6 Signs That You Are Unfuckwithable (And it is a good thing)

A nasty looking but it means you can't be messed with

By Kazuko Otsuka
6 Signs That You Are Unfuckwithable (And it is a good thing)

What Is Unfuckwithable?

We live in a time where social media- Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and all of those platforms- dictate how we live. We get so affected by everything people tell us online, and even if we know you will never see those people ever, we still get involved. That one harsh comment telling you to disappear lingers in the back of your head for days. It’s the sad truth we live in. 

Do you want to be bigger than all of that nonsense and drama? Do you want to reach social nirvana? Bottom line: Do you want to be an unfuckwithable? Un-fuck-what? You heard us right, un-fuck-with-able. The Urban Dictionary defines this term as someone who is “truly at peace and in touch with themselves, and nothing anyone says or does bother them, and no negativity, or drama can touch them.” 

It’s a great state to be in, given our day and age. It’s tough having to deal with all of the social pressures and constructs defining how we should act and what we should believe. Being an unfuckwithable person means you are above all of that. You see beyond the narrow minds of people around you; you’re your own god. 

A person who is unfuckwithable know what they want in life and they don’t dilly dally getting there. Action after action steps, they work hard to achieve their goals- they’re that great. You’ll never encounter an unfuckwithable apologizing for their beliefs. They are aware of their unconventional ways and strut it. The best weapon to have to live in this poisonous society is being an unfuckwithable. 

There will be days where nothing will go right for you, and mistakes upon mistakes beat you up like there’s no tomorrow. These are the best times to be an unfuckwithable. Luckily, it’s not that hard. Many people around us own these traits, and even celebrities are sometimes an unfuckwithable. 

Unfuckwithable Celebrities

When it comes to being the center of everyone’s attention in the media, celebrities have it the hardest. One wrong move can turn into a hate Tweet with thousands of favorites and retweets. People are like that, can’t wait to find the fault in others. The moment a celebrity slips up, boom, haters are ready to spread their hate. However, some stars are over this cycle and entered a state of “unfuckwithableness.” Here are some celebrities who know what they want and don’t give a damn what people think about them. 

1. Beyoncé

Source: Instagram/ beyonce

The Queen is an epitome of “don’t mess with me.” She is unfuckwithable personified. The music industry is not fit to hold Beyonce- she’s bigger than that. Since the time of her debut in the group Destiny’s Child, she’s won more than 20 Grammy Awards. Twenty. Talk about someone who has a good foothold of what they want in life and work hard to get there. On stage, she emits radiating energy, and each performance is perfection—the unmistakable sign of an unfuckwithable. 

2. Keanu Reeves

Source: Instagram/ keanueevees

If you thought your life was miserable, wait till you hear Keanu’s life story. The reason Keanu is an unfuckwithable celebrity is that despite all the trauma and hardships he went through in life, losing loved ones left and right, he never gave up. He could have stopped his acting career then and there, but, nope, he blessed us with John Wick and other films. No negativity and drama can even breathe near Keanu; the man is such a big philanthropist as well. 

3. Miley Cyrus

Source: Instagram/ mileycyrus

Millennials know Miley as Hannah Montana, but Generation Z knows her as the singer who sang Wrecking Ball. Miley went through a period where she did not care what the world thought of her. Appearing in music videos wearing skanky clothing and performing live in bunny outfits, the Disney star showed people her true colors. After this stage of eye-boggling performances, Miley did sober up as a tamer unfuckwithable version of herself. 

4. Kanye West

Source: Instagram/ kanyewestt_official

Where do we even start with Kanye? Just looking at him is proof enough that he is unfuckwithable. People either hate Kanye or worship him; you can't be in between. Kanye is never insecure, and he's sure of himself that even if you knew he was incorrect, he could make you believe that he was correct. He's just that unfuckwithable other people end up believing him. Despite all of that, he's got it going with his career and all, so good for him. 

5. Lady Gaga

Source: Instagram/ ladygaga

When you think about an unfuckwithable celebrity, Lady Gaga is definitely one. She does not give a care about what people think of her, she's confident in her skin, and she can flaunt so many unconventional costumes it's ridiculous. A dress made from meat- no problem? You name it; she's done it. This woman doesn't let gossip get the best of her, and she shows people who're boss. 

6 Signs That You Are Unfuckwithable

We all want to be an unfuckwithable. It’s a stress-free lifestyle filled with willfulness. Who knows, maybe you’re already one, and you didn’t realize. 

1. You Don’t Second Guess Yourself

An unfuckwithable is confident. They know what they want, and they never second guess themselves. The things they know they have no control over, they know how to let go. That’s what’s great about an unfuckwithable. They won’t waste time trying to make something work and stress over things they know they have no control over. They know when to move on. If you’re like this, then you could be a potential unfuckwithable candidate. 

2. Fear is Your Trump Card

Regular people fall back and give up in the face of fear. An unfuckwithable uses this fear to win a situation. The fear is turned into courage and energy to keep fighting. When things get hard in life, that is not your cue to hide in your basement; that is your cue to push yourself to face your fears. An unfuckwithable is aware of this and uses it to overcome their battles. 

3. Never Seeks Approval From Others

An unfuckwithable never seeks approval from others. The only person they seek approval from is themselves. People get annoyed with an unfuckwithable because they can never seem to be influenced by anything; they’re so sure of themselves that everything people tell them is just in one ear and out the other.

4. Opportunity Grabber

The moment an unfuckwithable lays their eyes on any opportunity, they jump on it. They are like cheetahs chasing gazelles in the savanna. They know how to make doors open for them. An unfuckwithable knows an excellent opportunity when they see one, and they jump on it in a heartbeat. 

5. No Toxic People = Happy Life

Toxic people are worse. They’re like everyone’s kryptonite. An unfuckwithable knows this and stays away from them. If you know how to keep yourself happy and keep toxic behavior and people at bay, you’re an unfuckwithable. You take care of your mental health and don’t care about toxicity. 

6. You Know How to Forgive Yourself

Forgiving others is hard; forgiving yourself is even harder. An unfuckwithable is never too hard on themselves. They understand that they are humans who make mistakes. They forgive themselves when they mess and up, and they know that dwelling in the mistake won’t get them anywhere. 

Knowing how to forgive yourself is a sure sign that you are unfuckwithable. It may sound oxymoronic to some, but forgiveness is a trait you need to reach a state of not caring what others think of you. 

First Step to Become Unfuckwithable

The first and foremost step in becoming an unfuckwithable is knowing your worth. You can't reach a state of not caring what others think about you if you're so insecure. Insecurity will be your downfall, and an unfuckwithable knows this and steers away from it. To become someone who is not affected by drama and negativity, you need to know your worth. 

Stop comparing yourself to the people around you. Enough with the negative thoughts centering on who you are as a person. You need to love yourself to reach a point to not care about the people around you. If every little thing people tell you affects you, you can't be an unfuckwithable. 

Look at yourself and reevaluate your life. List your achievements- no matter how small- and be proud of yourself. If you're too hard on yourself, you can never call yourself an unfuckwithable. Love yourself and know your worth. That is the easiest road to take. 

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Being an unfuckwithable is not a bad thing. Despite the bad connotation it could hold, it’s surprisingly a very good way to live. You don’t care what others think but not to the point of hurting them. You’re still self-aware and know what you want. Let’s all strive to be an unfuckwithable.