Download And Try These 6 Fun And Flirty Teen Dating Apps

Fun and playful teen dating apps to download for youngsters

By Fred S.
Download And Try These 6 Fun And Flirty Teen Dating Apps

In this day and age, technology is something that is everyone’s support system, ranging from adults to teens. It’s realistic to suspect that children would eventually find their way into dating apps, and start wanting to date a bit too early on. We cannot stop them since all their friends are doing it and you don’t want your child to be left out, but what we can do is make sure that the experience they gain is safe, secure and controlled. The following are applications that your teenagers could use, which are safe, fun and playful: Hot or Not, MyLOL, LoveDate, Teen Chat, Spotafriend, and Skout. We would urge you to read the article in full detail to learn more about these dating apps.  

Do Teens Really Need To Go On Dating Apps?

As mentioned above, the time we live in is so technologically advanced that people of all ages have access to the internet. Sooner or later your teenagers will find their way to the dating sites, if not, they might meet people on the internet that they get romantically interested in. So, while some of us might believe that dating apps are not for children below 18, it’s better if teens are given a detailed talk and decisions are left to themselves to a certain extent. However, a reliable communication system should be built around them offering them guidance and security whenever they feel like talking a few things out.  

5 Safety Rules When Navigating Dating Sites For Teens

1. Keep your identity safe

While online dating could be a very exciting prospect for young teenagers, and they might go with the flow, there are some things that you just cannot do online, one of these include giving away your identity to strangers. If your teens are using dating sites, then it’s time that you give them a talk about the dangers of oversharing and overinvesting in people online. They need to understand that while it is okay to make friends and acquaintances online, they must make sure that they don’t give out too much personal info and stay safe. They might never know who is at the other end of the screen. 

2. Get to know your match before you meet

Some teens meet online and might be too keen to meet in person, and while it could just be an overexcited teenager on the other end, you could never be too careful with your child! Therefore, you need to tell them that they need to first get to know everything about the person they’re interested in and make sure the information is authentic. Encourage them to search around other social media sites to make sure what they’re saying holds true. Maybe take a landline number where they can confirm that the person interacting with them is, in fact, a teenager. 

3. Do a background check

Like we said, every bit of information needs to be verified before a teen heads out to a date with some stranger online. Teenagers need to make sure that you’re in safe hands. Parents aren’t always there to look after them, it’s best to make a few investigations yourself. Like the landline trick, you would be easily able to identify whether the person you have been speaking to has been telling you the truth or not. Ask for family pictures, anything that makes you even 1% more comfortable in going out with them is worth asking for.  

4. Plan a Safe Date

Sometimes, all background checks and double checking could go wrong, for these instances you need to be prepared. You should never agree to a first date in a private place, instead plan a date for a nearby theme park, or a park, a busy restaurant or a well-known coffee shop where the staff has seen you a few times before. Preferably go to places with cameras just in case something goes wrong. Open spaces, and rushed places minimize the risk of abduction or any other kind of mishap. This rule applies to both boys and girls. We could never be too safe in this cruel world.  

5. Trust your friends and family

Never go on a date without informing someone you could trust! It is important that you share the details, pictures, and any other related info about the match to your trusted friends or family members so they know where you’re headed. It’s even better if you tell them beforehand, so your parents could actually verify if your date is actually genuine or not. Once your family makes sure that you’re going on an authentic date, you could have a carefree fun first date instead of worrying about whether or not the other person is a serial killer!  

6 Fun Free And Paid Teen Dating Apps That Are On iOS and Android

1. Hot or Not:

Hot or Not - Find someone right now
Hot or Not - Find someone right now -

This is a very popular dating app amongst teenagers at the moment. It encompasses a lot of free features that any teenage child would absolutely love! These features include being able to browse around the website; uploading photos and photo sharing. It also lets you have two-way communication with the person you find yourself drawn to.  

The registration process is an easy one which includes putting in your username, birth date, your gender, where you live, the email you would want to associate with this account, and the desired password. Once done, you are able to play games with interested individuals, such as a Hot or Not game. You can easily sync this account with your Twitter, Facebook or Google. This is a free app on the Google PlayStore and iOS Appstore.

2. MyLOL


MyLOL was solely designed so that teenagers could connect with people their age, and have a fun playful time. This just isn’t a dating app, but instead, it helps you connect with like-minded people and make friends for the long run. The app self-proclaims that it is the number 1 network in the world for teenagers, and has over 300,000 users. The sign-up process isn’t as lengthy as other applications since you could easily sync it up with your Facebook or Twitter account and sign in through them. 

The application is available on both the iOS app store and the Google Play store. When you come across someone you seem to have something in common with, you can hit them up in their private message option and see where the chat takes you!  

3. LoveDate

LoveDate - Nearby Singles Dating app for Teenages
‎LoveDate - Teen Dating App on the App Store

Here’s another Google PlayStore app with a rating of 3.8, which is a fun and free way to meet the girls and guys of your own age. The app offers features like seeing who visited your profile so that if they were too shy to approach you, you could approach them and begin a friendship which is worthwhile.  

Additional features include the game Hot or Not, where you could rate other users if they are to your liking or not, your choices will also alter the future recommendations by the application. It lets you see when the other user was online and lets you privately text them so you could have a little chit chat before meeting in person! In addition, you could add your profile picture, add your personal information, and let people seek you out based on them!  

4. Teen Chat

Teen Chat for Teenagers

This is an app with a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play Store, and it is rated for teenagers above 13. Which means that even teenagers below the age of 17 can have fun access to this application and connect with other teenagers of their age. It lets teenagers take advantage of features such as chat rooms that are absolutely delayed free, and do not lag.

It has a wide range of emojis and GIFs that we all know can be pretty useful for the teenagers of today. This app especially lets you control your own privacy by blocking messages and users that are unwanted and make you uncomfortable. You can also update your personal profile and view other’s profiles with as much ease as you wish.  

5. Spotafriend – Meet Teens App

Spotafriend - Meet Teens App -
Spotafriend - Meet Teens App -

Teenage is all about having fun and enjoying every moment, then why shouldn’t the process of finding new people be just as much fun? Spot a friend is the most fun way to find people that you might click within a second. It has a user database of about 2 million teenagers, which means there are so many people out there to choose from.  

It is an app that is rated for people above the age of 12, making it easy for teens under the age of 18 to find people that they like and connect with them. It lets you safely browse through people, and the ones you like you swipe your way to their profiles and end up communicating to find more about them.  

6. Skout

SKOUT - Meet, Chat, Go Live -
SKOUT - Meet, Chat, Go Live -

Skout is an application that is rated 4.3 on the Google Play Store. It must be the next happening thing, no? It is not limited to one location, but instead is a global application for people to meet each other. It helps you find people located near you and begin communicating with them instantly. You can check who visited your profile to know who’s interested, and check them out in return! You can also promote your own profile through Skout. It is available on the Google Play store for free but for in-app purchases, you might be charged a menial amount.  

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Dating is intertwined with a core desire of humankind, which is pure love. We’ll always be attracted towards finding someone who we imagine going out with, watching movies, doing everything together – no matter what age group we belong to. This means teens won’t be any different, and with a phone and an internet connection at their disposal, they’ll surely find a ton of apps on their own. But you can’t be sure which ones are secure, or whether a certain app is even made for someone like you. This article was meant to simplify just that, describing the boxes that each app checks. Try the one you relate to the most and see how it goes, all the best to you!