Find Out Your Couple Destiny With These 8 Accurate Tests!

Are you both destined to be together? 8 tests to find out!

By Sameet
Find Out Your Couple Destiny With These 8 Accurate Tests!

A Believer of Destiny

Living in the 21st century and yet talking about such things that does seem a bit off right? But sometimes it’s these concepts and ideas that get us through so many hurdles in life. Whether it is a certain goal we wanted to achieve, or some end point in life where we need a little direction. It’s all about the faith we have. Faith gives up hope that there is something that’s written for us and that one little ray of hope changes everything. Without hope, there’s only despair.

So a true believer of destiny survives on hope. It’s the fuel for his constant motivation in life. This does not mean referring to destiny at one point of life and then forgetting it the next. It’s up to the believer who looks for it and then keeps it in his/her heart forever. It is known that destiny wants to be discovered, but it takes persistence to keep finding it, layer after layer then sticking to it, shaping it and most importantly, never giving up on it.

Destiny, a journey

It is said that destiny is not and endpoint, it keeps going till you keep believing. Keep in mind that if you experience a setback in life like a divorce, some loved one’s death, failure in career etc. that does not change your destiny. We know life is not always rainbows and unicorns. Little obstacles in life keep people from looking at the bigger picture. It only takes a combination of some patience and optimism to get you through a tough time. Or else it takes ages to get out of a hole dug deep by life.

Some wise poems on Destiny

Fulfill my Destiny

“I could see the morning light
The wind was laid, its task fulfilled
The sun just rose out of the night
In this moment, all stood still

In my head, I heard a voice
It made me listen, had no choice
It spoke about another me
Of a wondrous future for me to see

It showed to me a scenery
A beautiful piece of paradise
A glowing light over the eastern sea
A script that told about my life

It spoke about a choice to make
A road unfolded before my eyes
With curves and turns that I should take……
I cannot wait to fulfill my destiny”

-Poem by Martine Weber

Our Destiny is in our own hands

"Our destiny is in our own hands some have been known to say
But circumstance in all of that must have some part to play
If you are born on no hope street and homeless in your youth
To you our destiny is in our own hands does not have a ring of truth.

Our destiny is in our own hands to some may well apply
It may apply to you and he and her as well as I
But not of course to everyone each day thousands of hunger die
Our destiny is in our own hands to the millions is a lie."

-Poem by Francis Duggan

Destiny are you my friend

"Destiny where do I find you?
Destiny where can I look for you?
Destiny where are you hiding?
Why are you hiding from me?
Destiny what do you have for me?
Destiny what are my options?
Destiny which door is open for me?
Destiny do you have anything for me that I might want?
Destiny can I get any satisfaction from you?
Destiny are you my friend?"

-Poem by Aldo Kraas

Destiny as a Couple

You must have heard someone saying that couples are made in heaven. There are many incidences of people talking about their stories that reveal that it was meant to be. Here are some stories that will make you feel the same way.

1. Preschool sweethearts

Source: @thewaywemet/Instagram

You won’t believe that this couple started dating online when they were 32, they always felt like as they knew each other forever. One day Justin told her a story about his first crush, who was also named Amy that he knew in preschool. Then he accidentally mentioned that he went to Sunshine Preschool. Since they are the same age, they realized they had gone to preschool together.

2. Born to be together

Source: @thewaywemet/Instagram

How cute is this, their moms were best friends and got pregnant at almost the same time too. Even though they lived in separate cities, they told their children about their stories. It was THE day when Adam asked Madeline to be his prom date, they knew they’re soulmates. Their love is still going strong.

3. First love

Source: @thewaywemet/Instagram

First loves are often forgotten and it’s pretty rare that it lasts but this story is about her first crush in high school, who was separated as he moved to Argentina. After many years Ramiro decided to move back to Canada and this was when she couldn’t resist her feelings. Fate made them just bump into each other at instances and following that, he asked her to be his girlfriend.

4. They walked down the aisle twice

Source: @thewaywemet/Instagram

The two were 5 years old when they walked down the aisle as the ring bearer and flower girl. She had a crush on Adrian but he acted all cool till they finally met in high school after that. A few dates later Adrian proposed to her and they walked down another aisle just like they did 17 years back.

5. Never gave up

Source: @thewaywemet/Instagram

Writing letters to each other for years even after getting separated from the neighborhood, these two kept with the persistence. He joined the Naval Academy and visited her whenever he could in California, and she kept him in his heart till the day she finally caught on. He proposed in a football game in 1990 and are together ever since.

8 Tests to Find out Your Couple Compatibility

1. How compatible are you?

Answer these 13 simple questions and get to know how much similarities are there between you and your loved one.

How Compatible Are You And Your Partner? - ProProfs Quiz

2. 16 personalities

Here are some really amazing questions that would tell you a lot about your personality, with that you can compare that of your partner’s. This will help you to know your partner better, just answer honestly.

Free Personality Test | 16Personalities

3. Love Compatibility

So you understand someone, that’s great but is your love compatible? Love can change people in many ways and that’s why compatibility in loving someone is different. Take this test to find out.

? Love Compatibility Test

4. Couple compatibility quiz

Try out this quiz in which there are multiple questions about intellect, activity, family and even sex. This will definitely show you how compatible are you as a couple.

Couple Compatibility Quiz

5. The way to love

Here you can find about the things that bring you closer, how are you vulnerable around your partner, what makes you two strong and weak. Follow the set of instructions before beginning the quiz.

36 Questions on the Way to Love

6. How well do you know each other?

This quiz is made after years of research which has all the necessary content to tell you about your knowledge of your partner. Challenge yourself and them to find out.

Relationship Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

7. Leave it to science

Made my Rashied Amini, a NASA rocket science developed this quiz where you see what kind of romance works for you or your approach to being single etc.


8. THE Personality test

The creators of this quiz consider all other quizzes junk science except their own. They have considered all the extremes of a trait and also the moderates.

Finally, A Personality Quiz Backed By Science | FiveThirtyEight

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It is true somethings are definite for you in fate, but there are certain signs you can look for to find where life is taking you. Hope is the key, whether you believe in destiny or not, so never give up on hope, you’ll get there someday where you always wanted to be.


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