Should Girls Even Masturbate? 12 Reasons Why You Should

Debunking myth of masturbation as "shameful" and why it's good for health

By Caren M
Should Girls Even Masturbate? 12 Reasons Why You Should

How Masturbation Became A "Shameful" Action In Society

Masturbation is in itself a word that is rebuked more times than Satan ever could. It’s a cultural offense to speak the word in public and you will find people making vague religious gestures to purge themselves.

Are we allowed to talk about, leave alone take part in the act?

What is masturbation? A brief history

Masturbation is the stimulation of one’s own genitals for sexual stimulation and the history runs all the way back to picture representations in the first civilization.

Although depictions of male masturbation occur more frequently than the female’s it is very clear that ancient humans were very easy-going on the practice and mostly didn’t care one way or another because it did not affect society at the time.

Ancient Sumerians (some early people) believed that masturbation enhanced sexual potency for both male and female they frequently engaged in it both alone and with their partners

A later account of civilizations like the Egyptians and the Greeks have accounts of masturbation being a part of healthy sexual activities and sometimes even considered holy or magical (Check out how the universe came to be by the god Atum).

So what changed?

In the 18th century, a pamphlet was published where the term onanism, to describe concisely the act of masturbation was printed in 1726, the title; ‘Onania, or the Heinous sin of self-pollution’.

The article was filled with frightful consequences of this sinful act of self-pollution, both physical and spiritual.

It is believed that our current interpretation of masturbation comes from this era. Great consequences were associated with this moral evil in the society like insanity, afflictions of the liver and breathing system and even death.

From this point, psychologists and philosophers of the time were vocal about the effects of masturbation and made publications to warn people of this immoral sin that affected society so.

Solitary Sex: A Cultural History of Masturbation, a book written by Thomas. W. Laqueur goes deeper into the morbid history of the pervasion of masturbation.

In Christianity, there’s a passage in the book of Genesis 38 where a man named Onan was struck down by God because he was wicked. The obscure passage claims that Onan was instructed by his father to go and sleep with his brother’s wife and bear children for him but instead Onan, and I quote, “spilled his seed upon the ground”. For Christians, this verse is enough to claim masturbation for the evil that it is.

In other cultures too, the spilling of semen was considered unnecessary and although masturbation was a rite of passage for some groups, it was done in the form of fellatio so the semen could be ingested instead.

Masturbation As A Self Love: 12 Reasons Why You Should

With all the dark history surrounding masturbation and the negativity surrounding the word, it’s not a wonder that the practice is one of the most common of the more diverse sexual satisfaction activities.

It is more commonly associated with men and that leaves girls confused if they can indulge in self-pleasure as well.

The market surrounding masturbation has certainly gained a more publicized concept in the later years- with self-pleasure toys hitting the market with a boom.

Despite all the awareness to debunk the myths and stigma surrounding the act, many girls still feel some level of self-preservation and guilt when they take part in the act. Is this guilt justified? We don’t think so and we’ll give you the reasons why.

1. It’s a good way to relieve sexual tension

You’re old enough to experience sexual tension especially if your thoughts are being fuelled by that hot and steamy book you read or you just came back from an insanely hot make-out session with that boy you are crazy about but you don’t want to put out just yet.

2. It strengthens the pelvic floor

Giving yourself some self-love is not just a one-way ticket to O-town but it also does some wonderful things like strengthening your pelvic floor. Solo sex is also good because it keeps orgasmic functions of your vag running like being lubricated and ready on the go for the next time you wanna roll around in the hay.

3. It relieves stress and helps you relax

Orgasms help in the release of endorphins into your system and these babies take care of everything from mood-boosting to relieving tension and just making you miss happy-go-round. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

4. It’s a guaranteed source of orgasms

Speaking of the big ‘O’, you can never disappoint yourself so don’t even worry. They say that the time you give yourself some much-needed self-love will be well spent because you’ll never be disappointed and you can always be guaranteed of satisfying yourself.

5. Pain reliever  

The same hormones that take care of your happy moods can cure things like low-level headaches and other small kinds of pain.

6. Improves your self-image and self esteem

When you give yourself some self-love once in a while, you get to appreciate all the wonderful things your body can do for you and your self-esteem grows in buckets.

7. You’ll discover your sexual fantasies and thoughts

When you are alone trying to turn your motor on with some sexy fantasies is when you’ll discover what kinds of sex you like more what turns you on so you can do a bit of exploring later if your partner is down to try.

8. It’ll help you understand the female system

It’ll help you understand how things work down there and what kind of stimulation you like best. The female system is a bit more complicated than the male system and figuring things out might take a bit of patience and time from you.

9. There are no risks involved

You don’t have to worry about any sexually transmitted diseases when you’re engaged in self-love and there’s no risk of pregnancy either. Just have fun with no strings attached.

10. Helps you maintain a healthy sexual appetite

You don’t always have a partner to help you take care of your sexual needs and a little self- satisfaction keeps your libido in check and things working just as fine down there.

11. You can do it your way

You don’t need to enjoy a sexual experience based on someone else’s needs or their satisfaction. Only your own and this will make the experience so much enjoyable for you.

12. Helps you sleep better

You have never slept like a baby before. You’re sated, and your limbs are like jello and you feel just so amazing. You will hit the sack with a huge smile on your face.

Recommended Resources (That's Not Porn) For Newcomers

If you are a beginner and wondering how the hell does people start anyway, your system and that stuff make.

i) Read some erotica

Erotica is a sexually stimulating material that depicts sexual acts. Forms of erotica can be books or short stories. They are romantic and will activate your mind in creating fantasies that will get you excited and your juices flowing. Literally.

ii) Watch a movie with your favorite actor

Especially if he’s going to strip down his shirt (and other clothes if he dares) or if he’s doing some nasty dirty things to a female partner. Just close your eyes and imagine it was you he was doing those things too. 

iii) Start a sexy conversation

You can use a partner by engaging in some naughty sexting to get you turned on. Let your inhibitions go and just ask him what he’d like to do to you if he had the chance. Use all the dirty things he tells you to start things going for you and to fuel your fantasies.

iv) Use some sexy music to get you in the mood

 Listen to some sexy music to help you set the mood. Imagine that you are the muse the musician is talking about and you’re the one he’s singing of. Feel sexy in the song and just start a slow dance while you feel upon yourself and then just move on from there.

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History has worked so hard at demonizing the act of self-love and putting the fear of God in those who practiced anyway. As a girl that’s both curious about her sexuality and seeking sexual thrills, we believe that it is your right to make whatever decisions you do regarding your sexuality and the path you want it to take.

You shouldn’t feel the pressures of society pushing you down, especially on something so personal and afforded you.