How Reading Erotica Novels Can Help You With Your Sexuality

Unsure about your sexuality? Reading erotica is a self-discovery

By Sylvia Epie
How Reading Erotica Novels Can Help You With Your Sexuality

What Exactly Are Erotica Books?

Erotica generally refers to any form of content that is meant to sexually arouse and excite, erotica books, in particular, describe literature and written words that stimulate you sexually, they provoke thoughts that turn you on and could even lead to orgasm. 
Erotica is different from pornography, it is considered artistic and much more subtle. While porn is purely visual, erotica uses words but in the end, both are out to stir you sexually. 

Erotica books are a niche with a wide variety of genres, depending on personal preference different people consume different types of erotic literature, everything from short stories, novels, fiction, true stories, fan-fiction, e-books, and essays are available today.

Recent studies have proven that reading erotica can be very beneficial to the brain and given that sexual desire and orgasm originate in the brain it is only normal for it to be beneficial to your sex life as well. A 2013 study by York University revealed that participants who read romantic novels had higher levels of empathy than those who read other kinds of books. If this alone isn’t reason enough for you to start reading erotica novels today, here are ten other reasons why you should.

10 Benefits of Reading Erotica Novels

1. Relieves Stress

Erotic literature can help shift your mind from the thing causing you anxiety to a more relaxed and aroused state. A good erotica story will sweep you away into a world of vivid descriptions, steamy sex scenes, and explicit dialogue. It’s like your brain is on vacation your mind wanders off and you stop worrying about your bills for a while. 

When you are aroused your brain releases oxytocin, a chemical that causes feelings of warmth and relaxation, the exact opposite of stress and anxiety. So, if you’re stressed, grab a good old erotic novel, and before you know it your feelings of stress will give way to more positive and warm emotions.

2. Helps Overcome Shyness

Even in a long term relationship, it is sometimes difficult to express your sexual needs, maybe because you are shy or just don’t know how to get around to it, or not sure of the words to use and the timing. This can greatly handicap your sex life, but the good news is erotica novels help you open up and be much more vocal about what you want. 

Put it this way, when you spend your time reading how women in these books talk dirty, grab what they want when they want, you start to reflect some of that boldness. You start finding it normal to tell your partner what, when, where, and how to give it to you between the sheets, you learn new ways to say certain things, find your voice in bed and this works wonders in the quality of sex you have.

3. Reduces Pain 

Research shows that during an orgasm a blend of oxytocin and endorphins are released into the brain, this happy cocktail has the superpower to reduce pain levels. And unlike pain meds these are natural pain relievers, one study found that women’s pain tolerance increased by 74.6 percent after they had an orgasm. Pain associated with things like migraines is reduced without losing sensitivity to pleasure which is simply awesome. It’s like being numb to pain and on high alert to pleasure at the same time. 

4. Boosts Creativity

Since most erotic stories are fiction, they have a crazy and exaggerated side that is downright hilarious, but when you look past that you could actually learn a thing or two from these stories. They open you up to new things you never would have thought of trying, you can even steal some ideas, modify a few things here and there and create a more realistic scenario you and your significant other can try out. As you read different genres of erotica you open up your mind and bedroom to new sexual adventures and you might be surprised how much you’re willing to live out what you read. 

5. Helps You Sleep Better

Women have confessed how reading erotic novels changed the way they sleep, some say it made them more conscious of their bodies, it prompted some to sleep in their birthday suit and made others wear sexy nighties and lingerie to bed. Erotica did not only give them a sense of confidence like the heroines in these books, but it also made them better prepared to have an orgasm which we all know is without a doubt the best sleeping pill in the world. Are you having trouble sleeping? Ditch those sleeping medications, erotica could be exactly what you need to release all those natural feel-good hormones that will put you to sleep in the best possible way.

6. Be a Secret Freak

Erotica gives you room to explore your secret fantasies, you know the ones you can only live in your head. For example, you can easily fantasize about being gang-banged,  though you don’t want it to happen in real life. Reading about getting down and dirty with a handsome stranger on the subway could be much more appealing and exotic when you read about even if you know you’d never try it. Erotic literature allows you to unleash the secret freak in you, without all the hassle that goes with experiencing it in real life.

How it improves your sexuality

7. It Turns You On

Reading about passion, raunchy sex, and all sorts of dirty scenarios is a quick way to boost your libido. If you’re in a relationship, chances are you’d substitute the characters in your story with you and your partner, and this will send your libido to the roof every time you see your partner. You will feel like jumping your boyfriend every time he walks through the door. Don’t get me wrong, erotica won’t change you into a sex-crazed person who wants it all day, but it will get you excited and horny more than usual.

8. Introduces you to new sex practices

F.Y.I Fifty Shades of Grey was a book long before it became a hit movie,  when it became mainstream it opened the door to BDSM culture, and suddenly everyone wanted to be tied up, blindfolded and handcuffed. An erotic book made it possible for people to express their desire to be tied up. This is the power of erotic literature, you never know what you might stumble upon. Exciting right?

9. Brings out the passion in you.

Lack of passion and enthusiasm when it comes to sex is one of the major problems in marriages and long term relationships, and erotica could be the solution you need to ignite the lost passion in your love life. Most erotica novels come with lots of passionate fights, lovers’ quarrels, angry sex, make up sex, etc. The characters never miss an opportunity to express their emotions with angst and passion.

When you read such stories a lot, a little of that fire is infused into your life as well and this will most certainly end in lots of raunchy, angry, or makeup sex. We’re not saying you should pick fights with your partner but a little aggression here and there can heat things a bit.

10. Leads to Orgasms

woman lying on floor

As someone rightly said ‘’orgasms are like diamonds, you can never get enough’’ who are we to say otherwise? As you read erotica and get turned on, you become much more receptive to giving and receiving pleasure. Since as orgasms begin in the brain it’s obvious that erotic content that stimulates your brain is bound to affect your physically (the reason why people watch porn). You can also decide if you want to enjoy this all by yourself or with your partner. 

Getting Started With Erotica

Getting started with erotica is pretty easy, it's like porn, you have to, first of all, find out what turns you on. You don’t want to be reading erotica about feet fetish when you hate feet. Start with a variety of genres, writing styles, authors, and scenarios and see what gets you going. You can take a look at some of the best selling erotica novels on Amazon, many of them offer a sneak peek into the story. 

The way you read erotica will depend on how you want to use the information you get from it. Do you want to read it and later think about it when you’re self-pleasuring or with your partner? Or would you rather use it like a self-help book and a tool in the bedroom? Whichever one you choose you’re right like porn erotica can be consumed strictly for entertainment or as a tool to boost your sex game. 

Involve your partner if they’re open to the idea, read to each other, add or subtract from the story to suit your individual taste. Why not even write your own erotica story and play it out, it’s like putting your fantasies on paper, they don’t have to be shared if you’re not comfortable, they can be exclusively for personal consumption. 

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Reading erotica will not change you overnight into a sex-crazed, passion-filled, nymphomaniac, no, nothing that drastic but when you read it consistently for a while you’ll notice some subtle changes in your sexuality. You’ll think of sex more often, want it more frequently, be open to trying new things, adapt to new sexual preferences, and likely to openly embrace all these changes in your life.

Reading erotica is very liberating, it allows you to tailor your own sexual experiences and immerse yourself ( and your partner ) in them. The best part is it’s all up to you to decide how far you want to go, it can remain in your head or put into practice, either way, you still get loads of oxytocin and sometimes a big O to crown it all. However, erotica should not be consumed as a solution for a health problem, if you’re suffering from serious mental and sexual health issues, seek professional help. But if you’re out to relieve normal day-to-day stress, to get laid more often and to spice up your sexcapades, then you’re at the right place, reading erotica will be good to your body and mind.



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