25 Cutest Hairstyles For Short Hair That You Shoul Try Today

Short hair can be styled in different ways too. Here are 25 cutest hairstyles for short hair that you should try today.

By Amanda Palmer
25 Cutest Hairstyles For Short Hair That You Shoul Try Today

The benefits of sporting short hair

Okay, so you have carefully looked after and nourished your precious long locks all these years and are scared to cut them short; that is quite understandable. Long hair does look nice but requires hours of maintenance and patience. It is easy to get dandruff, split ends and brittle hair in longer hair. Short hair is very easy to maintain. And if you are worried that short hair would give the same old monotonous look every time, then do read on further to know about some really cute hairstyles for short hair. These get done in a jiffy, make you look younger and really look cute. And also, it is rather cool to change your look at times and this time why not experiment with a short hairdo?

1. The side braided hairstyle

Love braids? Who says that only long hair can be braided? Add oodles of oomph to your face by teasing your short hair into this side braid. All you need to do is to take a portion of your hair from the front and braid it till the end and tuck it behind. It looks cute and done up and at the same time requires hardly any effort. Young baby girls as well as big girls, all can carry this cute hairstyle.


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2. The blunt bob cut

Request your saloon dresser to give you this quintessential formal haircut that is very dressy and does not require you to do anything at all. If you are an office going woman who has to be ever ready for unexpected client meets then this hairdo is just the one for you. And if your boyfriend just called you up for a surprise date, don't worry, just slip into your best LDB and you are all ready! Not only will you rock the ramp in your prom night, but will also steal the show!

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3. Short wavy hair with a bold color

If you love that riot of bold color in your hair, then you need to get your haircut short first. This hairdo looks great with volume, and only short hair can have such dense volume unless you have long and thick hair. The other benefit of this style is that you can carry it with oomph till its trending. Your hair will grow quickly, and you can change it soon. The model in the picture below sports a perfect shade of denim. You can try a bold fuchsia or even a red if you love bold colors. If you want to sport this hairstyle for prom night, just add some glitter or sparkle to your hair, and you are all ready!

4. Short Pixie cut

This short pixie cut is an all-rounder. One can style it the way you want it. A center partition and a bindi on your forehead would perfectly compliment your saree whereas a side partition like the one shown in the picture below is perfect for casual outings with friends. Just tuck the side locks too behind your ear, and you are all ready for a formal event. While dressing up for your prom night with this hairdo, brush your locks sideways like the way shown in the picture below.

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5. Wavy hair with fringes

The model in the picture below has wavy hair. Just get some fringes to cover the vastness of your forehead. This hairstyle gives you a carefree look, takes away years from your face and also dresses you up perfectly for an outing with your friends.

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6. Front braided neat hairstyle

Short hairstyles look great on a saree. Try braiding a lock of your hair from the front center along till its length. Tie it up with a matching hair tie and you are done. This hairstyle gives you a neat look, compliments your saree and prevents your short bangs from flowing all over your face.

7. Short summer hairstyle

This very short hair is ideal for summers and for sporting that i-don't-give-a-damn attitude. Dress up this summer in cool, breezy outfits and of course this stylish short haircut.

8. Different, dressy hairstyle

This dressy hairstyle has got some front bangs along with lots of steps on the sides. This hairdo looks dressy, covers your big forehead and gives a lot of volume to your thin hair. The best part of this hairstyle is that it suits both formal and casual occasions and all you need to do is to brush your hair properly, and you are done. It requires no maintenance and stays put all day long. This elegant hairstyle is perfect for your prom night too, and unlike your other friends, you will not have to spend hours getting ready!

9. A chic graduated bob hairstyle

Chic and trendy, this graduated bob will add oodles of style and elegance to your face. It will change your look entirely if you have been sporting a long hairdo all this time. It looks great for formal occasions.

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10. Short hairstyle for curly hair

Maintaining curly hair can be tough. Try this short and simple hairstyle which stays intact all day long. You can sport some pretty hair accessories like a hair clutch or a hairband or tie it into a ponytail when you want to look different.

11. The chopped mob hairstyle for a different look

Ever wished you did not have to spend hours styling your hair every day and get ready in a jiffy just like your partner? Surprise him by sporting the same hairstyle as him. This hairdo looks great on curly, wavy or straight hair and requires no maintenance at all.

12. Short bob cut for different hair accessories

Get this short and smart hairstyle done and look different every day by wearing different hair accessories. Match all your dresses with the same colored hair band and raise the oomph quotient of your personality.

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13. The simple short cut

Just chop your locks at shoulder length. Now style them the way you want. Straighten them for a formal function. Leave them wavy for a casual outing or tie a half ponytail for a casual day shopping. Use well-matched hair clutches and rubber bands to hold your hair in place. Easy to manage, easy to dry and easy to style, this one is an ideal short hairstyle.

14. Get bold with this hair design style

Add a quirky look to your appearance but sporting this stylish short haircut. Get some smart designs on the sides or at the back of your mane. This cut looks neat, stylish and hassle-free.

15. Simple and elegant ponytail hairstyle

Chopping your hair at shoulder length will enable you to tie a neat ponytail. A ponytail looks neat, is hassle-free and easily done. It looks great with a saree and on casual occasions too.

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16. Cute Baby Hairstyle

Little girls look adorable in this side ponytail and two pom poms. Try these yourself if you are sporting a short hairdo. It will reflect your fun, and childish side and your friends will love to see you in these hairstyles.

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17. Twisted Ponytail

Try this easy, hassle-free twisted ponytail to add that extra zing to your short hairstyle. It looks chic, goes well with your client meets and evening for a casual day out shopping. For saree-lovers, this is the perfect hairstyle to add to the dressy look of your saree.

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18. Simple and elegant non-fuss ponytail with side bangs

Your partner will love to see you in this informal and messy ponytail. Short hair when tied into a regular ponytail makes the side bangs and fringes to come out loose. But these look very pretty and gives you an informal look.

19. Casual half ponytail

It's very easy to wear this half ponytail on really short hair. Not only does it keep your front locks tied and in place, but it also adds a whole different look to your face, raising your cuteness factor. Team it up with a loose pair of overalls or denim, and you are ready for a casual day out.

20. Tie them up really high

Tie your hair in a ponytail high. It looks elegant and also keeps your short locks in place. This hairstyle looks great with denim, dresses, and shorts.

21. An elegant bun

Short hair can be tied into a bun too. The picture below shows a model wearing her short hair into a high bun. The front fringes are let loose to give her a more dressy look. This hairstyle will look cool for a formal event or your prom night.

22. Wear matching accessories

Add some oomph to your short hair by pinning it up with matching hairpins, buckles and clutches. These change your look, keep your hair in place and also look very cute. Such pins look cute on baby girls. You can try the same look for a casual day out with friends.

23. Hairbands for straight hair

Style your short and straight hair with matching hair ties to add some colorful vibe to your attire and also to keep your hair neatly tucked in.

24. Mushroom haircut

A mushroom haircut is ideal for people with straight hair. Your straight hair gets more volume and is cut in such a way that it looks done up all the time. You hardly need to style it up, and you are ever ready with this chic and stylish short haircut.

25. Dressy short hairstyle

Short hair can be dressed up too in really complicated styles for your special events. While styling your short hair for a formal occasion might require you to take some help, this simple hairstyle on short hair shown in the picture below can be done yourself and looks dressy.

You can see now that there are plenty of styles one can do on short hair. Short haircuts look different on different kinds of hair. A pixie haircut on straight hair will look completely different than a pixie haircut on wavy hair. Style your short hair like baby girls and raise your cuteness quotient. Do not worry about what the others will say. Just carry an I-don't-care attitude and go for it. Even if you don't like it, remember it is hair, and it will grow back again! So have some fun in life and experiment with a new look this summer.