Is Lavalife For You?: An Honest Review On

Here's what you need to know before your match finding experience.

By Sylvia Epie
Is Lavalife For You?: An Honest Review On

What Is

In today’s digital world where everything is a click and swipe away, people meet, interact, and communicate in so many different ways. Gone are the days when to meet someone you had to be introduced to each other by a mutual friend or relative, now both women and men are more vocal about what they want and are hands-on in finding it. This is what most online dating platforms capitalize on, but since there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, there’s a dating website for every need. That’s why there are so many of them ( in case you were wondering). is a dating website with a non-conventional and unique approach to online dating, it may not be as famous as other mainstream dating websites but its users say Lavalife is on a lane of its own. has peculiar features that make it stand out from the pack. Its selling point is that it offers multi-platform dating services to singles whatever their preference. Over 700,000 messages are sent every day on Lavalife and the site boasts more than 1.7 million members.  Generally, most dating sites are either very traditional, focusing on people who want to find their soul mate and get married like and eHarmony or servicing those who just want to hook-up like Plenty of Fish and Grindr but Lavalife targets both ends of the dating spectrum.  

Founded by four friends in a Toronto basement in 1987, long before online dating became a thing, Lavalife started as a phone dating service and later transitioned to an online platform after 10 years of servicing clients across the US and Canada. In 2001, the company introduced its present unique concept to fill a gap in the online dating scene and connect people from every background. is based on the concept that, even though you’re in search of your better half, you might still like to hook-up from time to time and one should not get in the way of the other. You can create separate profiles on their platform and have access to the best of both worlds with a few clicks.

What Are The Features of

1.Sign-Up Process

Creating a profile on Lavalife is pretty straight forward, it takes only about 10 minutes to get everything set up. To sign-up, you’ll need to upload a recent photo ( not older than 3 months) and answer a series of questions designed to ease the matching. There are also questions to help eliminate bots and scamming, to fast track the process there’s an option to sign up with your Facebook profile. 

During the sign-up process, you’re required to confirm your identity and identify your sexual preference, once you have filled in all the necessary information matching recommendations are made right away. Lavalife will find matches closer to your registered location. 

2. Membership and Messaging

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When you upgrade to a paid membership, you can create multiple profiles in different categories, ranging from Relationships, Dating, and Encounters. You Can also easily navigate between these profiles without having to sign out from any of them. With a free membership, you can send ‘’smiles’’, initiate contact, and respond to messages even from paid users.

Membership gives access to features such as instant messaging, photo sharing, video greetings, gallery views, and the “Call Me” feature. It also unleashes certain privacy features like looking at a person’s profile in ninja mode (invisibility).

What Is Its Edge Among Other Matchmaking Applications?

3. Key Features

Lavalife stands out by having many more features that most dating sites/Apps, typically you get either or of the usual dating site features but with Lavalife, it’s all-inclusive, with lots of options to satisfy everyone. For instance, you don’t need a different platform for casual hookups and serious relationships, you get both ends of the spectrum on Lavalife.

The site and App also offer you different ways of communicating with a potential date, you could interact through video chat, instant messaging, emojis, and more. You also have the option of making payments in U.S dollars, Canadian dollars, via credit cards, PayPal, or through money order. On Lavalife, you’re always spoilt for choice.

Another unique feature is the instant technical support through the live chat feature, there’s always someone to answer your questions and guide you through the site at all times.

4. Special Features

- Additional features on Lavalife include advanced search filters to maximize matching, in all categories. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a  casual dating experience, the love of your life, or a one night stand. You get to customize each profile type to suit your needs. For example, you can be flirty on your casual dating profile, naughty on your hookup profile, and dead serious on your long term relationship profile.
Another special feature is a private photo gallery visible only to selected people, those you personally choose. 

- Lavalife has a blog containing articles on relationships, tips, and advice on how to best navigate the present dating scene without falling flat on your face. Members can submit questions to ‘’Ally’’ the blog’s relationship guru and she’ll answer. 

- There’s also a discussion forum where members can interact with each other and discuss whatever they like. You can share your opinion on ongoing threads or start a new topic at any time. This is ideal for talking to members with a similar mindset and values to yours.

- A sneak peek is one more special feature Lavalife offers, when the site recommends you to someone, you can take a sneak peek on their profile without attracting any attention, you get a quick look at the person’s interests, hobbies, zodiac sign, and character traits without them ever knowing. 

5. Safety & Security

Lavalife makes good use of advanced encryption technology to protect member's personal information and maintain anonymity when required. It’s possible to chat and interact with another member without sharing any personal information until you’re ready to do so. And you decide to, you choose what information you want to reveal and what you want to hold back. There’s a ‘’Call Me’’ feature that allows a person to call you without actually seeing your phone number, it remains completely anonymous. Lavalife goes the extra mile to guarantee user security and privacy throughout the entire online dating experience.

What Are The Costs/Fees for    

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Though it has it’s limitations you can use Lavalife for free until you decide to upgrade to a paid membership. Here’s what pricing looks like with Lavalife:

  • 1 Month$19.99
  • 3 Months$16.66 / Month 
  • 6 Months$15.00 / Month 

There’s also a premium membership that allows you to have full unlimited access to all features, tools, and resources. 

What Do The Users Have To Say About Their App Experience?

  • Kalvarym     

'' I got a bit tired of the “classic” dating sites so thought I’d give Lavalife a shot on the recommendation of a friend.


I’m having a great time trying all their different apps and video thingies. I won’t be upgrading to a paid membership though, $20 a month is crazy''.

  • skygirl99

Vancouver, Canada


'' This site remains my favorite after several years on and off various dating sites. The only thing is there doesn't

seem to be as many members as several years ago. Still, it's easy to use, has lots of information -- profiles could

maybe expand a bit. The flexible payment via credits is the best way to go -- if you get busy for a few weeks your money isn't wasted''.


  • bigbird_1  

 London, UK


Too many scammers, fake profiles, poor service

‘’ I have uncovered 3 scammers on Lavalife. I asked for Canadian local contact. Inserted my postal code but always get more American Contacts. I have requested this several times but nothing changes.’

They allow profiles on the site with no location specified. Unknown area no profile info or chemistry match.


Very unhappy with this site. I will not recommend it.’’

Is There A Difference In The Quality Of Experience Between Cis Men, Cis Women, Or Members Of The LGBT+ Community?

man kissing another man

Lavalife does not differentiate between profiles, matches are recommended solely on common interest and preference. So, the quality of experience between women, men, straight, gay, bisexual, or transgender members is the same. Though the site may appear to have a larger pool of straight singles, it is all based on general population demographics.

With Lavalife, if you’re looking for marriage, casual dating, or a booty call you’ll be matched with singles near you with similar interests, who are looking for the same thing irrespective of whether you’re straight, gay, bi-sexual or transgender.

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Lavalife’s appeal stems from the fact that it does not only cater to the long term needs of singles but also takes into consideration their short term needs and it is open to singles of all sexual orientations. Lavalife is the closest thing to a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to online dating. Simply put, whoever you are and whatever you are looking for in terms of relationships, you can find it on

And so far, Lavalife has already made thousands of connections and matches and is still growing exponentially. According to how it is stated in their slogan ‘’ If you want to be a part of a community that celebrates freedom and love, Lavalife is the place to be’’. Whether you’re looking for a booty call or to get hitched, Lavalife is for you.