What Your Dominant Personality Traits Say About You

We are all created unique with different personality traits,that say a lot about us. Find out what your dominant traits say about you.

By Dagmar Thomson
What Your Dominant Personality Traits Say About You

What Your Dominant Personality Traits Say about You

People have different types of personality traits, but some traits overcome others. The personality trait that speaks the loudest is your dominant trait. If you have a strong personality, you have the power to influence others to do as you wish. You can use your willpower to achieve what you want in life. With this strong personality, you can change the world around you and the people around you. Some people may say you are domineering and unbearable to be with; this might be true. Strong people have a strong character but they are kittens on the inside. However, they do not let people walk all over them on the outside. This trait is what makes you who you are. Some people may be afraid of dominant people, but that is because they do not understand them. Here are some types of dominant characteristics aimed to educate people and have a better understanding of the people who have them.

1. You Stick With Your Morals

You stand by your morals even when others think you're wrong. Your morals are what defines you best and man can or should convince you otherwise to do something that doesn't seem right. If someone steps out of the way, you aren't afraid to confront him or her. You cannot survive without your morals since they are the ones that determine your actions. When a dominant person has strong morals, it's more like his or her spirituality. His or her beliefs are unshakable even when tested.

2. You have a Decisive Dominant Personality

A decisive person weighs his or her options carefully. You trust your instincts and your brains to get you through in any situation. As a decisive person, you get irritated when people debate about their next move. It seems as though they're wasting time coming up with a solution. A decisive person trusts in the wisdom of taking chances instead of waiting for life to pass them by.

3. A Dominant Person Is Not a People Pleaser

A dominant person has no time to please anyone. It's either his way or her way not the way of someone else. With this personality trait, you have the ultimate belief in yourself and you expect others to follow. It's more of your spirituality when you're able to treat people with respect. Moreover, at no point will you tolerate nonsense. You achieve your goals by showing your true nature and if anybody finds that scary and domineering, then that is their problem. You are a choosy and bossy person. Therefore, you do not have time to waste with trying to please anybody to agree to your own terms. Those who follow you, will find themselves rewarded. You'll remain loyal to them always and you'll be certain to watch out for them.

4. You Are Goal-Oriented

A goal-oriented person is very persistent. You know what you want in life and you will do anything to reach your goals. You set your goals and you make sure you follow through. You do not sit back and wait for your dreams to come true one day, you are the one that makes them happen. You ensure you make your own dreams come true no matter what. You do not get tired easily and nobody can change your mind about your goals. You will achieve your goals even if it takes a decade.

5. You Are Opinionated

A dominant person can be opinionated and with you, your mind is your best feature. Therefore, people around you do not easily sway you. You trust your mind not to fail you. You enjoy having discussions that matter and you use your gifts to convince people to see your way is the right way. You are not arrogant since you respect people’s thoughts. Therefore, you do not get annoyed when you're unable to convince someone to sway in your direction.

6. You Use Reasoning

You are the type of a person who uses his or her brains to come up with a solution. You use logical information to handle a situation. Not so often do you use your instincts, except in a rare occasion. Although you do let your instincts guide you sometimes, most of the time, the power is in your logical section of your brain.

7. Dominant People Do Not Linger On Self Pity

Dominant people have no time to indulge in self-pity. We all know things do not always go as we wish, however, we must not linger on our misfortunes. A dominant person takes this as a test, picks up his or her broken pieces, and turns them into success. You learn from your mistakes and move forward with a positive attitude. A dominant person flinches when the people around him or her wallow in self-pity. He or she does not understand why you should complain while you have a chance in life to better the situation.

8. A Dominant Personality Trait Faces His or Her Fears

Everybody has fears but only some of us let these fears stop us from achieving what we want in life. When you are fearless, you do not let it stand in your way of life. You have an understanding that when you let fear dictate you, it is like placing limits on your life, and you will have no chance to experience new things. A fearless person cannot be put down easily.

9. A Dominant Person Does Not Dwell In The Past

These types of people rarely dwell in the past events and they let bygones be bygones. They try to move forward with their lives without letting their past affect them. Some people may call this ignorance, but this is not so. As a dominant person, you always have goals to achieve. Therefore, you are self-driven to achieve these goals either way.

10. You Learn From Your Mistakes

Even though your personality trait doesn't let you linger on your misfortunes, you are able to learn from your mistakes. You see opportunities presented to you as tests and you can identify where you went wrong. You are capable of changing your actions to prevent the mistakes from happening again. Rarely do people with such strong characteristics make the same mistakes again. People with dominant characteristics have a very hard time understanding why some people keep on repeating the same mistakes even though they know where they went wrong. Such ignorant people do not stand the tests of time.

11. You Research Before Giving Your Opinion

Having a dominant personality trait does not mean you know it all and in some situations, you may not have all the details. Therefore, you should assess the situation at hand and listen to both sides of the situation before giving out your opinion. Dominant characteristics do not use propaganda to view their opinion. They research extensively and get all the facts before speaking. They can hardly stand an ignorant and insensitive person who passes judgment without considering what they are saying.

12. You Do Not Seek Attention

Most people think a person with a dominant trait thrives with attention seeking. What they do not know is that a dominant person attracts attention naturally due to their strong characteristics. They hardly have time to seek attention since they are busy with their own lives. When they do socialize, they do it because people need dominating characteristics to guide them. People who possess these strong characteristics are very good with socializing. They approach things in a very systematic manner. They always get what they want by swaying people to their side. Do not blame them; this is what makes them special.

13. No Room for Excuses

A person with strong personality traits does not put up with lame excuses. When you have a dominant personality trait, you do not waste your time listening to people commenting about what they will do. You would rather pay attention to how you can achieve your goals and how to overcome obstacles. People who make excuses all the time have a weak personality and a person with a dominant personality cannot stand them.

14. You Change Insecurities into Opportunities

Nobody is perfect and everybody has insecurities at one point in his or her life. If you're not learning from your insecurities then you are not living life to the fullest; you are simply existing. A dominant personality sees his or her insecurities as tests of time and changes them into opportunities. You do not have to let this insecurity ruin your life. Some people think that being around people who have strong personality traits is unbearable. This may be true since you challenge them to be a better version of themselves. If this is what unbearable means, then it is best you keep on being you.

15. No Small Talks for You

Small talks are for small-minded people. They indulge in baseless rhetoric facts to occupy their time. Strong personalities have big ideas that they want to pass around. They want to indulge with people who have great minds to exchange ideas. Small talks are a waste of time, and time is a precious commodity that you can never recover.

16. You Are Choosy

When you have a dominant personality, you are aware of who you are, what you want in life, and how to get it done. You do not have to rely on people to direct you because you rely on your spirituality to guide you. There are people who need to be told how capable they are so often to feel whole and you are not one of them. You rely on your brains and the knowledge you have to handle situations. You tend to figure things out on your own just fine. Some People may say you are boastful and ignorant, but so be it. Be the better version of yourself. You do not need people to validate your life. Dominant people have a strong spirituality trait and they have strong beliefs that are unshakable. Their characteristics attract people and they live their lives to the fullest. They know how to influence people around them and given a chance, they can change the world. They always thrive to be the better version of themselves and the people surrounding them. With these types of strong characteristics, you have now become aware how your personality influences your life.