try a mini golf date, which is less intense and time consuming than playing a round of regular golf. This is another great date option for teenagers and the two of you can wager on who wins!

5. Go fishing

Are the two of you the outdoorsy types? Try planning a fishing date and take advantage of the nice weather. You can rent a boat or just fish off the bank or dock.

6. Go rollerblading

A rollerblading date is great for teenagers in the summer. Not only does are you working out, but spending time outdoors is always fun.

7. Play lawn games

Host an outdoor BBQ for your friends. Pass the time by playing lawn games such as beer darts, Norwegian golf or outdoor beer pong.

8. Go to a baseball game

Baseball is the sport of summer. Spend an afternoon at the ballpark and indulge in nachos, hot dogs and beers while enjoying the sunshine.

9. Teach your girlfriend to play golf

Do you love playing golf? Take your wife on a date and show her how to play. She’ll enjoy that you are trying to teach her to do something you enjoy and you will both have fun.

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10. Go on a bike ride

Get active on your next date and take a spontaneous bike ride together before the snow falls and you have to wait until the following spring. This is great for teenage couples too!

11. Go horseback riding

If your girlfriend loves horses, find a local stable that hosts trail rides. She will be surprised and it is a great way to spend time together.

12. Go to football game

Do you have a favorite football team? Take her to a game. Even if she doesn’t enjoy football as much as you do, going to a professional game can be a fun experience.

13. Go skiing or snowboarding

If you’re athletic people, spend the day on the slopes. If she has never been skiing or snowboarding before, teach her how.

14. Go ice skating

Ice skating is a classic winter date idea, so take her to your local ice skating rink and hold hands as you skate around with the other couples.

15. Go ice fishing

If she is the outdoorsy type, it could be fun to go ice fishing together. Rent an ice house for the day and spend the day out on the ice! If you manage to catch and fish, you can cook them for dinner!

Relive your childhood by doing these fun things with your girlfriend

16. Play kickball

If you’re feeling really nostalgic, start a game of kickball. As other couples and friends to join in on the fun. You could even host a kickball tournament if you find enough people to participate. This is a great way to make memories with each other, as well as your friends. Plus it will make you feel like a kid again!

17. Water balloon/squirt gun fight

Too hot but don’t want to pay to go to the water park? Have a water balloon or squirt gun war. It’s a great way to cool off while showing your competitive side to each other.

18. Play Twister

Twister is another classic game from childhood. Grab a Twister mat and the spinner and try to get through a game without losing your balance from laughing so hard.

19. Have a Nerf gun war

Nerf gun wars aren’t just for little kids! Teenagers and adults alike can have a great time shooting each other with Nerf guns. You can even do target practice and see who is the better shot.

20. Go to a trampoline park

Trampoline parks have grown in popularity over the years, so for a fun date, take her to the nearest trampoline park and have fun pretending to be acrobats.

21. Build a snow fort

Channel your inner kid and build a snow fort together. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can even try to build an igloo.

22. Build a blanket fort

If neither of you feel like spending time out in the cold and building a snow fort isn’t for you, build a fort inside using blankets and pillows and spend the afternoon hanging out together.

23. Have a snowball fight

If you’re having disagreements over the architecture of your snow fort, settle it with a classic snowball fight.

24. Build a snowman

Once you’ve settled your disputes over your snow fort with a snowball fight, use your leftover snowballs as a base to build a snowman. Make up a story about him and give him a name!

25. Play a game of hide and seek

Remember when you were young and could play hide and seek for hours on end. Whoever came up with the best hidings spots was clearly the winner, so challenge her to a rousing game and see who can stay hidden the longest.

26. Go sledding

Sledding is something everyone did as a child and it is a fun throwback date during the winter. So, bundle up and find a hill!

27. Find a drive in movie

Drive in movies used to be extremely popular in the 1950’s and the 1960’s. Some cities and rural towns are lucky enough to still have drive in theaters. If you live close to one of those towns, take advantage of it and take your girlfriend to a drive in movie. Grab some concessions and enjoy the nostalgic feel. If a drive-in movie isn’t an option and you fancy yourself a tech guy, consider improvising. If you already have a projector or know someone you can borrow one from, surprise your girlfriend with an outdoor movie at home. You don’t even need to worry about a screen because you can project the film onto the side of a building!

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28. Be spontaneous and sit on Santa’s lap

Embrace her silly side and take her to the mall to get a picture of the two of you sitting on Santa’s lap. It will make a cute holiday card and your friends and family will get a kick out of it.

Try a music related date for fun things to do with your girlfriend

29. Sing karaoke

Go to a karaoke bar and belt out each other’s favorite songs!

30. Outdoor festival

Outdoor festivals have really increased in popularity over the years and can range from music festivals to art or craft beer festivals. If you can find one that is local to where the two of you live, consider checking it out. If that’s not an option for you, search the internet for festivals coming up in a city or state that you both would love to visit and plan a spontaneous trip. You’ll make fun memories together and maybe even find new music or a craft beer that you love!

31. Go to a concert

Concerts are always a fun way to spend time together as a couple. Most cities host a variety of concert venues from local bars to outdoor amphitheaters and even stadiums. Take a little time to figure out your budget in comparison to who is playing near you. If you find a musician or band that interests you, make it a date!

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32. Go dancing

If your wife or girlfriend likes to dance, indulge her and take her to a dance club. If you aren’t sure you can keep up, don’t worry! She will teach you some new moves!

Fun things to do in the summer

33. Stargaze

Grab some blankets and find a place to stretch out together and look at the stars. This is a easy and low cost date for everyone, including teenagers.

34. Take a walk

Spend a low-key evening taking a walk around the neighborhood together. You can spend the time talking or walking in comfortable silence.

35. Go camping

Take your wife or girlfriend camping. If she isn’t into roughing it, consider glamping!

36. Set up a hammock

If you have two sturdy trees that are close together, set up a hammock and spend an afternoon relaxing and tangled together in the sun.

37. Be spontaneous and skinny dip

Looking to find a fun way to spice things up? Try skinny dipping! Just make sure you don’t get caught so you can avoid embarrassment!

38. Watch the sunset/sunrise

Pick your wife or girlfriend up for a surprise outing to watch the sunset. If you work conflicting schedules and aren’t able to watch the sunset, try waking up early and watching it rise.

39. Watch fireworks

Summer is the perfect time to watch fireworks together. Find a good spot and cuddle up under a blanket while watching the show.

40. Visit a water park

If the temperature has been skyrocketing, cool off by visiting a water park together. Have fun riding down the slides together or see who can make it down a waterslide the fastest.

41. Have a beach day

If you’re lucky enough to live near a lake or an ocean, spend the day at the beach together! Relax in the sand or spend some time playing beach volleyball.

42. Go to a strawberry patch

Plan a fun date picking strawberries at your local strawberry patch. When you’re done, the two of you can pick out a recipe to make together that utilizes your fresh picked strawberries.

43. Visit your local fairgrounds

Most cities have a county fair each summer, so plan a night to attend the fair together. You can ride some of the rides, eat your favorite foods and go to a grandstand concert.

44. Go to the pool

Need to cool off but you’re not close to a water park or it’s too hot to run around throwing water balloons at each other? Spend the afternoon at your local pool. Just don’t get there too late or you won’t be able to get the good pool chairs!

Do these fun things in the fall with your girlfriend

45. Have a bonfire

Cold weather give you an excuse to start a fire - a BONfire that is! Gather some wood and cuddle up together around the fire.

46. Decorate for Halloween

Fall also means that Halloween is right around the corner and decorating together would be a fun date idea. Come up with your spookiest ideas and make your front yard the scariest one on the block.

47. Visit a pumpkin patch

As soon as fall hits, you better believe that life is going to be all about pumpkin for the next month or so. Take your girlfriend to the pumpkin patch to walk around, take pictures on the hay bales and and stay warm with some hot chocolate.

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48. Take a drive to see the changing vegetation

One of the best parts of fall is getting to witness the leaves changing color. Pick a day and take a leisurely drive out in the country to take in the fall colors.

49. Go hiking

Another great way to experience the changes of fall is to take a hike. Find a trail that fits your experience levels and take in the sights.

50. Decorate for Thanksgiving

For a relaxing date, take some time to decorate for Thanksgiving. If you aren’t sure how to do that, just add some fall decor to your home!

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51. Go apple picking

Just like pumpkin patches, apple picking is a great date idea for the fall. Find an orchard near you and take her to pick apples. Afterward, the two of you can make some great desserts such as apple crisp or apple pie.

Fun things to do with your girlfriend in the winter

52. Decorate for the holidays

Put on some holiday music, break out the string lights and stockings and decorate your home for the holidays. Surprise her with a small ornament that she can hang on the tree to commemorate your relationship.

53. Get cozy by the fire

Holiday season is often busy as it is filled with multiple parties and events, so make sure you take the time for just the two of you. Make some hot chocolate, build a fire in the fireplace, and spend the evening relaxing together.

54. Drive around and look at the holiday lights

One of the best parts of winter is that most people hang holiday lights. Some people even go all out with their holiday displays, so spend an evening driving around and enjoying their hard work.

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55. Take a dance class

Take a step outside of your comfort zone and sign the two of you up for a dance class. You can use your new moves to wow your friends at the holiday parties you attend.

56. Have a staycation

Take a vacation during the winter can be a bit expensive, so to save some money and some of your PTO, plan a staycation. Get a hotel room and and spend the weekend holed up together ordering room services.

57. Go shopping

With the holidays right around the corner, you can plan a date to get your holiday shopping done together. Ask her for her opinion on gifts for the ladies in your life!

58. Take a ride in a horse drawn sleigh

For a romantic date idea, take her on an evening ride through the snow in a horsedrawn carriage. Bring some hot chocolate and a blanket to snuggle under so you don’t get too cold.

Fun things to do involving food

59. Have a picnic

Late spring is a wonderful time to have an outdoor picnic because the weather will start to get consistently warmer. The grass will be greener and the flowers will have started to bloom. Pick out a good spot in your local park to bring her to and pack some goodies. Essentials include a blanket, food (think sandwiches or finger foods), wine, and some music. Don’t forget dessert, either! Take it up a notch and plan a picnic at dusk so the two of you can watch the sunset while drinking champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

60. Go to a food truck festival

Food trucks are so popular these days. Some cities host food truck festivals, so if you’re lucky enough to live in an area that does, take your girlfriend or wife to try out different dishes. Afterwards, discuss which ones were your favorite. If you find one that you love, you can make it a point to get food from them for future date nights.

61. Go to an old timey ice cream parlor

If you live in a city that has an old school soda shop, take your significant other to check it out and enjoy a sweet treat!

62. Make dinner together

Find a new recipe online and spend the evening cooking dinner together. If the recipe comes out great, it will inspire you to try other new ones and you can make it a weekly event.

63. Try new foods together

Step out of your normal routine and try new foods together. If neither of you has tried Thai food before, pick some up and try some different dishes out together.

64. Make homemade ice cream together

If you’ve ever seen those videos on social media of people making homemade ice cream, you know it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Follow a dinner date with homemade ice cream and add your favorite toppings and flavors.

65. Have an indoor picnic

Lay down some blankets and pillows on the living room floor, order in food from your favorite food delivery place, and eat your dinner picnic style!

Plan fun things around beverages - adult and teenager friendly!

66. Wine tasting

Take your wife or girlfriend to a local winery to experience a wine tasting. The two of you can learn about wines while discovering some new favorites for your next romantic dinner in!

67. Visit a brewery

Craft beer has risen in popularity over the years, and a lot of breweries offer a tour so patrons can see all the different steps that go into producing their favorite local brews. Spend the day visiting a brewery and trying new beers.

68. Visit a new coffee shop

Have your coworkers been obsessing over a coffee shop that just opened in your area? Take your girlfriend to try it out! Who knows, maybe the two of you will be just as obsessed as your coworkers! You’ll be able to join in on their discussions of how amazing their scones are and you and your girlfriend will have a new spot to go to on the weekends.

Relaxing dates can involve fun things too!

69. Have a spa day

Does your wife or girlfriend need a pick me up? Plan a spa day for the two of you. Get a couples massage and enjoy a quiet lunch while wearing fluffy white bathrobes. You’ll both feel super refreshed afterwards!

70. Netflix and chill

Planning a night in to watch Netflix is always a classic! Find a show you both enjoy and curl up on the couch with some snacks.

71. Give each other a massage

After a long week, it can be nice to unwind with a relaxing massage. Take turns rubbing the knots out of each other’s back, for a fun and relaxing date.

72. Spend a lazy day in bed cuddling and watching movies

Sundays are the best days for being lazy. Plan on getting your work or weekend chores done on Saturday so both of you are free to spend the day in bed watching your favorite movies.

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Get smarter together

73. Listen to a podcast together

Get recommendations for a cool podcast and spend time listening to it together. Crime story podcasts are pretty popular and the two of you can take turns guessing the outcome.

74. Take a painting class

Get creative and take a painting class together. Some local shops host an event where you can drink wine and they teach you how to paint a specific scene. This date idea is fun even for teenage couples. See who’s painting turns out the best!

75. Learn self-defense

Knowing how to defend yourself is important, so take her to a self-defense class to teach her some moves. It will be a fun date because you’re being active and learning something new together.

76. Test your knowledge at trivia

Trivia is another activity that has risen in popularity at local bars. Do some research and see if there is a trivia topic coming up that interests the two of you and attend a session. This would be a great date for just the two of you, or you could invite a few other couples to attend as well. One of the most fun parts of going to trivia is picking your team name, so get creative!

77. Take a cooking class

Taking a cooking class can be a fun way to spend time together, especially if your specialty dish is mac ‘n cheese from a box. Find one that you can take together. Once you’ve mastered your new dish, invite a few of your couple friends over for a dinner party.

78. Visit a museum

Teenage and adult couples can spend an afternoon visiting a local museum to learn about art and history. Test your knowledge and quiz each other about the different displays throughout the museum.

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79. Visit a planetarium

Remember back in the day, when it was popular to go to the planetarium on a field trip? Relive your childhood and take your girlfriend to learn about constellations and the galaxy.

80. Teach each other something new

Does she know how to do something that you don’t? Have her teach you! She will feel special knowing you want her to teach you something.

Take an adventure together

81. Go on a weekend getaway

Feeling bored of the things to do in your area? Spice things up and plan a weekend getaway. Visit a bed and breakfast in a quiet little town for some peace and quiet from the city, or visit a large city that is a few hours from where you live and experience the hustle and bustle of city life.

82. Take a road trip

If there is a long weekend coming up, or the two of you have some pto saved up, take a road trip. Plan your route and research attractions that you’ll find along the way, picking out ones that you want to visit. Grab some snacks and hit the open road!

83. Rent a convertible for a day

If you want to do something out of the box, rent a convertible for the day and drive around town with the top down!

84. Crash a wedding

Summer is wedding season, so for something a little crazy, crash a wedding reception. Keep things interested and make up new identities and stories for how you know the bride and groom.

85. Have a prank war

If you have a competitive and fun relationship, a prank war can be a fun way to make memories with each other. Just make sure you set some ground rules in the beginning to keep things from getting too crazy!

Classic date ideas

86. Go to the zoo

Zoo dates are always a good idea, so if you ever feel unsure of where to take her on a date, you can’t go wrong with the zoo.

87. Go to a movie

For those times the two of you want to watch a movie but feel like you’ve been spending too much time at home, go on a date to your local cinema to see the newest flick!

88. Go to a farmer's market

Plan a weekend to visit your local farmer’s market. You can walk around and sample some of the homemade items for sale, such as artisanal cheeses and handmade soaps and lotions.

89. People watch

If you want to plan a low-key date, grab a couple of coffees, find a bench in a busy area and just people watch together.

90. Go bowling

For a normal, laid back kind of date, consider going bowling. This is a fun activity to do with other couples too, so make it a double date and see which couple bowls the best.

91. Visit a pet store

If your girlfriend is an animal lover, taking her to a pet store with win her over with little effort. Everyone enjoys playing with the puppies and kittens!

92. Go to a play

Check out the plays being put on around your community and find one that you would both enjoy. It’s a great way to support your community as well as the arts.

93. Window shop downtown

Take your girlfriend or wife downtown to walk around and look at the cute little shops that often inhabit downtown city centers. The two of you can have fun walking around the area, browsing in stores and window shopping. As long as you don’t give in to impulse buys, this is a fairly cheap date idea and you never know if you will discover a new favorite place to shop or a great coffee shop.

94. Go to a street fair

Most cities host an annual street fair of some sort, where vendors come from all over to showcase their homemade items such as soaps and decor. Food vendors also fill the streets and provide patrons with some of their favorite fair food items. There are many things to see and explore, and these events are often have free or inexpensive admission fees.

Think outside the box

95. Babysit together

If you have nieces or nephews, offer to babysit for them. The two of you can see what it is like to take care of kids together, which is great if you are planning on having kinds together in the future.

96. Plan your dream vacation

Have you guys discussed taking a vacation together but haven’t made any serious plans? Sit down together and plan it where you will go and what you will do while you’re there!

97. Volunteer

A great date for any couple, whether you are adults or teenagers, is to spend some time volunteering. If your girlfriend or wife is an animal lover, volunteer at a local shelter and spend some time playing with animals.

98. Challenge each other to a video game

Go to Best Buy and pick out a new video game that the two of you can play together. It will be a fun way to pass the time.

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99. Write each other a love letter

For a unique date experience, sit down together and take the time to write each other a love letter. They will be a great keepsake and something you can refer to down the road as you celebrate anniversaries.

100. Dance it out

If she has been stressed out, it can also be fun to just dance out the frustrations of the day or week, Grey’s Anatomy style. Put on her favorite music and shake it, shake it off!

101. Go to the library

Take some time to browse together at your local library. To make things interesting, you could each pick out a book that you think the other would like and then talk about why you chose that specific book.

102. Put googly eyes on household objects

If you want to be silly with each other, put googly eyes on random household appliances and objects and see who can make the most random things into the cutest faces!

103. Get your palms read

For a little mystery, find a palm reader and have your palms read to determine your future together. You could also have your Tarot cards read, too.

104. Strip poker

If the two of you want to have a night in together but don’t want to spend it watching TV in your pajamas, play a spontaneous game of strip poker!

105. Redecorate your house or apartment

If you’re married or you live with your girlfriend, it could be fun to redecorate the apartment together in a style that you both enjoy. Get some inspiration by watching shows on HGTV, such as Flip or Flop or Fixer Upper. Once you have an idea of what you want your space to look like, get to shopping!

106. Visit a flea market

Flea markets are inexpensive way to spend time with one another as well as discover hidden treasures. Find an outdoor flea market and spend the day walking around, looking at things. You can even make a game out of it by pretending you’re on an episode of Flea Market Flip and talk about how you would refurbish the items you find.

107. Be a tourist

Taking the time to explore the town you live in can be a fun way to spend time together. You may think you know everything you need to know about the town you live in, but there is always the chance you could discover a new place whether it be a little corner cafe, an art gallery or the perfect bench in the part to people watch from. Try looking up tourist attractions on Google, or go to your local information center and grab some brochures. The two of you can make it a day date! Afterwards, talk about the hidden treasures in your city that surprised you.

Source: https://images.pexels.com

108. Go on a scavenger hunt

If you’re feeling particularly clever, orchestrate a scavenger hunt for your wife or girlfriend to complete. It can be as ornate or as simple as you’d like, while making her feel special that you would go to such lengths for a date.

109. Visit Ikea and decorate your dream home together

Anyone that has visited an Ikea before knows that you can spend hours wandering around the store, even though it feels like mere minutes. Stroll through the store together and talk about how you would decorate your dream home.

110. Build something

Nothing says love and patience like trying to build something with your significant other. This is especially true if you made a spontaneous purchase on your Ikea date because the instructions that accompany Ikea furniture are a nightmare to follow!

111. Visit open houses

Does your city put on a Parade of Homes to showcase work done by home builders in the area? If so, plan a day where you go around to the open house and see what’s out there. Even if the two of you aren’t ready to purchase or build a home, it is a fun experience to get an idea of what you both like. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can make up alter egos for when realtors ask you questions.

Couple date ideas

112. Invite other couples to go to an escape room

Escape Rooms are extremely popular these days. Escape Rooms are designed to test people’s wits and see if they can figure out the puzzle. Get some couples together to form a team and plan a night out to conquer the mystery of the escape room.

113. Invite friends over to play board games

If you want to plan a laid-back date, invite some friends over for pizza and board games. It will be a good time for everyone.

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114. Play a game of Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a fun game that can help you get to know each other. Think of some tough questions and see if you guys agree on your answers!

115. Play truth or dare

Planning a date night with other couples offers an excellent opportunity to play a successful game of truth or dare. Get crafty with your dares and your questions, and be prepared to learn knew things about each other.

Be spontaneous and have fun together

Whether the fun things you plan for you date with your girlfriend are spontaneous or planned out, it is important to enjoy your time together. Make an effort to minimize screen time and focus on one another, and no matter what you do, you're guaranteed to have fun!