Tinder Vs Pof: We Compared Both and Here Are the Rundown

Unsure which dating platform to be serious on? Read on more!

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Tinder Vs Pof: We Compared Both and Here Are the Rundown

Tinder in a Nutshell

By far the most popular dating app online. With nearly 8 million users in over 190 countries, Tinder is making couples every second. Founded in 2012, this American app aims to connect young singles through the online world. Thousands of young adults go on the app for casual hookups. This app is known for how casual it is. You rarely see people looking for a serious relationship with it. They mostly are just after a night of Netflix and chill.

Tinder gained popularity because of its easy access and registration system. Users are able to register an account within minutes and start matching with people. Its easy swipe right-and-left system is user-friendly and has become the guiding light for the other dating apps that follow.

With 34 languages available, Tinder is going as strong as the dominator of online matchmaking. They are gaining new users every day, eager to meet another exciting young single like themselves.

Pof in a Nutshell

Pof (Plenty Of Fish) is a Canadian online dating service founded in 2003. As its name suggests, there is plenty of fish in the pool. This dating app aims to attract successful young adults to find their soulmates and long-term partners. It's not a common site for hookups.

Career-driven young professionals will find loads of like-minded people on it. Available in 20 countries, it doesn't seem as powerful, but in the US, Pof is one of the best tools to find yourself a partner. Their privacy system and high-security protocol set to prevent scams and protect users' data privacy.

Pof is gaining traction everywhere in the US and has matched many long-term partners. For those looking for something serious, or at least no one will ask for sex as a conversation starter, Pof is a good option.

Tinder vs Pof: The Similarities

1. They are free

Isn't that the best part? Not a lot of people want to pay for a dating service, especially when there are so many options available. Tinder and Pof are free to get started and even with the free experience, it's still good enough for you to meet plenty of people.

They both have premium options that offer different features at different rates. Most of the time, you don't need the premium feature unless you are a power searcher or trying to look for a partner globally.

2. You can send a nudge to someone

Are you too shy to initiate but still want to let the other person know you are interested? Both apps have a "poke" feature that allows the other person to know instantly you are interested. This easy and direct feature saves time for many.

A great part of this feature is that it's subtle. You don't have to talk to the person directly and they can still know you are interested.

3. Quick sign-up process

You are able to sign up on both apps within 15 minutes. Both are catered to young adults who don't want to spend a ton of time filling out forms for registration, so the apps keep it simple for them. All you need is your username, connect it to your Facebook if you want (which is the fastest way), and set up your profile with your photos and your best features!

One thing Pof stands out from is you have to fill out a questionnaire detailing your likes and dislikes. This behavior form will serve as the guideline for their behavioral matching later. That's a feature only Pof offers but not Tinder and we will get into this part.

Tinder vs Pof: The Differences

1. Use your location to sort out users (Tinder wins)

One of the best features for Tinder is its location marker. Users are able to know exactly how far your match is away from you, whether they are on the other side of town, another city, or another suburb, the distance is shown clearly on the app.

Since Tinder caters to casual relationships and hookups, the distance shown makes a huge difference in user experience as it tells users how fast you can get to your date and if it's worth your night.

Pof, on the other hand, can only show you a pool of people in the same area or town, depending on your settings, without specifically telling you the distance the person is away from you. Even a suburb can be huge, you might not be able to get to the person so quick if you are after a hookup.

2. Behavioral matchmaking (Pof wins)

As mentioned before, Pof has a behavioral matchmaking feature that automatically sends users with similar behavioral patterns, like preferences and interests. This awesome feature saves time for users. You don't have to swipe hundreds of times before finding the one that matches your interests.

This feature is only available on Pof as it caters to those looking for serious relationships and not casual hookups, meaning your character traits are important. Exactly because of that, Pof has got you covered!

3. Compatibility score (Pof wins)

Pof shows a compatibility score of how well you will likely get along with your match. This gives the user insight into how likely this match will work out before you even start talking. The score is calculated based on your behavioral profile and your usage patterns on the app.

4. Security (Pof wins)

Fake profiles are less common on Pof because of their tighter security control, users need to verify their profile with their phone number. Whereas for Tinder, you can simply connect it to your Facebook account, which is often fake.

Following its casual traits, Tinder does not offer extra security for chat safety. Pof takes the step further and secures all chats and takes tighter control on profile creation. Pof certainly wins on security.

5. Import Facebook pictures (Tinder wins)

Everything is about the speed with Tinder, you can import photos from your Facebook easily to create your profile. For Pof, you have to that manually as it doesn't have the import option. If you are looking for speed, then Tinder is your go-to.

6. Delete messages (Pof wins)

Pof allows users to delete chat history or individual messages if they contain sensitive or personal information. All its chats are also encrypted for extra security, something Tinder can't offer. Pof is all about protecting the security of its users. They have a privacy option so users can feel safe sending messages and matching with people.

Our Preference And Why

How you find both apps depends on what you are looking for. Tinder will give you fast access to its app without a complicated identity verification process and you can match with people literally next door. It's fast and convenient. Most importantly, it's easy to use and navigate. The whole user experience is designed to cater to the needs of young singles looking for a fast match.

If you are looking for a short-term relationship or nothing serious, Tinder is the best option for you as you don't have to invest too much time in it to meet a like-minded person that also wants a hookup. However, you will be disappointed if you are looking for a soulmate. It might take you thousands of matches and countless nights to find someone also interested in marriage.

For Pof, you get a much genuine experience as users there are also looking for long-term relationships. Its behavioral analysis brings users that match with you the most to you. The set of questionnaires help the app to understand what you are looking for and will send you users based on that, rather than how far they are away from you. It certainly helps for users looking for true love, to be matched by preferences rather than distance.

Pof is also going the extra mile for user security. Everything might not go as fast as Tinder but it's also safer. Their higher security system is something that Tinder can't compete with. They offer a safe option for users to match while keeping their privacy. All their chat rooms are protected and users can delete their chat history if needed.

All in all, different users will have different experiences in both apps. For us, Pof wins simply because of how well it caters to its users and the extra steps it takes to protect them. A genuine app where you can actually meet people that take an interest in you and your life matches what we define as dating the most. An app for hookup may drift away from the idea of dating. For that, we have to give Pof a win.

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Which app is for you depends on your personal preference. Now that you have a great understanding of both apps, which one suits your needs better? Try out your favorite app to meet someone just in time for Christmas!