When Is The Right Time To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

Lost the love but he is still all over you? How do you tell him?

By Madiha
When Is The Right Time To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

Early Signs That You Want To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

If the spark of your relationship is getting dim with each passing day and there are lots of misunderstandings and disagreements it means that you are on the verge of breaking up with your boyfriend. It is the right time to step back and have a look at the littlest details of your relationship to help you understand if you should continue being with him or not. Enlisted below are some early signs to help you understand whether you should continue this relationship or not. 

You Stop Discussing

It is the first and foremost sign that you’ve stopped discussing your emotions and your feelings with him. You are not doing it intentionally but you don’t feel like discussing what’s in your heart with him anymore. You only discuss what’s important and necessary. You ask occasionally them about their day, what would they like to eat for dinner and some other basic matters are talked about. Emotional discussions and serious talks about feelings are over between you guys. 

You Start Criticizing

No matter how much constructive criticism is important in any relationship, when excessive negative criticism starts coming from one or both sides it’s about time that every move you make and every word you say becomes a red flag. If you have started being critical of everything that he does then it might be indicating that you have had enough of him and his company and finally want to step out of the relationship.

Changes in Priorities

Your priorities have taken a turn and going for grocery shopping or to a dinner date with him is not on your to-do list anymore. You don’t reply to his texts the way you did and the durations of your phone calls have also reduced drastically. You always have other plans or are busy doing things so you don’t get enough time to spend with him and make lame excuses for absence at important events in his life is a clear sign that the relationship isn’t going anywhere but to a dead end.

You are Unhappy

Happiness is what a person seeks out of a relationship. Obviously nobody is always happy, likewise, nobody is always unhappy. If you don’t look forward to meeting your significant other, their presence doesn’t make you happy and you never feel happy with them. It is a sign that it isn’t working for you and it is time to move on. 

Physical or Mental Incompatibility 

Physical and mental compatibility is very necessary for a relationship. No matter how much you love each other, if you are not physically and mentally aligned with your partner, the relationship is sure to be doomed. Love is blind, surely so, but you can’t live with good looks and beauty if your level of humor or sexual needs doesn’t match.    

What To Do If You Don’t Love Him But Still Care For Him?

The relationship can take a turn which neither of you wanted nor expected. The soul mates sharing an unbreakable bond can come to a point where the only thing left for each other is care. The love that brought them together has vanished in thin air. For those of you who have come to a point in life where there is no sign of future together but the only thing stopping you from breaking the knot is how you still care for him. Here is what you can do in situations like these

Ask Him Out

Just to make sure that you don’t love him anymore but it is just the care for him in your heart, ask him out on a date. If during this time he holds your hand, takes you for a ride and then for candlelight dinner and your heart don’t skip a beat when he glances at you or touches you then it is definitely the care that is left and you are overall the romantic feelings for him. 

Talk to Him

If you are over him and you don’t have any romantic feelings for him then you must discuss this with him. Take a chance and make the right move, share with him politely what you feel like and why you think this won’t work for both of you. Keep things clear and simple so that he understands your point of view clearly without creating any confusion. It is extremely important for him to know what is going on in your mind. 

Seek Professional Help

If you are in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere for you but your partner still thinks that everything is perfect and you care for his opinion; convince him to seek professional help. A few sessions will be good enough to make him understand that there is nothing for both of you in this relationship. Couples therapy not only helps you bond but also helps in smooth detachment.   

The Right Time To Breakup With Boyfriend

There is nothing on this earth that can be termed as rightly timed. Everything has been already planned out and is in process. Events take place at their own pace. Breakups happen every now and then because of small or big reasons. You cannot plan out your entire breakup scene in advance to make it happen at the right time. Things like these just happen on their own. However, there are certain situations that should never be left unacknowledged or unaddressed and serious actions should be taken once the signs have started appearing. 
 You are constantly unhappy, you both want completely different things in life, you feel unloved and unsupported, he is detaching himself from you, you are prioritizing other people in life, he is cheating on you, you are not physically, sexually or mentally compatible, he doesn’t trust you and you don’t love him anymore; this is the right time to break up with him. You don’t fit together. 
Breakups are the most difficult things; surely it will give you a lot of pain but bearing the pain, for now, is far better than bearing the pain for the whole life. 

Steps For Easy Detachment

Detachment is no doubt an extremely difficult phase, but nothing is impossible. Enlisted below are some tips that will help you in easy detachment.

Let the Head take the Lead

It is the most important tip that you’ll ever get. Yes girl, just stop thinking from your heart and start leading with your head. If you don’t do that you’ll always end up being hurt in the end. No matter how much good looking your ex is and no matter how much you care for him, if you have somehow fallen out of love, just think with your head, detach and move on. 

Concentrate on your own life

It might be difficult but you need to stop thinking about that one person. Keep yourself busy and focus on other things in your life. Hangout with your friends, take up a yoga or fitness class, start practicing your hobby or learn a new skill. Indulge yourself in every activity that you love and eventually, you will see your mind and heart will stop concentrating on that one person and focus on the brighter side of life. Live every moment of your life happily and guilt-free. 

Don’t get involved too soon

This tip goes out to every girl who attaches and makes herself available for every other guy that she sees.  Just keep on reminiscing what happened to you earlier when you got attached and trusted a person that much. Never surrender your controlling power. Keep your heart in your hands. Don’t set yourself up for heartbreak. 

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Being in a romantic relationship and then feeling that the romance is left nowhere is the hardest place a person can ever be in. Breakups are never easy for anybody but being with the wrong person for the entire life is way more difficult and stressful. If you ever feel like love has left your relationship and you don’t hold any feelings for your partner then make sure that you take yourself out of that relationship otherwise it will eat you up from within. 
Detaching oneself from a person you loved is not so easy, but remember one thing that a person should always prioritize self-love and always prefer to get out of a dooming relationship no matter how much their heart wants that person. Start living your life by taking the lead of head and not your heart. Let the head lead and make some positive changes for you in your life, you’ll surely see a lot of difference dealing with people and you won’t get attached too quickly and won’t get along with a wrong person and end up being hurt. 
A heart indeed wants what it wants but at times a person has to let go of what their heart wants. It is the phase that makes a person tough enough to bear a storm and fight for themselves.



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