9 Tips To Cover Up A Hickey Quickly And Easily

If you spent some time with your significant other and need to cover up a hickey, here are nine quick, easy tips on how to keep your parents from seeing it.

By Rose Elementary
9 Tips To Cover Up A Hickey Quickly And Easily

Hickey Nightmare

So you just had an awesome overnight date with your significant other or you just got home from an amazing date. The last thing you need is for your parents to see the giant hickey on your neck. Here are some tips on the many ways on how to cover up your hickey and hide it from your parents until it fades away.

1. How To Cover A Hickey With Make Up

If makeup is already a part of your daily routine, adding your neck to the long list of things you have to apply makeup too should be no big deal. It's one of the best ways to hide your hickey from your parents. Concealer alone won't totally cover up the bruise. Try covering the area with an orange based lipstick and then using concealer over that. It should do the trick and your parents won't even notice! Just make sure to blend the makeup used to cover up across your whole neck to hide the spot completely.

2. Wear a Turtleneck

Turtlenecks have totally made a comeback, which means it won't look weird when you sport one after your overnight romp with your significant other. The high neck is perfect to cover up your hickey, especially the night after it happened. Next time you go shopping, add a few cute turtlenecks to your collection, just in case. Make sure you wear them regularly and not just when you have a hickey, though, because people will definitely make a big deal about it! Turtlenecks even come in cute crop tops now. You don't have to sacrifice fashion for practicality!

3. Wear a Scarf

Scarves are an accessory that every person should have. This works best in the wintertime, but there are scarves that work year round. Keep your closet stocked with these important articles of clothing just in case you need to cover up a hickey. Tying a tasteful scarf around your neck before you leave the house will keep your parents off your case, and no one will even notice that you've got a hickey hiding under there.

4. How to Cover Up a Hickey by Styling Your Hair

If you're short on time and your hair is long, keep it down and style it so it falls in front of your shoulders. As long as your hickey isn't too far forward, your hair should cover the hickey perfectly. This is also an excuse to show off your hair, so make sure it looks good. Try experimenting with straight and curly hairstyles. If people are distracted by how awesome your hair looks, they won't notice the hickey you're trying to cover up!

5. Use a Bandage

It's not ideal, but an adhesive bandage will work to cover a hickey in a pinch. Most first aid kits or bandage boxes come with the super tiny ones that are barely noticeable. As long as your significant other didn't leave a massive hickey on your neck, the small bandage should be able to cover things up until the hickey disappears. If anyone asks why you have a bandage on your neck, say you scratched yourself or tweezed a stray hair too hard. Just don't admit the bandage is actually there to cover up a hickey.

6. Wear Jewelry

If you've got a pair of huge bangle earrings and a sexy choker just burning a hole in your jewelry drawer, now is the time to break them out. Not only will the jewelry take attention away from your hickey, but it'll cover it up as well. Your necklace and earrings have to be big enough to cover your hickey, so be sure to add some large pieces to your collection if you haven't already. Plus, who doesn't love a choker? It's cute and perfect for pretending you didn't get a hickey last night.

7. How To Cover Up Hickeys With Ice

If you have a little extra time to spare, apply ice to your hickey as soon as you get home. The ice treats the hickey the same way it does any other bruise. This method might not make the hickey disappear completely, but it should shrink it and help with the coloring enough that you won't have too much trouble hiding it from your parents.

8. Massage the Skin Around the Hickey

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Getting the blood flowing around your hickey can help it disappear faster. You can use a toothbrush or even a lipstick cap to push down and massage the skin around your hickey. Apply enough pressure to get your blood flowing but not so much that you give yourself an even worse hickey. This will help the hickey disappear naturally, so you won't need to worry about hiding it as much or for as long.

9. Wear a Sweatshirt

This tip works best in wintertime or when you're going somewhere with the AC cranked up, but sweatshirts usually fall high enough on your neck that it'll cover up all the hickeys that you want to hide from your parents. Plus, it's super cute to duck your head into your sweatshirt like you're a turtle, and no one will be able to see your neck that way!

Cover Up Your Hickey

Having to hide a hickey from your parents and from all the other people who might see it is frustrating and stressful, but it's not the end of the world. Try any of these nine tips to cover up your hickey and no one will be able to see it!