8 Obvious Signs To Tell If I Am In Love With Someone

Ways and signs that tells if I am in love with prospective date

By Angelieh D. R.
8 Obvious Signs To Tell If I Am In Love With Someone

Am I In Love Or Lust?

Are you really in love with that special someone?

In our modern world, everything moves so fast. Everything changes in the blink of an eye. Technology had made things easier and more convenient. You and I can take more time to develop ourselves and build an amazing career. Love and family can come in later. Why not just be young, single and happy while enjoying life?

Then suddenly, you meet this special someone. He or she is like no one you have ever known before - his or her's presence in your life is like the blooming of a bright, colorful patch of flowers in the wintry garden of your love life. Is it real or is just physical attraction? How can you know that what you're feeling for that special someone is the real deal: "Is it love?"

8 Signs That Tell If I Am In Love

Discerning if you are really in love is difficult.

Contemplating if you are in love with someone can be a heart-wrenching experience. Maybe you have just gotten used to the habit and simplicity of the single life. You do not want to mess up the rhythm and create complications in your life. 

Or maybe you just don't want to get your heart broken by that someone that you have been fantasizing about. Nothing will come out of second-guessing yourself or thinking about possible disastrous outcomes. Focus on the present and let the dice fall where they may. Here is a list that would help you reflect on whether or not you are really falling in love.

Am I In Love With Him

Women value emotional connection.

Women are emotional beings, and you know how much you can tend to overthink things - most especially when it comes to men and your love life. You value emotional connection, openness, and reliability as evidenced by your need for long, open conversations and to see a potential partner give time and effort for you. 

Women are also stereotypically identified as the sex that falls in love first. With this in mind, you may find that you have been holding yourself back and preventing yourself from falling in love too fast. You might have also wanted to listen to your rational side first before letting your heart take the reins. 

1. You feel free to be yourself around him

He has seen and loved all sides of you.

Your friends call you a weirdo and a dork, they might seem like mean nicknames but you actually own it. You are proud of your Lord of the Rings collectibles, your Harry Potter wands, or your complete set of Game of Thrones books and DVDs. You might even have a hobby of collecting insects and labeling their specimen jars, and guess what? He is very much into you - all.

He has seen you at your worst and at your best and he has let you feel nothing but love and acceptance, no judgments. He likes you for who you are and you feel free to be completely real and open when you're with him.

2. You feel consistently happy when you are together

Happiness is a sure thing when you are together.

Even if it is just a trip to the movies, a simple dinner date with home-cooked meals, or a short stroll to the park, you are completely and absolutely happy. Whatever the activity, whatever time or place it might be as long as you are together with him, you feel like you could ask for nothing more.

He's not perfect. He has own flaws and sometimes you fight and disagree but you make up anyway and go back to your blissful self. He gifts you every day with his time and attention and you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

3. You consider him as one of the best things in your life

He is good for you.

You realize that you are not a perfect being and sometimes you have thought about how someone can love for who you are with all your flaws and insecurities. You are still in the progress of reaching your dreams and busy working hard to build a life that you want. You have so many trials and challenges that you face every day. Despite all of this, you still say "life is good" - and all because he is there. 

When you think of goodness and happiness, he comes into your mind. When you are troubled and burdened by worries, you think of spending with him and your difficulties lighten. He is one of the best things in your life, and maybe you do love him for it. 

Am I In Love With Her

Guys can also contemplate about love.

Men, on the other hand, has been stereotypically portrayed for generations as the sex that falls in love last, if he falls in love at all. As a guy, you might be conscious about thinking about your feelings for that special girl because it is not a manly thing to do. But being honest to yourself and being brave to face your emotions are actually sure signs of maturity and personal strength.

4. You remember every important detail even if it's small

You remember her favorite song.

Studies have commented on how men's brains are very different from women's brains. Men are said to have a "box for nothing" in their brains that allow their minds to drift off and think about nothing. This may be related to how men are stereotyped as the forgetful ones.

As a guy, one of the signs that can tell you that you are in love with a girl is when you start to remember little, valuable details from the times that spent with her. It may be her favorite bands, the flavor of ice cream that she likes, or her mom's birthday. All these little things are important especially when you know that remembering them will make her happy.

5. You consider her a good influence

She makes you better.

You might have been living your whole life surrounded by guy friends who have been with you through thick and thin. They may also have more influence and power over your life and the man that you have become, than some of your actual family members. Then, she enters your life. 

You listen to her and you value her ideas and opinions when it comes to significant aspects of your life, even in the small things - like where to eat breakfast and what gift would be great for your parents' wedding anniversary. You might not like to admit it out loud but she has made you want to become a better person. 

6. You feel that your world revolves around her

Your life would be incomplete without her in it.

Before, your routine was work, gym, house, or a regular night out with your guy friends. All you had to figure out was how to impress your boss, how many reps to do on the free weights machine, or how to get back at your buddy for pranking on your last night out. But when she came into your life, the gravity of your world shifted to make herself the magnetic center of your life.

Even if that's the case, you absolutely, positively do NOT mind. You love to give her all the time and attention she needs, anything to make her smile and laugh. You value being there for her and keeping her comfortable and happy. 

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Am I In Love With My Best Friend?

Do you love him or her more than just as a friend?

Realizing that you might be developing romantic feelings for your best friend is a scary thing to go through. You can feel the attraction leading you to desire more than friendship but you do not want to risk the years of friendship that you built. Still, you can't help but daydream of the possibilities as you listen to Jason Mraz' and Colbie Caillat's "Lucky."

7. They get you jealous when they talk about a potential love interest

You talk happily unless it's about his or her's crush.

Before when your best friend talks about that beautiful girl or that handsome guy that he or she was crushing on. You were simply happy and supportive that your best friend has found love. Now, you feel irritated and jealous that your closest friend is being attracted to someone else. 

You feel possessive and want to keep your best friend to yourself. After all, who has been with him or her since the beginning? It was you who have been there during the good times and the bad. So why couldn't they just see wonderful and loveable you are?

8. They become the leading man or woman of your life

You know deep inside that you are attracted to your best friend romantically.

Another sure sign that you are falling for your best friend is when you look at him or her, you no longer see a dorky, sidekick. You no longer see the snot-nosed, crying kid that you grew up. Instead, in the kid's place, you see the side character that has transformed to become the leading man or woman of your life. 

He or she is no longer just a best friend. You are attracted to both their physical and inner beauty. After all, you have known each other for a long time. You know the kind of fun adventures that you can have together. And you know that you could rely on him or her to be there for you no matter what. 

Am I In Love Quiz

Try out this checklist to see if you are truly in love with your special someone. 

Quiz yourself: are you in love?

  • Would you say that you are addicted to this person? All you ever want to talk about, think about, and see if this person. 
  • Do you want your closest friends and family to like this person as you do?
  • Even when you experience disappointments and failures, you cannot help but be happy and celebrate this person's success and accomplishments?
  • Does he or she really like you the same way that you are absolutely into them?
  • Every time that you are a part or have not seen each other for a long time, you feel a deep sense of longing?
  • Because of this person's presence in your life, do you see yourself as someone changed for the better - in your self-perception, values, habits, etc.?
  • Do you experience jealousy because of that person - in that you trust him to look at you, and only you?

If you checked all of the signs mentioned above, then you are positively in love. The seven signs given above are from a list of research-based indicators that you have really found love. 


Take the leap and tell that special someone how you feel.

Figuring out whether or not you're in love with the person that you're attracted to will need you to make a serious internal reflection. It might be terrifying to think of what comes after: is it acceptance or rejection? You will never know if you will not try.

If you have gotten a perfect score in the quiz above, then why not take the leap and express your feelings to the person that you love. Even if the person does not feel the same way, he or she will still remain an important part of your life. 

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