15 Things Men Hate About Women

Every woman does something that her man can't stand and these can be really annoying at times. Here are 15 things that men universally hate about women.

By Vivie Gach
15 Things Men Hate About Women

What Are We Doing That Men Secretly Hate?

Every relationship has its annoyance factors. Maybe he set up his bathroom funny and it bugs the hell out of you. Maybe she has this terrible habit of chewing with her mouth open. Maybe he's got this weird eye thing that he does that gets on your nerves. Maybe she wrinkles her face when she's concentrating and you don't have the heart to tell her she looks like an 80-year-old woman. Men like to be appreciated as much as women do. But, when a woman does certain things, it doesn't show a man very much appreciation. It may be attitude-related, personality-related, or otherwise. When a man's woman doesn't show him the appreciation that he craves and deserves, he simply finds it elsewhere. No one likes being unhappy. If you want to know how to keep your man happy, and less annoyed, this is the perfect article for you. We all have pet peeves, but there are some universal things that most, if not all, men can't stand. Things such as your attitude about things, the way you act when you don't get your way, and wearing way too much makeup are just a few of them. If you do any of the following, I highly suggest you curb the bad habit before you send every man that comes near you running for the hills. Here are 15 common things that men hate about women.

1: Men Hate When Women Do The Baby Voice

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You know Gwen Stefani, right? Queen of the baby voice? Well, the poll is in, and men do not think it's sexy! When you want something from your partner and you look up with those big eyes and your face says, "How can you say no to this face?" Well, it just might actually work if you didn't ruin it with the awful sounding baby talk escaping your mouth. Men don't want to feel like they have to constantly baby you (not to mention, they don't want to feel like you ARE a baby). If you're one of those girls who just can't help but throw the 'baby voice' into play, you should seriously reconsider doing it on a regular basis, if not altogether. The more you do it, the more likely it is that your man is going to be annoyed with you frequently until he can't take it anymore. Try doing the eye thing but wear your big girl voice as you talk to him. Or just do the face. But, whatever you do, do not use the baby voice, unless you're seriously trying to aggravate your man.

2: Men Hate When Women Won't Make Up Their Mind

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Let's say your man asks you where you'd like to go for dinner and you give him the usual, "Wherever you want to go" response. It might not bug him so much if he didn't name 7 different places before you finally make up your mind. Relationships are not a guessing game, and men seriously hate guessing. Your man wants to respect you by going to do what you want to do just as much as you do what he wants. He wants to be able to compromise and do things together, just like you do, and when you are constantly indecisive or playing the guessing game he gets frustrated. Men like straight-forward if possible. So be straight-forward on what you want to do!

3: Men Hate When Women Constantly Take Pictures

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Men don't mind the occasional picture together or liking a picture you post on social media. But, when it's excessive, men get annoyed. Not only do they hate sitting in front of a camera for 20 minutes at a time while you mess with your filters, but they'd rather be spending time with you than posting about how great your relationship is for the whole world to see. Men love to love as much as women love to love. But they'd rather do it together for each other than for social media. Instead of taking millions of pictures, try taking a walk or talking about mutual interests to see if there might be an activity that you two can do together. Talk about your present or future careers. Talk about what you did the other day or today. Give him a chance to tell you how things have been going in his personal life. He wants to tell you and share things with you, and nothing is more special than that. Forget Facebook for a while and save the pictures for special occasions.

4: Men Hate When Women Use Too Much Makeup

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Apparently, this is a thing on Instagram now (posting a picture with only half of your face with makeup on it). See the difference? Men do to, and they'd much rather women not wear it than look fake. Believe it or not, men like a natural-looking woman. If you're walking around with clown makeup on or a tan so dark you look like you bathed in Cheeto's sauce, you are giving off the wrong image. You don't want to go swimming for your first date and end up turning the water orange or looking like 'sad-clown'! Men don't like feeling like they're dating a cartoon character. Men don't like having to worry about what specific places he can take you out to make sure that your spray-tan doesn't wash off. Not to mention, spray on tans and heavy makeup tend to feel cakey and sticky. Men like to feel the natural softness of a woman's skin, not a pound of powder and 10 tons of shellack. Just be yourself: that's all men really ask for. Wear some nice yet casual clothes, use minimal makeup to highlight your features rather than hide them and bare your skin (even if you look like Casper's twin sister).

5: Men Hate When Women Take Longer Than Necessary

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You know how your man tells you he wants to grab some McDonald's and 2 hours later you come out of the bedroom looking like you're ready to walk the runway? Yeah, men hate that! The "I'll be ready in 15 minutes" scheme no longer works on men. They already anticipate it being more like 45 minutes. However, when you say 15 minutes and it takes you 2 hours, you've gone way overboard! Not only has your man been sitting there waiting for you, but you're probably late for whatever event you were getting ready for in the first place. Men honestly don't understand why women need to take 2 hours to get clothes on, put on makeup, and do their hair. It isn't only because they don't do these things or worry about these things either. Your man thinks that you are beautiful the way that you are, and would much rather go out with you in comfy clothes and no makeup with your hair in a bun. Hey, at least then you'd be on time.

6: Men Hate When Women Constantly Seek Compliments

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The age-old question, "How do I look?" has gotten old for men. No matter what, they feel like they never can give a good enough answer. If they say you look great, you want more, like, "How does this shirt look?", "Do these clothes make me look fat?", "Just great? That's all you have to say?" See? It's never good enough. Men don't understand why women need this confirmation. They think you're beautiful, end of story. If they didn't, they wouldn't be with you. Try and be more confident in yourself. Stop constantly needing affirmation that your man thinks you're the hottest thing since the oven and just believe him when he tells you. Not to mention, if you stop asking, he'll probably tell you a lot more often how sexy he thinks you are. Oh, and PS: Men don't know squat about clothes fashion or different types of makeup, which is another reason this annoys them. They don't care what the latest fashion trends are. And, when you tell them, they probably aren't listening.

7: Men Hate When Women Use The 'Double Standard'

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"Aren't you going to open the door for me?" "I'm a woman, not a child. I can open my own door. Thanks." In a matter of months, the double standard seems to take effect. In the beginning, you want chivalry and romance. After two months, you just expect him to stop and treat you like a complete stranger? It doesn't work that way. Men like to be chivalrous and treat their woman like a princess every once and a while. Just let him have it. It isn't just about opening doors. Women seem to think that if a man wants to help her, he's sexist and has no faith in a woman's abilities. They ALSO seem to think that if a man doesn't automatically want to do things for a woman that he is a great big jerk who doesn't care about treating his woman the way she deserves. It's a never-ending loop that keeps playing over and over again, and men are getting sick of it. It's all about compromise. You can open the door for yourself when you aren't on a date. When you are, just let him open the damn door.

8: Men Hate When Women Talk During 'The Do'

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Here's a big one. You guys are in the middle of making love and this hilarious thing that happened at work today pops into your head. Or maybe something he did a week ago that upset you. Either way, you probably shouldn't bring it up while you're doing the 'do. Not only does it make him feel like he isn't satisfying you, but it's highly rude. If you are not one of these women, this may seem hard to grasp. Who starts a conversation in the middle of making love? This is precisely the way that men feel and why it is such an annoyance to them. Women wouldn't like it if their man started talking about 'the game' or something while they were getting intimate, so why should we do it? It is okay to talk about your relationship during sex (if both of you are into that type of thing) but under no circumstances should you start an actual conversation during the act!

9: Men Hate When Women Are Glued To Their Phones

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He's trying to tell you about his day and you're on your phone. He's trying to show you something, and you're on your phone. The man is trying to propose and you're on your phone! Any woman that sits on her phone more than talking to her boyfriend will have a seriously hard time holding a relationship down. Men like to communicate, especially with their woman. If you make yourself intentionally unavailable to them, the relationship goes sour very quickly. Make sure you're taking the time to talk to your man and make sure that he knows how much he's appreciated too. Your Facebook and Instagram will still be there in a few hours. Men like to feel like a unit in their relationship. They want to feel like they can talk to their woman about anything and get supportive feedback and advice. If you listen to what he has to say, he will want to know what you have to say. If your too busy on your phone, your man might just find another woman who's more willing to listen to what he has to say and keep him feeling appreciated.

10: Men Hate When Women Never Offer To Pay

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It's your 45th date and you STILL haven't even offered to pay? Good men, being the chivalrous types, are most likely going to pay anyways. But, when a woman never offers to pay, it makes them feel underappreciated. Men like to be courted as much as women do, believe it or not. When a man asks a woman out on a date, he has already obligated himself to pay. It's a man's unspoken rule. However, a woman who isn't afraid to pick up the check (or at least offer) every once and a while to show her man her appreciation is much more likely to keep her man happy than a woman who's attitude screams 'why should I have to pay?' Also going into this topic is refusing to order anything but water and a salad. If you want a burger and fries, skip the "I'm trying to watch my weight" and get the damn fries before you eat all of his.

11: Men Hate When Women Constantly Complain

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Constantly complaining is a huge turnoff for men. They are all about listening to a woman's concerns and fears and things like that. But, when a woman is constantly complaining; about work, their relationship, people she doesn't like her clothes and image etc; it gives off a bad vibe and gives you a bad attitude. Men like a constant flow of communication, but only when they can actually participate in the conversation. When a conversation is one-sided all the time, it gets boring. Your man might feel like you aren't listening to him as diligently as he listens to you. This can either cause him to stop listening to you as much, or he could leave you altogether. This leaves you with only yourself to complain to (and then you might annoy yourself). Try not complaining so much. So what there are people you don't like? That's life. There will always be someone. But you don't need to go on and on about it all day, every day. Give your man time to talk about his day and things that bother him too. Men like having a chance to speak, and when you're too busy complaining all the time, it becomes monotonous. Speak your piece on whomever, or whatever, you need to complain about and then move on. Don't go on about it for weeks at a time.

12: Men Hate When Women Try To Make Them Jealous

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This is another huge one. You go out to a bar (after 3 hours of getting your 'night' clothes on and your makeup on point), and your boyfriend goes to get you two drinks, just to come back and see you talking to another guy. He knows that there are two ways that it can go: He can join the conversation (like a normal person) and NOT get jealous of you having a conversation with another male and get yelled at for 'not caring' later. Or, he can walk right up, jack the poor guy in the jaw for what could have been an innocent conversation, and get brownie points. Most men, however rational, take the easy, 'Back off my girl', way out. Ladies, if this is you, just stop. If there is a reason for your man to intervene, you need to trust that he will when he feels like you're uncomfortable and it's necessary. You don't need to constantly 'test' him to make sure he's willing to fight for your honor. It's a good thing when your man doesn't get jealous as easily. It means that he trusts you. It means that he believes that you two share a bond that isn't going to be easily broken by a frat boy with a skin-tight shirt on showing off his bod. It's honestly a great thing if your guy doesn't get jealous so easily. Jealousy is a huge problem in relationships today. Jealousy and control go hand-in-hand. It makes it hard for a relationship to function in a healthy way when you constantly need to worry about 'not wearing that shirt because it shows off too much of your contour' or not being 'allowed' to wear makeup because other men will find you attractive. What's so attractive about that kind of relationship?

13: Men Hate When Women Compare Their Relationship

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Friends’ relationships, social media, news stories; women compare their relationship to everything! Everyone's relationship is different, and men don't care how other people's personal lives are going, especially if they don't know them very well. If you see that your friend and their boyfriend took a weekend retreat to the mountains and went hiking and that's something you're interested in, TALK to your man about it instead of getting an attitude and making snide remarks like, "Becky and George went to the mountains last weekend for a retreat. Must be nice! Their relationship is great." There are probably a million other ways to let your man know that you'd like to do something without resorting to petty comments. For example, you could say, "So, Becky and George went on a retreat to the mountains last week. That looks fun. Is that something you'd want to do, maybe?" After that, see where the conversation goes. If he isn't interested in it, you guys can find your own, special retreat that you'd both enjoy.

14: Men Hate When Women Compare Them To An Ex

Men can't stand when they feel like they're constantly being compared to the one before. Most men don't ever dare to bring up an ex-girlfriend. We, as women, owe men the same common courtesy. It's hard enough to think of your current relationship partner being in a relationship before you without constantly feeling like you're competing with the ex. You wouldn't like it if your man constantly told you things like, "Sarah always rubbed my back like this, and it felt better" or "Felicity always made a point to tell me when I looked good". See how that sounds? Imagine your man telling you how much he did with his ex. Now, stop doing it to your man! If there are things that you really liked to do with your ex that you feel like you're missing out on now that they're gone, try talking to your partner about the activities. You don't constantly need to mention how you and your ex worked out every weekend together. Just ask your man if he wants to go for a run or something.

15: Men Hate A Passive-Aggressive Attitude

Lastly, men can't stand a passive-aggressive attitude. Sometimes, when a woman wants something, she feels the need to make rude comments. For example, say your partner asks why you're up so late and you reply with something like, "Unlike SOME of us, I make sure all the bills are paid." Now, this could be a severely easy fix. If you are feeling overwhelmed with an immense amount of things you need to do, simply ask your partner if they are willing to take on some extra things. Another example would be something like your man asking why you're looking up five-star restaurants and you say, "I like to imagine myself going to one since no one will take me." If you guys don't have the money for it, then you don't have the money. There is no reason to get such an attitude with your man about it, especially when he's trying his best. Mention activities and bring them up in a respectful manner. You are much more likely to influence him to do an activity with you when you don't have such a terrible attitude.

What Have We Learnt?

Men do a lot trying to please us women. The least we can do is try and be more gracious and a little less demanding. Don't get an attitude about things that aren't his fault. Don't constantly play guessing games with him. And don't constantly act like you don't know what you want. It's really not that hard. So, in short, do your best to make your man happy like he does for you. Throw some clothes on, forget the makeup and go do an activity together or just lounge around together instead of spending hours making yourself look like a clown that he doesn't find nearly as attractive or interesting. Have conversations with whomever you want, but don't expect your man to come around the corner, eyes-blazing if you're talking to a man unless it’s necessary. And, treat him like a prince just as often as he treats you like a princess. He deserves it just as much as you do. I'm sure you both do things that annoy each other, but now you know 15 possible things you are doing to contribute to that. There are plenty of ways to change this and have a much happier, much healthier relationship. Men are easy creatures to understand. You just have to want to understand them. If you aren't interested in keeping your man happy, what he has to say, or anything that has to do with his life that ISN'T about you, then you're probably going to be less than successful in the love department.