Why Is Piercing On The Right Side Considered As A Indication Of Gay?

How this idea became a common "indication" of a gay person.

By Adina Mazilu
Why Is Piercing On The Right Side Considered As A Indication Of Gay?

We may all remember those times when, as kids, we were told by those who were older than us that a boy should never pierce his right ear because it meant that he was gay. Those were the times when piercings were the newest and coolest trend around, but t wasn’t as simple as having a hole in your ear lobe. It apparently meant so much more, it was a symbol of your sexual preference and, most of the time, it was something shameful. Fortunately, times have passed and nowadays, homosexuality has become more and more accepted in society. Still, the stigma of the “gay ear” has remained, but how much of it is actually true?  Where did it come from and more importantly, does it really matter that much? This is what we will be trying to uncover in today’s article. Here we go!

Gay Piercing: Why Right Ear Piercing?

Back then, the idea according to which the right ear was the “gay” one was accepted without much questioning. It was like good old gossip that you heard, deemed true, but never questioned its validity. In time, this so-called “earring code” became very popular up to the point where people from all parts of the country knew about it. Everyone accepted it as true, but why was that?

Let’s start at the beginning. More precisely, with history. Over the ages, earrings worn by men symbolized lots of things, apart from their sexuality. It was a representation of their religious affiliation or even of their social status. Eons ago, in the time of Buddha (because nobody knows when he actually lived), large earlobes embellished by earrings and worn by men indicated compassion, love, and wisdom, all taught by the great spiritual leader whose real name was Gautama Siddartha.

Later, in the time of pirates and sea voyages, entire crews would wear earrings because they believed that they would protect them from drowning in the sea. Then, during the time of Queen Elizabeth, the I and the Tudor Dynasty, earrings were some of the most fashionable accessories for men. S, they probably didn’t have a special meaning other than being stylish for those times.

Then the 20th Century came and brought about confusion and fear. After years of knowing that only women can wear earrings, men started wearing them too and the idea of the “gay ear” was seemingly born. Was it shameful? Was it fashionable? Nobody really knew at the time. It’s a possibility that this conviction was born because people were not used to seeing men with earrings. So, they immediately thought that they were trying to imitate women and become effeminate and therefore, homosexual. It may not be like this right now, even if there are some people who still think that an earring in someone’s right earlobe has a clear connection to that person’s sexual preference.

How true is this notion?

The veracity of this notion is still a rather big urban mystery. There is even a saying that goes “Left is right, and right is wrong”, meaning that the “wrong” side represents a gay individual. And considering that the internet is nowadays one of the leading forces when it comes to research and information, the confusion is spreading even more with men asking on forums whether or not should they pierce their right ear even if they’re not gay. Some only want to wear trendy accessories, not to put their sexual preference on display while others are looking for ways in which to reassure people that they are not gay even if they are wearing earrings.

The good news, however? This detail is beginning to slowly disappear from the universal conscience. Maybe it’s because of the young people who, apparently, have never heard of the “gay ear” thing. Most think that it was something common for the ‘90s, while others are more open-minded and do not think that a piece of jewelry should represent who someone is. Yes, this might have been true let’s say 20-30 years ago, but not anymore. Homosexuality has lots of symbols, some of them non-verbal, but this earring thing is apparently not one of them.

5 earrings to get for that awesome right ear piercing

1. Hoop earrings

Sutton by Rhona Sutton

Hoop earrings are some of the most popular fashion accessories for your ears nowadays (both for males and females) and have also been in the past. So, in case you are looking for some cool but simple right ear earrings, go for the hoop design. You can choose larger or more delicate models, made of gold, silver, rose gold, metal or even plastic. It doesn’t really matter as long as you are feeling good wearing them. They are versatile, can be matched with your outfit and will definitely draw some looks on the street. 

2. Disc earrings

Tom Wood Post Back Round Disc Earrings

Maybe some of the simplest and most effective right ear earrings, the disc-shaped ones that come in many colors and can be made of many materials are a perfect choice if you don’t want anything too flashy. Go for black, white, silver or gold ones for some extra elegance. Apart from their versatility and nice look, you must know that those are some of the most comfortable earrings that you can wear. They won't bother you in any way and can really go unnoticed if that's what you want. 

3. Gemstone earrings

Dsquared2 Gemstone Earring

Sometimes, a simple gemstone as an earring is everything you need to feel cool and comfortable. One single stone can make a big difference, and you have a wide variety to choose from, depending on your preferences, zodiac sign, etc. As you know, there are different gemstones for each individual zodiac sign, so you can go down this route if they truly represent your personality. Their colors are also varied, as well as their shapes and sizes, so you can go for more than one model and change them frequently. It’s up to you.

4. Post earrings

Maria Black Classic Corvi Post Earring

Nothing more elegant and simple than the classic post earring for your right ear. So, in case you want an earring that you can put on and forget that it’s there, we strongly recommend this type. It’s simple, discrete, elegant, comes in many colors and it can be made of many materials. Again, for a more casual and neutral look, choose a black or white one. This kind of right ear earring is absolutely perfect for those people who want their accessory to be noticed by the others, not by them, the wearer. Very comfortable accessories indeed.

5. Loop earrings

UO Gold Loop Earring 4-Pack

However, in case you like shiny things and you want to draw some attention and be the star of any room you walk into, you can choose some loop earrings. Made of gold, silver, or any other material you prefer, these are truly a fashion statement that won’t go unnoticed. Only for those of you who like flashy accessories and to always be one step ahead of fashion. Also, those are perfect for someone who has a clear style and wants to put it on display. Think of Johnny Depp, Zayn Malik or even David Beckham. Sounds good, right?

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All in all, it really can be said that the myth according to which a right ear piercing is a symbol of homosexuality is simply that, a myth. Nowadays, it’s clear as day that this accessory has more to do with style than with sexual preference. It’s all about being cool wherever you are and not letting people dictate what accessories you should wear. Also, it’s very important for people to not think less about someone with a right ear earring than someone who does not have this accessory. Either a fashion statement or a symbol of sexual orientation, it’s each individual’s choice of what they wear, how they wear, and why they wear it. It’s a free world, so let’s take advantage of it!