Fiery Personality: A Good or A Bad Trait in Today's World

Fierce, fiesty, sassy.. to change or not to change this?

By Kimmy
Fiery Personality: A Good or A Bad Trait in Today's World

What is a Fiery Personality?

As its name suggests, a fiery personality is someone with a strong personality. They could get mad at a drop of a pen or not able to catch the bus, even if it's their own fault. A fiery personality is linked to temperament. Someone with a fiery personality is said to have a bad temperament for their seeming lack of control over their emotions.

However, is having a fiery personality really all bad? A lot of celebrities, especially girls, we see have a fiery personality and they are well-loved for it. People with a fiery personality also know how to stand up for themselves more. They know how to protect themselves and when they see injustice, they stand up.

Some may see a fiery personality as irritable and some see it as heroic. How you see this depends on what personality you are. Curious to know what celebrities have this fiery personality? Read on to find out!

Intimidating or Enduring?

A strong personality can be intimidating. It seems like they don't take no for an answer and it can be very annoying to explain certain things over and over again just to be rejected. People with a fiery personality usually are perfectionists. They have a set of rules that they want the world to function around. If something doesn't go their way, they fight till the end.

If you don't follow the rules they set, be prepared that there will be a fight. And at the end, you can't win that fight because arguing with someone with a fiery personality is like pouring oil to burning fire, it's only going to flame up more. People with a strong personality have high self-esteem that can't be challenged. They rarely will admit they are wrong and they will think you just aren't following their rules.

However, in many cases, a fiery personality can be seen as good quality, especially when they stand up for injustice. As said before, people with a fiery personality have a set of rules. They are perfectionists. They want everything to go their way. So if they see injustice, even if it's not done to them, they won't hesitate to speak up because it upsets their rules.

They won't just turn their back on it and think it's none of their business. Instead, they would fight until the end until they believe justice is served.

A quality like this can be adored and hated at the same time. That's why the comments on celebrities with a fiery personality are divided. How you perceive this depends on your own personality as well as your encounters with such a person. If they ever blatantly shamed you for no reason, naturally you'd dislike them. But if they ever step up for you, you would appreciate this personality.

Celebrities with Fiery Personality

1. Beyonce


The Queen Bee is the epitome of a fiery personality. She doesn't scold anyone for no reason. It's always when someone breaks her rules. Beyonce isn't the one to pick a fight if you are just chilling wearing ugly sweatpants. It's only when you break the rules to her world that you will see her react to it.

In her documentary Life Is But A Dream, you see often how Beyonce interacted with crew members behind the scenes, allowing us to understand more of her off stage. You can see that she is very hardworking, lives by her own rules, and set very clear rules for people around her. If you follow those rules, you are fine. But if you break those rules, she won't hesitate to speak up even if it doesn't concern her.

That's a typical trait for people with a fiery personality. They want everything to be right, whether it concerns them or not.

2. Kanye West


If I have a nickel every time Kanye West gets into a fight with someone...Now West is the type to lose it at the drop of a hat. That's probably one of the less enduring types on the fiery personality spectrum. You never know what might set him off and you never know when he is going to act out.

Sometimes it feels that he isn't the best at controlling his emotions and lashes out like a baby when he doesn't get what he wants. Yet sometimes it feels they are perfectly normal and treats everyone with respect.

The more emotional type of fiery personality can be intimidating. Sometimes they feel like the nicest guy and the next thing you know they are screaming at you for not pressing the elevator button for them.

Over the years West has been highly criticized for his temperament and his fights with fellow celebrities. How enduring is this,? Probably only his loving wife Kim Kardashian would know.

3. Meghan Trainor


Meghan has never been shy to express her views and feelings. She is always authentic and transparent. When her music video was released and she found out the team digitally enhanced her waist to be smaller, she immediately took down the video "Me Too" and apologized to fans.

That's one quality of a fiery personality that people adore. They may come off strong at times and get hate for that, but at times when they really feel they are in the wrong. They make no excuses and seek remedy asap and would apologize for it.

Meghan sometimes gets negative comments about her body size and her music video but her authentic personality has gotten her a lot of positive comments too.

4. The Kardashian-Jenner clan

Source: NY Times

Need no further explanation, you get what I mean. Everyone in the clan perfectly exhibits what it means to have a fiery personality. At the drop of a hat, someone could get so raging that they start catfighting their siblings. It's not the first time we see the family fighting each other with their expensive nails.

They are all opinionated and are very dominant in their own ways. It's hard to be in a family where everyone is trying to be the dominant one. When one other disagrees, you are bound to see a fight. In almost every episode of their reality show, you can see arguments arising from the smallest thing, even just like what breakfast to have and criticizing each other's choices.

When to be Reasonable Even When You Are a Fiesty Person

It's not easy to have your emotions in check when you have a fiery personality. It can be very hard at times. But you need to know when to be reasonable every when you have a fiery personality. You have your principles but understand that some rules are opinions and not facts. Others are allowed to have their own opinions as well.

When an argument involves opinions rather than facts, maybe ask yourself if this is really a fight you want to have, must the world share your opinions? Is it then the perfect world? As hard as it may, try to respect others and their opinions.

One more thing is that, when you are in the wrong, apologize rather than excusing yourself. People with a fiery personality often have very strong self-esteem that's indestructible. They would do anything to protect that and it's hard to apologize, even if they know they are in the wrong they would still look for excuses.

It's not good. If you expect others to apologize to you when they are in the wrong, you should have the decency to apologize to them as well when you are in the wrong. Remember, respect is a two-way street. You can't ask people to respect you and apologize whenever they break your rules but refuse to apologize when you break theirs.

You should always be reasonable even when you are a fiery person. Nothing excuses you to be not reasonable. You can be determined in your standards but that doesn't mean you can't be reasonable. Not being reasonable means you don't know how to communicate with others. In that case, are you really a good fit to be working?

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Everything you need to know about a fiery personality is there! Are you a fiery person? Do you know anyone as sassy as the celebrities mentioned? If you are a fiery person, after reading it all, you should understand when to be reasonable and when to use your fiery acts on something good.

Being a fiery person is a double-edged blade. Use it right and you can achieve something good. Use it wrong and you will only get hate and you probably won't even know why.