The Top 7 Embarrassing Questions On Armpit Hair Answered

Providing you answers to embarrassing answers that you tried to Google with no avail

By Adina Mazilu
The Top 7 Embarrassing Questions On Armpit Hair Answered

It’s not a secret that everyone has underarms and, if you’ve already gone through that horrible time known as puberty, you should also grow hair in that area. For some people, this is an embarrassing topic but unfortunately, it’s part of our daily lives and shouldn’t actually be like this. Especially when people have so many questions regarding it.

This is why, in this article, we have decided to answer some of your embarrassing questions on armpit hair that you are probably too ashamed to ask out loud. We will divulge the scientific reason behind armpit hair, how to deal with odor, whether or not you should shave, and many other things that will certainly be of great interest to you. Here we go!

Understanding the Use of Armpit Hair

First and foremost, before starting to answer those very interesting and seemingly embarrassing questions on armpit hair that you might have, it’s important to know a little bit about the science behind our bodies. Like everything else, armpit hair exists there for a very specific reason. Most scientists believe that it’s an evolutionary thing, something that has stayed on our bodies since prehistoric times when humans had a lot of hair that was meant to protect them from the dangers of nature.

Other opinions talk about armpit hair as a barrier between sweat and the skin that is meant to reduce the dampness and therefore bacteria from striving in that area. When bacteria remain on the skin for too long, it breaks down your sweat into smelly chemicals. Hence, the body odor we all hate and want to get rid of. So, now that we know the history of it all, it’s time to answer your questions on armpit hair.

The Top 7 Embarrassing Questions On Armpit Hair Answered

1. What to do when my armpit still smells even after I put on deodorant?

It may not seem like it but this is a very common issue that people face. Let’s say you shower daily, put on deodorant and a few minutes later you notice that your armpits are still smelling. Well, this is usually because you are using deodorant and not an antiperspirant. The difference between them is that a deodorant covers up the smell and removes the stinky bacteria that causes it, while an antiperspirant reduces the amount of sweat we produce by blocking the pores in your underarm.

However, like many other products, these also contain chemicals that can cause serious health issues in time, like parabens. So, if you want to stay safe and avoid smelling, try using more natural solutions. For example, mix baking soda with cornstarch and essential oil and applying it on your armpits. Another good option is lemon juice or baby powder.

2. There is a trend of girls keeping armpit hair. Should I keep my armpit hair or trim it?

When it comes to these kinds of questions, there is no right or wrong answer. The whole idea here is to do what makes you feel good. Regardless of what these trends are saying, you are the one who should decide how to treat her body, and this includes keeping or removing armpit hair. If you feel better or cleaner without it, shave it off. If you would rather keep it (because it prevents body odor as it creates a barrier between the sweat and the skin), do just that. Nobody should blame or make fun of your personal choices that involve your own body. Keep that in mind!

3. Should I (as a guy) be trimming my armpit hair?

Again, there is no wrong or right answer to this. It’s definitely a similar case with the previous question where nobody should really tell you what to do with your body. Yes, there may be that idea regarding manliness and keeping your armpit hair, but if it bothers you or the others, you should definitely trim it. Or the other scenario where you feel a lot better without any hair at all in that area, so you shave it. It’s your choice and gender shouldn’t matter. As a guy, you shouldn’t be ashamed to have any armpit hair at all, the same way you shouldn’t be ashamed if you do have it. Your body, your rules.

4. Why is my skin dark after I shave my armpit hair?

This is another common problem that many people have been met with. Let’s say you just shaved and you notice that your armpit skin is darker than the rest of your skin. Well, in some cases, it can be something called acanthosis nigricans. It affects a lot of people and darkens and thickens certain parts of the body, like the underarms. However, usually, this issue appears in overweight or diabetic people, so if you’re none and still experience a darkening of the skin, then it may also be genetic. Moreover, naturally dark-skinned people usually have darker underarms, so it’s not a reason to worry if that’s your case.

If you want to naturally try and lighten your underarms, you can try lemon juice, cucumber, orange peel, turmeric or coconut, and tea tree oil. If your underarms are still darker than the rest of your body, you may also want to visit a doctor.

5. Why do I have armpit rashes?

Armpit rashes are common and are often caused by hot water or sweat during those hot summer months. Also, skin problems like eczema and psoriasis can cause it too. Moreover, cosmetics, deodorants or even detergents can cause them if you are allergic to certain ingredients they contain.

6. Should I share my razor with anyone else?

No, this is a big no-no! That blade contains your dead skin cells and bacteria and by no means you should share it with anyone else, no matter how close. Severe infections can happen if you do this, even if it’s just for one time. In fact, never share any of your personal hygiene tools and products with anyone else because you probably don’t want any infections, fungi or bacteria, right?

7. What to do about ingrown armpit hair?

Many people struggle with ingrown armpit hair. This is because of the hair follicles that are blocked due to regular shaving or skin secretion buildup. Because of this issue, hairs no longer grow normally and outwards, but instead, they curl back and enter the skin again. When they start growing under the skin, that’s when you realize that you have ingrown hairs.

The issue here is that these ingrown hairs can become painful and sometimes even infected. They can cause severe rashes and itches. Fortunately, you can deal with this problem at home. Firstly, you can buy anti-itch creams and lotions in order for you to stop scratching the area. Then you need to exfoliate your skin before shaving so you can prevent ingrown hairs and then apply an antiseptic.

If you choose to visit a doctor, they can free the ingrown hairs using a sterile needle or prescribe steroid creams and antibiotic tablets, in case you have an infection.

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So, it seems that at least some of your embarrassing armpit hair questions have been finally answered. Keep in mind that there should be no shame in this completely natural thing that everyone has and that nobody should tell you how to treat your own body. All in all, try to be more open about it, ask if you feel like something is wrong in that area and wear your hair however you want. Most importantly, you should never be too ashamed to reveal an issue if you feel like it might be serious. Infections or many other problems can be discovered if a doctor simply looks at your armpits. Health is the most important thing you have, so don’t throw it away for fear of what the others will say.