Why Viagra Is So Popular And There Is Now Female Viagra?!

Viagra Wiki: On the Man's Viagra and The New Female Viagra

By Fred S.
Why Viagra Is So Popular And There Is Now Female Viagra?!

Erectile dysfunction has played the role of a villain in many potentially beautiful romantic relationships. It’s just not possible for two loving partners to express their love in the same way, once this horrendous ailment strikes. Its varying stages are common to be experienced by men after the age of forty. It can obviously get frustrating, as it has a direct impact on one’s relationship, mental health, and overall quality of life. But we’ve all heard the phrase, necessity is the mother of invention. This applies to the invention of revolutionary medicine, which we all know as “Viagra” today. If you’re looked this up on the internet, then you’ve heard the name. But this article will tell you everything you need to know about this miraculous pill – so keep reading!  

Viagra (For Man): The Name and How It Works

Logic Behind the Name

It’s an iconic name for an iconic medicine, which not only brought together beautiful couples but also saved innumerable marriages. Its name isn’t a random word from Latin or Hebrew, but it’s actually a combination of three English words. Those three words are ‘virility’, ‘vitality’, and ‘vigor’ which are qualities that Viagra claims to empower men with. These words are combined into a word that rhymes with ‘Niagra’, signifying immense force and unmatched endurance. It’s quite a clever name if you dive into its origins.  

How It Works

Now let’s get to the technical side of things – let's address what it actually does to your body to have such a consistent effect every time. It basically facilitates the process to make the erection more sustainable. Normally, when a guy gets stimulated sexually, nitric oxide is naturally released by his nervous system inside the erectile muscle tissue of his penis. This causes the stimulation of an enzyme, causing the production of the cGMP (Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate). Now cGMP is the star of the show here, as that’s what causes the penis’s arteries to dilate, allowing the erectile tissue and the arteries to fill with blood. This is what we know as erection. Viagra simply prevents the cGMP from degradation, which means the blood can continue to flow to these arteries and erectile tissue, resulting in a consistent and strong erection.  

Popularity of The Viagra (As seen in All the Spam Mails...)

There’s a reason why Viagra is one of the most popular medicines in the entire world today. It was the first-ever unbelievably effective drug to be designed for solving male potency problems. Two factors helped it the most on its way to gain explosive popularity; the first one being the commonness of the problem of erectile dysfunction, and the second one being its absolutely unmatched ability to solve it. As men get older, it’s totally normal to find it harder to maintain an erection as easily as the younger days. This means the demand for the product was immense, and the quality of the performance delivered by Viagra just created a magical connection.  

As more and more men tried it out, it kept spreading like wildfire. It was unbelievable for men to feel its effects for the first time, as one of the biggest problems in their lives could just be solved with a 100 mg pill of Viagra (Sildenafil)! Not to mention, their women were the ones who were even more pleased with its effects – if you know what we mean.  

Today, with Viagra being legalized to be sold over the counter in most of the states all over the world, the question isn’t about its quality anymore. It’s about finding easier and cheaper ways to get a hold of its supply. That’s where the Viagra related spam emails in your email play their part, offering discounts with free home delivery and whatnot. Be careful trusting these though, not all of them are true – they could be selling you fakes with a seamless tweak in the packaging. Make sure you deeply verify the product before you use it, caution should always be maintained when it comes to medicines.  

The Female Viagra: The Name and How It Works

People have hyped it up to be the female Viagra, but that’s the interesting part, as it’s actually entirely different from the male Viagra. The name might be the same, which means the origin of the name is common between both the tablets too, but they’re totally different in their functionality.  

Let’s start with debunking some major myths, and this might be disappointing to hear, but the ‘female Viagra’ (flibanserin) is only going to work for 1 or 2 out of 10 women. That’s already a huge difference with respect to its male counterpart, which is tested and proven to work almost 100% of the time for all men. But, even if its effectivity is set aside, it’s also distinct from the male Viagra (Sildenafil) in terms of what it does to your body. While Sildenafil is meant to enhance blood flow to the erectile arteries and tissue, Flibanserin, its female counterpart is only meant to impact the brain’s neurotransmitters. In a way, it kind of works like antidepressants, as it targets chemicals in the brain.  While the male Viagra works in the ‘mechanical’ side of things, Flibanserin is focused on inducing sexual desire and responses in the brain through neurotransmitters.   

How Long Does It Take for The Female Viagra To Work?

Get ready for another heartbreaking myth-busting fact, because the answer to this question could also be disappointing depending upon your expectations. People have made fake prank videos and posts online that show immediate effects in women behaving in a sexual way right after they pop a Flibanserin pill in, but that’s just grossly inaccurate and fake. While the Viagra pill for males would work this way, the female variant isn’t anywhere close to that in terms of the time it takes.  

Flibanserin or ‘the female Viagra’ isn’t a pill you take 30-40 minutes before sex to turn yourself on – that's just not how it works, sadly. It has to be taken regularly as if it was a fever medication or something. It has to be taken regularly, and it could take up to 3 to 4 weeks to show its effects on ladies. It’s also not supposed to be taken at the time of sex, rather it’s a bedtime drug which also has a sedative effect which helps you fall asleep.   

Review of The Female Viagra

People who understood the development and prospects of the Flibanserin drug were already expecting it to work for only a fraction of women, not all of them. Whereas the general public had much higher hopes from the drug that was hyped up to be the female version of the immensely successful Viagra. But its effects are nothing when compared to the consistency of Viagra for men. The reviews of Addyi (or ‘the female Viagra’), tell the same story when you look it up online.  

For it to even have a chance at affecting a woman’s libido, it has to be taken regularly at bedtime for 3-4 weeks at least. That itself could be an absolute deal-breaker for a lot of ladies. It’s not a cheap drug, and it’s definitely hard to spend money on something which isn’t showing effects. But let’s assume you went on with it, there’s no guarantee for it to start working on you because it can only help a fortunate fraction of women.  

However, Flibanserin is by no means a hopeless drug. There’s a silver lining to it, which was brought to attention by a clinical experiment carried out by Sprout Pharmaceuticals. According to them, for the women Flibanserin actually worked for, they saw an average of a whopping 53% rise in their sexual desire after the regular dose starting having an effect on them.  

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Viagra mainly helps men who suffer from the problem of not being able to either achieve or sustain a healthy erection, even with strong sexual stimulation. Now, the pill itself doesn’t provide any sort of sexual stimulation, nor does it have an effect similar to aphrodisiacs (sexual foods). However, the pill improves erectile response upon sexual stimulation, as it simply works to improve the blood flow to the penis that helps sustain the erection. It works almost every time for almost every man, but that’s simply not the case when it comes to Addyi (Flibanserin), the ‘Female Viagra’. This article has discussed both the pills in grave detail in this article, weighing them against each other in terms of how long they take to work, their dosage, and their separate functionalities.