10 ways to know if your crush likes you back!

Read these signs on how to tell if your crush likes you too

By Evelyn
10 ways to know if your crush likes you back!

Follow the signs

Crushes are great, right? They give you a kind of purpose every day. You get excited just with the possibility of seeing them (even from afar), You think you're going to pass out each them they acknowledge you and talk to you. Aren't you a little bit curious to know if he likes you back? Wouldn't it be great if your feelings could be reciprocated? How can you tell if your crush likes you back?

It's kind of hard to know for sure if he likes you back because sometimes people (in hopes of not getting hurt) hide their feelings so well it seems that you don't even exist to them. Why? Well, could be it's their defense mechanism or they're very shy or they're convinced that you're way out of their league. It's crazy, right? Why would he go out of his way to not show you how he feels?

On the other side, there are men that will leave you little clues or hints about their feelings. Signs that you can follow.

Telling if your crush likes you

Once someone new caught your eye you wonder, or better yet, want to know if he likes you back. You start to overanalyze every single behavior towards you. Did he smile like that just for me? During our conversation, did he just hint that he would like to go out? Is he touching my arm too often? Was his behavior tonight for my benefit? Soooo many questions and doubts, how can you be sure?

This inner conflict has to end, you have to know for sure if he likes you back, You want to know if you should leave your light on for him or if it's time to forget it and move on. The uncertainty is not doing anything good for you, it's making you anxious and you don't want that. Well, you can follow the signs. What signs? You may ask. 

There are some signs (some are very subtle) some are not, You just have to pay attention to them and use them to assess with some certainty if your crush like you back. Here's a list of signs to tell if your crush likes you too.

1. He stares or steal glances at you... a lot

He's crafty about it because he does it when you're totally unaware. This constant staring is one of the biggest signs that he like you too. Lately, have you caught him staring at you for no reason at all? Has he done that a lot? This is good news for you, he likes looking at you so it's safe to assume that he has a big crush on you too. Yeah! smiley 

2. He wants to know everything there is about you

He likes to research things about you, he either pumps your friends for information or he just ask you. It's not that he's asking very personal questions, he's just interested to know about your interest and hobbies, what plans you have for the future. You won't have an idle conversation with him, like talk about the weather, he'll want to know things about your family, how was it growing up in your city, what do you do in your free time. He'll want to know what's your pet's name or what your favorite color is. 

3. He has a permanent smile when he talks to you

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You're spending time with him, he's excited and can't stop smiling. When a person is happy to be in the company of someone close to his heart, it shows. The smile is the consequence. smileyHe is genuinely enjoying himself and the time he's spending with you. Also, have you noticed that whenever you laugh, he laughs too?
He could be doing it on purpose so you notice him but he could also not even be aware that he's doing it. He does it unconsciously. Pay attention next time, you're in a group of friends, if he laughs with you, at the same time just because, that could be a sign that he likes you too.

4. When you talk, he pays attention

He really pays attention whenever you're talking. You can check this because he actually has a conversation with you, he hangs onto your every word so it's not just you talking, he's asking questions and returning compliments and if you were to ask him what you said 20 minutes ago, he would be able to tell exactly what.

By paying attention to what you say and do, they're getting to know you That's a great sign that your crush likes you too. 

How to tell if your crush likes you over text

Technology and especially smartphones have played a key role in today's relationships. How many people have met through dating apps or sites and have started intense communications with their significant other by text messages? At least thousands right? Text messages provide a great way of telling someone you like him, you just have to pay attention to the way the words are put together or the kind of emojis his sending you.wink

It's kind of hard to be absolutely sure if your crush likes you back just by a text message, but there are clues that can get you closer to knowing. It's easier for some people to communicate via text message or email. He may be too shy to say something complimentary to you in person, so it's easy to send you a text.

There are some signs that can clue you in.

5. He replies to you quickly after you send him a message

When someone sends you a message if you're interested or a good friend you'll text them back maybe not immediately but eventually. When he's very interested in you, his replies to your messages are going to be almost instantly, he won't wait a half hour or oven 10 minutes to reply, He'll do it in a very acceptable time frame. Or better yet, he'll call you. That should clue you in, there's a very high probability that he likes you back.

6. You're his first text in the morning and his last at night

It's fair to say that you're on his mind pretty much the 24 hours of the day. So it's natural for him to send you a text first thing in the morning just to wish you a good day. That's pretty nice, right? Who wouldn't want to receive a short and sweet message from a crush early in the morning? And then when the day is almost over you're his last thought, so there goes another message wishing you sweet dreams. Yep, he likes you back.

7. He tries to create a close connection to you

He gets you and that feels nice, right? How do you know? He's always sending you something via text to make you laugh. Has he sent you emojis that are only funny to the two of you? It's like an inside joke where he references a special time you two share or maybe he's giving you a nickname. By giving you a nickname he's trying to connect with you, (nicknames are a great flirting tool), it's a thing that only the two of you can share and that's awesome. You can be sure your crush really likes you.

How to tell if your crush likes you through his body language

Men are pre-programmed to send some physical signs when they're interested in you. So telling if your crush likes you back by observing his body language should be fairly easy or not? To know for sure, you'll have to pay close attention to some body signs he sends when you're near.

8. When he sits, he entire body is facing you

It's not just his face, it's his entire body. If he likes you, his shoulder, knees, and feet are going to be in a straight line with you when he's sitting. He wants to get closer to you. He'll also sit with his legs slightly open. It's his way of letting you have a look at what he has to offer.wink

9. He fiddles with his shirt, hair or face

When you enter the room he does a once over and then he starts touching his hair or re-arranging his shirt or he starts touching his face while looking at you. If he 's really interested in you he'll stroke his cheek up and down with the back of his fingers. He'll also touch his ears or rub his chin.

Have you noticed this body language in your crush? They're a sure sign he likes you back.

10. He'll do his best to attract your attention

It can be as subtle as adjusting his tie or smoothing his hair or as loud and boisterous as turning into a clown. If he's doing all kinds of exaggerated movements or talking extremely loud, he's trying to stand out of the group with the only purpose that you notice him. 

He could also decide to stand apart from his group of friends so you could see he's an individual.

Top 3 quizzes to try to see if your crush likes you too

Are you missing any sign that your crush is putting out to tell you he likes you too? Most probably, so why not take a quick quiz to know for sure the current situation with your crush? Choose between these 3 top quiz options.

1. The 60 second test to see if your crush likes you

The 60 second test to see if your crush likes you

2. Does your crush like you?

Does your crush like you?

3. Does your crush likes you back?

Does your crush likes you back?

Tips to encourage your crush to confess he likes you

Approaching a guy you like and asking him right out if he likes you too is a bit brash and not for everyone. The good news is that there are ways to get him to admit or confess he likes you too without being obvious. How can you do it? Here are some tips.

Build up his trust

Opening up can be hard for most guys, so the first thing you need to do is gain his trust. If he sees you as a trustworthy person it'll be easier for him to open up and talk about his feeling for you.

Don't over-talk, be a good listener

Ladies a little bit less talk and more listening. Believe it or not guys like to talk too. That is their way of trying to impress you, by letting him talk too, you'll learn things about him. Don't be conversation hoarders, listen for a while.

Be your beautiful and amazing selves

Let him know the real you, don't pretend to be someone you're not. Eventually, your real personality will show up and he'll be confused and won't know what to do. Don't embellish anything. 

Let him miss you once in a while

Don't be overbearing, if you're always around you're not giving him the opportunity to miss you, and if he doesn't miss how's he going to realize that he likes you too?


If you want to know for sure if the guy you have a crush on is into you, you'll need to be very crafty and follow all the signs we mentioned before. They'll help you asses the situation so you can take action. If you want him to admit it first, follow the tips, learn his trust, listen and don't change who you are.

Good luck!

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