Pubic Hair: Basic Care And Maintenance For Your Private Part

A private self-care affair for a much-neglected area of your body

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Pubic Hair: Basic Care And Maintenance For Your Private Part

For some reason, the moment our first pube manages to make its way out, we’re trained to make it go away. Be it waxing, shaving or chemicals – after some time we become slaves to these techniques and we feel ashamed to be seen with that area being hairy.

“Pubic hair patterns vary widely, according to one’s age, ethnicity, and most importantly, their own individuality, Although the trend at this time encourages grooming, or even removal, of pubic hair, it should be a decision one makes for themselves.”

~ Katy Burris, ColumbiaDoctors Dermatologist

Since it is a personal preference, let’s dig a little deeper to explore more options to take better care of it and groom it.

Understanding The Purpose Of Pubic Hair In Human

Why do we have pubic hair? Well, our body has its way of protecting itself. It serves the purpose of arranging a soft surface against friction that might injure the sensitive area. It also protects against skin abrasion, uninvited pathogens, and bacteria. It is also a result of the adolescent hormones buildup. 

Basic Care Of Pubic Hair

Basic care of pubic hair – well that rhymes! I’m sorry I had to mention the rhyming there… now coming back to the topic. For an unknown reason, the basic care of pubic hair isn’t a topic that people feel comfortable talking about.

If you decide to rock those pubes, you have a few options.

1. Go Natural

Deciding to go natural is the option that daring people take yet it is one of the most comfortable options! It doesn’t cause any sort of discomfort, saves you the pain of always worrying about the hair growing back and of course saves you hundreds of bucks that others spend on feeding the genital hair removal industry. If you’re new to this, the hair down there won’t grow to a wild length so don’t fear to become Rapunzel but embrace the length and rock it.

2. Grooming

There are techniques to groom pubic hair if you decide to let them stay. Not getting rid of the hair doesn’t mean you can’t style it because if it’s hair we’re dealing with, styling can never be out of the question. After all, guys do shape their facial hair to look attractive, why can’t we pamper our Taco! Some of the options are to trim the hair, oil it or wax/shave some parts of it and leave a shape. If you do decide to work with scissors or blades, don’t forget to disinfect it using alcohol wipes. 

What to do with pubic hair: Trimming or Waxing?


Trimming is one of the safest and easiest ways to get rid of the unwanted pubic hair or style them. A lot of women prefer trimming over waxing as it is not at all as painful as waxing. Moreover unlike waxing, you do not need to go to a salon, you can easily trim the hair at home yourself. However drawbacks of trimming are faster regrowth of pubic hair and not having the smooth bare vagina. If you want to shorten the length, trim the excess hair using scissors. After you have trimmed the excess hair, clean the part of your skin where you want to remove the hair from. It is also extremely important to exfoliate the area to get rid of any dead skin cells clogging the hair.

If you are not too sure about using a scissor, you can directly use a trimmer. You also have the option of the waterproof trimmer to use it in the shower. Before using a trimmer, moisturize the part of the skin from where you want to trim the hair. You can use cream or shower gel to moisturize the skin. If the hair isn’t completely trimmed, you can shave it again in the direction opposite to the hair grains this time. Apart from scissors and trimmer, you can also use a razor to give that area a clean and groomed look.


Ouch! Waxing sure is painful but just the thought of waxing the bikini area sends a shiver down my spine. Regardless of the pain, you must have heard countless women recommending this technique. I’m sure some of these women just suggest it to get back at you for some grudge they have against you but other than that, it really has gotten popular and for the right reasons too. Some of the most evident cons are the pain and the weird experience of lying naked in front of a complete stranger who will wax the area for you. If you can get over the aforementioned discomfort, there really isn’t a reason for you to not choose waxing over any other hair removal technique.
Hair removal creams are known to darken the skin and shaving makes the hair thicker and stronger; not to mention the speedy growth back rate that accompanies both these techniques. Waxing takes off the dead skin layer which leaves the skin brighter, the hair that grows back is softer and you can go weeks without having to worry about the pointy hair poking out. You will also notice that the hair isn’t as bushier as it used to be. Women who wax have all said that it is completely and absolutely worth the pain. So, at least try it once before making up your mind against it!

The answer

The answer to this actually depends on the preference of each individual. If rocking the hair is what you like, definitely go for trimming. If you don’t want the headache of maintaining it down there, even though waxing is painful and uncomfortable, it does leave your skin smooth for a longer period of time.

Self-Care 100%: Pubic Hair Oil

1. Fur Oil

Fur Oil - Moisturizing and ingrown

Fur oil is one of the few oils that are specifically designed for pubic hair. It’s great for sensitive skin and it will not itch or irritate at all when used on the private parts of your body. It is designed to soften the pubic hair and will also clear the pores removing the dead skin and other impurities. You cannot only use this oil for the pubic hair but it is also used for eyebrows especially if you have coarse eyebrows. Fur oil has been recognized as an all-purpose product and is a great oil to soften the hair.

2. Bush balm oil

Plant Therapy Balm Mint Bush

Bush balm oil is an amazing oil for the aftercare of the pubic hair. After waxing or even trimming, most women get redness or razor burns. You can use this oil to soothe the redness and any irritation you feel as a result of waxing or trimming of pubic hair. There are also bush balm scrubs you can use to scrub off the dead skin. Your pubic hair will feel softer than ever after using this oil and scrub. The hair will be smoother and softer than before if you continue using this oil on a regular basis.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil having antibacterial properties. It has antibacterial plus antifungal properties due to which it is also highly recommended for acne treatment. Using tea tree oil on ingrown hair will help them loosen up and will also reduce the post waxing or post trimming inflammation. You can mix the tea tree oil in warm water and apply it directly to the pubic hair on your private parts.

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There are plenty of ways to effectively remove pubic hair from your private parts


Pubic hair is the natural hair on our private parts. The main purpose of pubic hair is basically to prevent our private parts from bacteria and other infections. However as part of our self-grooming and hygiene, we remove the pubic hair when they have grown too much. The most common ways to remove these hairs are waxing, shaving or trimming. You can get bikini wax however waxing is a painful method to get rid of the hair but still gives best and long-lasting results. Trimming is easier, less painful and works for many people too. There are also many oils available in the market to soften and loosen up the pubic hair such as the fur oil which is also recommended by the famous Hollywood celebrity, Emma Watson. If you don't want to shave the hair, you can trim them in any different shapes as well. Hope this guide helped your pubic needs!

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