18 Amazing Black Pepper Uses And Benefits

Looking for a household item that can fill a variety of needs? Grab some black pepper and sit tight while we educate you on the uses and nutritional aspects!

By Jess DeVille
18 Amazing Black Pepper Uses And Benefits

18 amazing uses of black pepper that you don't know

Greek philosopher, Thales of Miletus, is quoted as having said, “Who is healthy in body, resourceful in nature, and of a readily teachable nature?” The quick answer…you and black pepper! If you love to cook, you’re aware of the basic nutrition facts and multiplicity that black pepper can adhere to. You can use black pepper to draw the taste buds in one direction or another, based on what other types of seasoning, cooking temperatures, and ingredients that are at play per dish. It is a welcome addition to many plates, even in a salt-obsessed world. But you are likely unaware of the wide variety of use for black pepper OUTSIDE the kitchen and INSIDE the body. We’re going to address that today, and you’ll likely save a little money in one way or another by utilizing black pepper in some less traditional ways. Whether you have gut health issues, diabetes, hair loss, cosmetic skin flaws, or you struggle with energy, there are plentiful uses for black pepper in your everyday life. These modern uses for black pepper well extend the nutrition facts label.

The origin of black pepper

Oddly enough, black pepper is actually a fruit derived from the black pepper plant. Weird, huh? There is a chemical inside of black pepper, called piperine (which you’ll learn a lot more about coming up), and that’s what gives it the bite. It ultimately comes from the beautiful country of India, and in its lifetime maintains the position of most-traded spice in the world. This may be due to its year-round availability, and its wide variety of medicinal uses (which you’re also going to learn a lot about).

Nutrition facts around black pepper

The nutrition facts behind black pepper involve the following: riboflavin, vitamins C, K, and B6; copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and potassium.

Why black pepper?

This is something that will be covered thoroughly in the following paragraphs, but to summarize: • It’s cheap. • It’s easy to store. • It’s easy to find. • It’s simple to use. • It’s effective in dozens of areas of your life that you haven’t thought of yet. • It’s tasty. • And it works! The side effects and benefits of black pepper will really surprise you, both medicinal and otherwise.

Many benefits, no side effects of black pepper

Let’s address some important and impacting health benefits from sprinkling a little peppery magic in your food daily. [Disclaimer: As with any diet changes, skin regimens, etc. always consult a doctor before beginning a new direct application with any agent, and likewise return to your doctor if experiencing any unexpected side effects]

Improving your digestive health with black pepper

Many people suffer from various digestive issues ranging from severe acid reflux, Crohn’s disease, trouble producing solid stool, the list goes on and on; all are crippling effects that can cause hardship and major trouble when trying to live a normal life and meet your appointments and obligations in a timely manner. A lot of these ailments can be positively influenced by working black pepper into your diet, because it stimulates digestive juices and enzymes, which is vital for improved digestion. This doesn’t mean to say that you need to run to your cabinet and swallow spoonfuls of black pepper to meet your digestive goals; it goes to work right away when eating with your normal meal. Black pepper has always been proven to improve pancreatic enzyme function and production as well, which further improves the body’s ability to properly consume and digest meals If that wasn’t positive enough of influence during digestion, black pepper can also relieve stomach gas due to the fundamental properties of black pepper. As a result, it can reduce flatulence and treat colic as well. This is great news for some of us, whether we have an issue with gas or maybe a spouse with gas, or a small child with colicky issues.

Uses of black pepper include weight control

Statistically, most people consider variable amounts of weight loss as among their chief goals in their near future. Piperine, the compound that fights the formation of fat cells, has been found in black pepper. While sprinkling it on your lunch won’t result in dramatic, instant weight loss, it’s most certainly a great aid in beginning to change your lifestyle which results in not only losing weight, but keeping it off. It not only inhibits the formation of fat cells, but it starts a chain reaction that affects other parts of the body, also aiding in the same “battle of the bulge.” While you’re working on the lifestyle change, remember that black pepper is a great seasoning to use when dieting, being as it is only eight calories per teaspoon. Instead of more fat-conducive dressings or toppings, opt for a more wholesome approach with some black pepper and other natural sources to aid in the flavor aspect. Experts say that the best time of day to start your black pepper regimen is first thing in the morning to get your day started off on the right foot. Not to mention, the easiest way to form a habit is to make it a part of a routine, and it’s likely you have a general morning routine. Perhaps this looks like sprinkling black pepper onto your morning bagel on your way out the door. While this isn’t the only time you should add it, getting it out of the way will likely help you to remember to continue throughout your day. Bear in mind, even the biggest critics of using black pepper to try to lose weight only use the argument that it is more likely to suppress appetite and reduce snacking than to actually shed the pounds itself. Well, isn’t that exactly what we would expect it to do?

Medicinal uses of black pepper

Unfortunately, recent studies have indicated that the likelihood of developing diabetes is more prevalent than your run-of-the-mill serial snacker, based on the types of foods and styles of cooking rather than the amount of consumption. Hopefully you don’t suffer now, but it’s always good to stay on the up and up and err on the side of offense rather than defense. The antioxidants in black pepper can stabilize blood sugar levels! This is wonderful news for anyone who currently has diabetes, as it can sometimes be challenging to find small habits to implement the necessary lifestyle. Black pepper regulates hyperglycemia, resulting in easier medicinal treatment for your diabetes. Some studies have proven that black pepper can inhibit the two enzymes that actually make your symptoms worse; however, ingesting it can greatly delay glucose absorption. Piperine (again, this is found in black pepper as per the nutrition facts) can be partnered with metformin (medication for diabetes), eventually reducing the amount of medication you have to take and the symptoms that result from it, all while feeling great and taking back your life. As mentioned previously, among its many uses, black pepper is very effective in suppressing your appetite and reducing the desire to snack throughout your day and between meals. By losing the urge to snack (especially on your sweeter treats), you can begin to improve your blood sugar test results in and of itself.

Medicinal uses and benefits include cancer prevention

While there is no known absolute cause for cancer in general, we can definitely practice disciplines that put us in more advantageous circumstances. It has been proven that piperine (again, that wonderful stuff) plays on the offense when it comes to cancer development. It also fosters an environment of nutrient absorption, which are necessary for proper gut health and accompanies cancer prevention as well. Further studies give credit of the anticancer attributes of black pepper to piperine. When considering colon cancer, stress on the rectum is greatly reduced, making colon cancer less likely. Prostate cancer has similar results. In regard to docetaxel (a chemotherapy method used in prostate cancer treatment), piperine was also proven to enhance its effectiveness. Black pepper doesn’t just help with cosmetic uses; side effects positively affect cancer reduction.

Black pepper lowers your blood pressure

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Nutrition facts with piperine again! This wonderful aspects of black pepper are back again. The studies that have been completed have proven it can lower blood pressure in animals, and the manner in which it does shows it can aid humans as well, in this area. Not to mention, ensuring our fur babies are healthy! As expected, it must be taken orally in order to begin to be put to work. No need to try injecting black pepper or any other methods of consumption; just traditional peppering uses will do the trick! A tremendous amount of the world’s population suffers from high blood pressure at some point in their lives; statistically speaking, one in every three adults in first-world countries, with that number dropping to around one in six in more impoverished areas. Luckily, black pepper is available in present-day all corners of the earth.

Medical uses for relieving cold and cough

Ancient Chinese medicine is where this use for black pepper has been known to originate. The way that it works is it begins to stimulate circulation and get your phlegm moving. If you need to increase its productivity, just add honey, and you’ll be reducing your cough as well. Instructions are as follows: Combine a teaspoon of powdered black pepper with two tablespoons of honey in the receptacle of your choice. Then top it off with boiling water, cover it up, and allow fifteen minutes of steeping. Then you may consume it. If completed three times a day, you should begin to see results! If you work in a traditional office space, it would be best practice to ensure you keep black pepper and honey readily available in your break room or desk (depending on the proper temperature required, as per the nutrition facts) as this would equip you or your desk-mates to quickly handle any oncoming symptoms as soon as they begin, even if you aren’t at home with all resources at your fingertips.

Medicinal uses for fighting infection

Why constantly fight the bug that’s going around when we can be preventive in getting it in the first place? Let black pepper fight this battle on your behalf, and here is why it works. Black pepper holds some very useful antibacterial properties, which have been proven to exhibit characteristics that target dangerous beings which aid infection prevention and stop the spread of disease. Additionally, if you’ve already got the dreaded sinus infection, grab your favorite hot soup (provided it also contains healthy nutrition facts) and add black pepper. Not only will it improve the taste, but it’ll begin to get you back on the mend!

Medicinal uses of black pepper as an antioxidant

This is an area in which black pepper really flourishes. But what does this really mean? Well, antioxidants fight disease-causing presences found in the body and boosts immunity as a result. Studies show that lab rats with oxidative stress have been given black pepper, and then showed undeniable improvement in their level of health. Further speculation found that not only does black pepper have antioxidant benefits, but it has the highest concentration of antioxidants found thus far. It also enhouses the highest phenolic content, which enables black pepper to cater to many diseases and illnesses, like the aforementioned cancer. Additionally, piperine enhances the bioavailability (useful readiness) of nutrients in many foods and supplements. This means that it can utilize an already useful tool and make it a mega effective tool, so to speak, by making it last longer. Want to ensure you’re utilizing the most piperine possibly? One way to tell the level is the taste test. The higher level of intensity with respect to flavor, the higher level of piperine is present in black pepper. Also, checking the nutrition facts located on the packaging should note the amounts of piperine as well.

Medicinal uses include promoting oral health

Provided it is mixed the appropriate way, some are using black pepper to massage sore spots in their mouths. The uses include minor toothaches and oral infections. The antibacterial aspects found in black pepper contribute to its effectiveness in helping in these areas. Black pepper is being used to reduce gum inflammation as well. Whether you are consuming acidic foods, smoking, or perhaps need to adjust your oral preventative care, many of us suffer from gum inflammation from time to time, and it’s not a shameful thing. But why continue to suffer? To put this use into effect, we’re going to use salt as well. The instructions are as follows: Mix equal parts of salt and pepper in a cup of water, then rub this mixture onto the affected area on your gums. If you have a toothache, you may replace salt and water with clove oil and use the same way. (Reminder: Always refer to your local dentist for guidance in ongoing discomforts or problems, as black pepper is not meant to treat underlying issues but rather symptoms of minor discomfort)

Medicinal uses for enhancing brain function

Better focus, more effective work, and more energy as a result. Who doesn’t want this? Well, we are in luck. Piperine (our hero, once again) contains a key enzyme in breaking down serotonin, which calms us. That same enzyme is also effective in degrading the function of melatonin, regulating the sleep cycles. Piperine (found in black pepper) is also a major player in preventing the debilitating Parkinson’s disease. It does this by stopping a negative type of enzyme which halts dopamine production. Dopamine is seen in dramatically-decreased levels in sufferers of Parkinson’s disease. Black pepper can decreases the symptoms here, and notably has a positive effect when used on patients suffering from depression, as well. Black pepper can also keep your mind young and spritely. It actively fights off Alzheimer’s disease. A study has already shown that it decreases the formation of a type of plaque that is necessary in developing Alzheimer’s. Hopefully they continue to run studies and research regarding this, and optimistically, we will see Alzheimer’s begin to disappear from the population going forward. Black pepper has a tendency to improve nerve activity in the brain, therefore, someone who regularly consumes black pepper has lessened likelihood of suffering from seizures, and it has been observed in decreasing number of seizures in people already experiencing them. Because of the characteristics displayed, in conjunction with its tendency to protect the nerve cells, it has been proven to have beneficial results with patients who have had a stroke. This is also helpful to students, as ensuring you begin your day with black pepper on your breakfast, you can expect to begin your class day with a clearer, more focused frame of mine, which will result in more clarity and better grades.

Medicinal uses for improving fertility

One of the most beautiful aspects of life is the ability to bring forth new life with someone you love. Black pepper lends a helpful hand in this arena as well, as unlikely as that may sound at first glance. Black pepper is plentiful in reference to magnesium and zinc (which are critical for male sex hormones), making it a big player when it comes to improving his big players. By consumption, it increases the number of sperm and also its potency. Not only that, it also improves mobility and motility, which are essential in achieving pregnancy. They’ve got to be able to not only survive their journey, but they have to come quickly enough to create a “sticky bean,” and create your positive test result. If this is an area in which you and your partner are interested in improving, sprinkle some pepper on supper and head to the bedroom for dessert!

Smoking cessation sponsored by black pepper

The health benefits of black pepper seem almost endless. Many people struggle with quitting smoking, because once they start to reduce their cigarette breaks, they experience withdrawals, discouraging them from following through with the cause. Inhaling the vapor from black pepper has proven to reduce withdrawal symptoms with new quitters. If the withdrawals aren’t the only obstacle, cravings often are the next hurdle. These urges were also seen to dissipate while using the black pepper vapor as well. In a society in which we tend to gravitate towards remaining on a nicotine addiction with gum, patches, or electronic cigarettes, this all-natural method of curbing the craving is one that needs to be more widespread than it presently is. If you know someone struggling in this area, definitely be sure to tip them off to this trick.

Benefits surrounding prevention of asthmatic symptoms

As counterproductive as it may sound, since pepper is known to cause sneezing, pepper can relieve symptoms associated with asthma. Studies have concluded that patients consuming black pepper as part of their treatment plan were seen to dramatically improve. Why is this? Black pepper has this wonderful habit of clearing one’s respiratory tract and put their issues to bed as a result. Because of this, black pepper has been used to treat chronic coughs and other illnesses. In fact, in considering the aforementioned smoking cessation, perhaps including black pepper in other areas of your life can amend the aftermath of being a long-time smoker and overall begin to improve your health! We’ve discussed plenty of uses for black pepper that can promote internal physical well-being, but what about our outsides? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good; when we look good, we exude confidence which in turn makes us and our loved ones even happier! Here are a few more uses for black pepper that can help you look your best.

Side effects include younger-looking skin!

There goes that antioxidant again! On the fight to freedom and youth! Wrinkles, liver spots, whatever the issue; black pepper can definitely assist you in this area. How to do this: just begin using black pepper in your normal meals. Then begin to see it improve your skin in this areas; after all, your skin is your largest organ, and certainly one of the most beautiful. Take care of it! If you’re wanting to make a mask instead, just use a teaspoon of black pepper and equal parts of honey, then water to thin it out. Using this twice per day will expedite your results, rather than performing this regimen once per week or so.

Side effects include skin exfoliation

Maybe your skin doesn’t have many cosmetic imperfections that you’re worried with right now, with the exception of clumpy, lifeless cells. Skip the mask, and make a scrub! To do this, crush one-half of a teaspoon of black pepper and mix in one teaspoon of yogurt. Only leave this scrub on your face for twenty minutes, before washing it off of your face. This will result in a soft and bright tone, and it also makes your skin healthier in non-cosmetic ways as well. The black pepper does this by improving the flow of blood throughout your body, providing more oxygen to your skin as a result. Finally, it prevents acne, so that these types of post-necessity care will be less necessary, which frees up your time to do what you want to instead of stressing over the quality of your skin. The next time you’re having a girls’ night, break out the black pepper and teach your friends a few new and affordable tricks with this! It’s bound to make for an interesting and productive project! Plus, with repetition, you'll experience the benefits for weeks to come!

The side effects of use for vitiligo

In the dictionary, vitiligo is defined as a condition in which the pigment is lost from areas of the skin, causing whitish patches, often with no clear cause. If you are affected by vitiligo, you may not feel the need to treat it. People with vitiligo are beautiful and there is no inherent need to treat it. But much like people who like to use makeup for cosmetic purposes that make themselves feel more confident for their own reasons, you are well within your right to do what you feel is best. If this is you, and you want to proceed, then by all means! Many people with vitiligo use some very harsh chemicals when treating the disease, but there are much safer alternatives in respect to black pepper. The long-term effects of opting for the route of these harsh chemicals can wreak havoc on your skin eventually anyway, it is best practice to give the black pepper method a fighting chance and heal your skin the natural way.

Side effects include ditching the dandruff

Dandruff can be both annoying and embarrassing; there’s no need to suffer with the side effects! Likewise, there’s no need to let your locks suffer from any harsh treatments; black pepper to the rescue! How to do this: Crush one teaspoon of black pepper, add to a bowl of curd, and immediately apply the treatment to your head. Let this set for thirty minutes, then rinse. No shampoo needed at this time, because this treatment needs a little time to work out the bad guys – definitely feel free to wash the following day. Because of this time frame, make sure to have a free night to complete so you’re not having to go out in public with unwashed hair. The key here is to only use a teaspoon of the black pepper, because too much of a good thing can still be a bad thing and be a major headache – no pun intended. Say goodbye to off-putting flakes and hello to an inviting head of hair.

Bonus: side-effects include revitalizing your hair

Maybe you don’t have so much of a dandruff issue, just lifeless hair! To start this treatment: Ground one teaspoon of black pepper seeds and mix it with one teaspoon of lemon; immediately apply to both scalp and hair. Leave treatment in for fifteen minutes maximum, then rinse. You may also mix black pepper with honey instead, and strengthen your roots, preventing baldness! This is a great tip for a woman expecting, because once you deliver a baby, you tend to lose a little hair and your locks may end up limp. If you are pregnant, why not be proactive in reserving your beautiful hair, and begin with the black pepper regimens long before your due date? So now you’re feeling good AND feeling good. By this point, provided that you’re applying black pepper in all of the ways listed, you are likely beginning to feel a heavier pocketbook, a smaller number on the scales, and a healthier you! Yay! Make it a lifestyle!

Keep your black pepper fresh

In order to keep your black pepper fresh and ready to consume, store in a waterproof and sealed container, in a cool and dry space. It is good this way for up to one year; some sources say they can stay good for three years if left untouched. Unfortunately, it can begin to lose its spicy taste after four months, so try to keep what you will use instead of stocking up in Y2K fashion. Unless, of course, you’re feeding and supplying a small army, in which case, stock pile this stuff! As always, check your nutrition facts for further information on shelf life.

Interesting history and seasoned uses of black pepper?

• Black pepper used to be consumed almost exclusively by wealthy people, which has come a long way to more a humble place on the spice rack and in the homes of millions of families across the globe today. • More humorous historians love to remind us that it’s been widely believed that black pepper was first discovered while stuffed up the nasal cavity of Egyptian Pharoah, Rameses II. • In less modern times, black pepper was known to be used to relieve earaches and treat heart and lung diseases. This doesn’t come across as too surprising, considering all of the health benefits that we’ve discovered it provides today. • In Russia, it’s commonplace to sprinkle black pepper into vodka for consumption. If you’re looking for more ways to work black pepper into your diet, this is certainly a fun place to start! • Ants hate black pepper; so much so that sprinkling it around the entrances and windows of your home can halt an infestation dead in its tracks – literally. • The side effects of adding a teaspoon of black pepper to your colored load of laundry include your garments looking bright and brand new! In conclusion, optimistically, you could use black pepper in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and finish your day with a light black pepper mask and a black pepper rinse through your hair, resulting in you readily practicing and benefiting from the many uses indicated here in this article. Thus begs the question – how will you begin your black pepper lifestyle? Breaking old habits and forming new ones always takes time, but it is worth it in the end. – Joyce Meyer To conclude - be encouraged to make a list of goals that black pepper can help you address (whether health-related or cosmetically charged), order this list from most attainable to least, and conquer each item one at a time. Live your best life now, and do it naturally.