The use of Chamomile essential oil in our everyday life

How Chamomile essential oil can benefit us on a day to day basis

By Sameet
The use of Chamomile essential oil in our everyday life

Introduction to Chamomile essential oil

The pretty flowers of Chamomile are a pleasant sight to our eyes, not only this, but these flowers have been useful over the centuries due to their amazing actions on our body by the oil extracted by them.

The essential oil being nature's precious gift has a very charming scent to it. It is like a blend of apple-like fragrance with a sweet sensation to the user. It even sounds very soothing, doesn't it? It has been proven only second best to Lavender, but Chamomile is becoming popular by the day due to its properties inflicting nature's pleasant effects directly on the body. 

Let’s take a look at the scientific side to get a better understanding of this essential oil. It takes origin from a plant called Arthemis nobilis. It has many variants like Roman Chamomile oil, German chamomile oil, Moroccan chamomile oil and Blue chamomile oil. These essential oils are extracted by the process of steam distillation. Ancient people of Egypt and Rome have been using the properties of this oil in therapeutics and as strewing and aromatic agents. With time, the oil was refined and more benefits came along with it. 

Benefits and uses for Chamomile essential oil

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Merely the words ‘essential oil’ speak for themselves as we all know the qualities they hold. Speaking of benefits, the more we enlist, the less they are when it comes to Chamomile. This amazing gift of nature is a way to a quality life, literally.

Desire the absolutely relaxing and healthy lifestyle hacks? You’re in for a treat.

1. Skin Care

a. The acne problem

Acne, as real as it gets, is one problem which needs to be dealt with, for good. No need to deal with this agony, just a gentle dab with a few drops of Chamomile oil and voila! The painful sensation is gone before you know it.

b. Soothing irritable skin

Worried you might get a reaction on applying your favorite cosmetics? No worries now when you can ease out your skin rashes and redness along with the pain. Feel free to use your favorite products hand in hand with Chamomile essential oil and never compromise again.

c. The blemish free life

That beautiful skin has to face A LOT! Why not pamper it and help it repair with amazing healing qualities of Chamomile? Don’t let the daily struggles of your life show up on your face. Say good-bye to those dark circles and stressors hanging over your forehead.

2. Peace of Mind

Peace, what would anyone give in this modern day world just to get a little bit of this? The relaxing qualities of Chamomile aroma are unbelievable. From calming overly active children, to appeasing a pregnant woman. The sedative factor directly triggers the brain and the emotion centers, calming the nerves, and eventually the whole mind. They say, when your mind is at ease, your body will follow. 

3. Improving Digestion and Metabolism

An upset stomach is known to upset the whole body and mood. Often the stresses tend to show their effects through our metabolisms. But this won’t be a concern when you try out Chamomile as an antidote for all your stomach worries. The benefits are removing flatulence, bouts of diarrhea, bloating and what not! 

4. Season problems and Allergies

Excited about the changing weather but also worried about how the body will react? We know the hassle. Household remedies in the cold weather have proven to be beneficial as long as they are natural. But some rigid allergies still give a tough time and slow down the everyday life. It requires the properties like Antioxidant and Antimicrobial to eradicate this dilemma. These properties are the key components in the Roman version of Chamomile essential oil. Problem solved. 

5. Tackling Cancer

Encouraging results have been achieved by Chamomile extract towards cancerous cells. Exposure to normal body cells has not given any harmful results. Which means a plus point for this essential oil in the medicinal field too.

6. A way to a healthy Heart

German Chamomile oil has vasodilator properties. Lowering blood pressure, protecting the heart, relieving chances of stroke and what not! Anything that is better for the heart is better for life. 

7. Dealing with stressors

The anti-anxiety properties of Chamomile can replace the harmful medications people take for mild stresses. Not only this oil manage the tension levels in the mind but can also have a tranquilizing effect on the body.

8. Body Detoxification

Herbs and herbal drinks are always preferred to remove unwanted toxins accumulated in the body since the natural ingredients are always light on the body systems and the least harmful as well. Making a habit of consuming this oil in routine can protect you from the pollution and unhealthy food content. 

Chamomile Tea

To avail all benefits, why not make the perfect blend of Chamomile tea yourself as per your taste? Here’s a recipe to all your problems:


Chamomile flowers      3-4 Tbsps.

Mint                             1 small twig

Boiling water               1 cup


  1. Select a suitable infuser teapot. If not available, make a teabag of your own using string and thick cloth.
  2. Harvest the herbs by handpicking the flowers of Chamomile and use them on the same day. Remove the stem of the flowers for use.
  3. Heat one cup of water in the pot and add chamomile teabag. Use the flowers as they are in an infuser pot.
  4. Add mint.
  5. Finely stain the tea and serve in a cup
  6. Sip the worries away!

Using Chamomile essential oil for hair

Let’s choose a path to radiant and lustrous hair by using Chamomile extract. What a sore sight it is to see your hair getting rough in the grinds of life. Bring back that shine and delicacy in your hair and become sensational. Essential oils are the fundamental aspects of hair care and are recognized by people over the history. 

All those scalp related problems and dandruff issues letting you down? Well, cheer up and cure that dehydrated scalp and get rid of lice and other awful conditions by regularly massaging the scalp with a little oil before every wash. See the incredible change yourself, people. 

Using Chamomile essential oil for babies

Baby troubles becoming too much to handle? Help yourself by helping your little one to relax using this scented Chamomile oil. A perfect massage with few drops of this oil will not only help your baby to calm down and sleep but also leave them scented and well comforted. 

Chamomile oil is also gentle on the baby’s stomach. It improves circulation as well and helps digestion problems when other medication can prove to be harmful at such a young age. Do consult your pediatrician for detailed use. As your baby gets soothed, you will notice your relief as well. 

Using Chamomile essential oil for dogs

The man’s best friend is worthy of as much time and care as the people. Chamomile, being a very safe agent, has done wonders for dog care. Here are some of the many benefits of this essential oil for your little mate.

Calming a burdened dog

The anti-anxiety effects of Chamomile as discussed earlier, have been helpful in calming your dog as well. This depresses the overall circulatory system and brings a sense of serenity in the animal.

Irritable eyes

The anti-inflammatory effects of Chamomile tea is certified by Veterinarians to soothe the eyes of dogs when exposed with a harsh agent. This cure is done by brewing Chamomile tea and using the teabag to compress the eye.

Relieve itching

Dogs can get carried away by playing in the fields and getting irritants as a result. This can cause your poor pet a lot of pain. Wouldn’t want that for our precious little creature, do we? Immediate relief can be achieved using the essential oil. But be sure to give your local vet a visit too to rule out any serious issues.

Dog’s upset stomach

This anti-spasmodic herb can improve the motility of the gut and bring about a healthy digestive system. It also relaxes the muscles and glands which improve digestion of commercial dog food.


Nature has its way to help you in every way possible, whether it’s your body to care for or your mind. Imagine a flower looking so beautiful, it can only do well for your skin. Why not try such a convenient way to improve your life as a whole? The ideal and simplest way to treat your body and your soul together.