Sexual Tension: 25 Signs Your Sexual Appetite Is Out Of Control

What you feel for your partner is a sexual attraction or sexual tension? Find out from these 25 signs below whether your sexual appetite is out of control.

By Amanda Palmer
Sexual Tension: 25 Signs Your Sexual Appetite Is Out Of Control

What is sexual tension?

Sexual tension is a phenomenon only those can explain who have experienced it themselves. It is difficult to aptly explain the adrenaline rush, the pumping of the hearts and the electric signals that one experiences in the body when they meet a person they are sexually attracted to. It gets really hard to ignore it and you end up in a messy situation as you are unable to control your actions and your mind. It is not even necessary to be emotionally connected to a person to develop a sexual tension with him. A sexual tension can happen without any logical reasoning at times. Many times, the sexual tension you feel is equally reciprocated by the other person too. He or she feels the same sexual tension when you are around. You cannot think of anything other than grabbing that person and having sex with that person then and there. If you act on it immediately, you can have a mind-boggling and bed-breaking sex with that person then and there. It is a clear sign that your sexual compatibility with that person is on an instinctive level and whenever you see him or her, the raw animalistic passion inside you ignites. Many times, people have to masturbate in order to relieve themselves from this crazy sexual tension. Sexual attraction is different from sexual tension. It is a wild connection you feel with the person and you need not be emotionally attached to him also. A sexual attraction towards someone is developed often when you are emotionally attached to the person. It can change with your feelings. A sexual tension often develops when you don't get the object of your sexual attraction. He or she might not respond to you in a similar way, might be attached to someone else or you cannot have sex with that person owing to social obligations. Then the sexual attraction becomes a sexual tension. A sexual attraction takes the form of sexual tension when you try to suppress it. A sexual tension is always easy to sense and often the people going through it feel that their behavior is absolutely normal and that they appear quite calm to the public, but in reality, it is just the opposite. Sexual tension leaves obvious telltale signs and almost everyone can easily notice the sexual chemistry between two people. Following are some sexual tension signs:

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1. The sexual tension is mutual

If the sexual tension is mutual, you and the object of your attraction will feel the same electricity and chemistry between both of you. A mere touch can send in a thousand shock waves to each other's body. All you think of is having sex and the beauty of it that the other person feels the same. A sexual tension aggravates when it is responded in a similar way but if the other person ignores you then the sexual tension, mostly, dies on its own.

2. You make a lot of eye contact

When there is a mutual sexual tension between two people, they deal with it by making a lot of eye contact. They stare right inside the core of the person's eye. Eyes are the way to one's soul. Sexual tension makes you want to connect with the person on a spiritual level. You make lots of eye contact and at times can stare at the other person for a long period of time without even blinking the eyes.

3. You get electric shocks on seeing your partner

Now this feeling has to be experienced to be able to understand better. You may love your current partner but it is not necessary that every time you see him or her, you get a feeling of a thousand electric shocks passing through your nerves. Such is the magic of sexual tension. You feel this kind of sensation only with someone with whom you have a sexual tension with. A slight brush of the hand or touch of a finger can send ripples of shocks in your nervous system.

4. Body language

Your body language becomes quite obvious that you are sexually attracted towards that person. Your body automatically gets more inclined to that person. You want to touch that person again and again. You come close and try to touch each other on false pretexts. You lean towards that person and all you want to do is to grab that person and ride on him or her till you are satiated. Your body language can easily betray you when you have a strong sexual attraction for someone. It is your body's way to deal with the sexual tension.

5. You automatically get into horny talk

You try to deal with your sexual tension in your own way. Whenever you make any conversation with that person, you notice that your talks get horny or dirty automatically. All your talks end up on the subject of sex. You either do it purposely to know what the other person feels about you and sometimes, it might happen subconsciously too because all you are thinking of is sex when you talk to that person.

6. Voices get huskier

When you get close to that person, your sexual tension gets too much to deal with and your voices automatically get low key and huskier. It is an unconscious try from your mind to invite the other person for sex in a seductive tone. It will take tons of effort from your side to make your mind and body behave if you have a strong sexual tension towards someone. It is your body's own language coming out from your mouth to invite the other person for a raw act of sex.

7. You always want to stay close to your partner

When you are sexually attracted towards someone, your mind tells you to stay close to that person. You find all sorts of excuses to stay close thinking that you might get a chance to touch that person. The sexual tension inhibits you from moving away. It is as if the magnetic field is so strong that you cannot move away from that person. You just the sexual tension and do not want to pull away from your partner.

8. You get an instant arousal on seeing your partner

Now, this can get very embarrassing especially for the men. The moment they see their partner, they get an instant arousal. It gets tough for them to concentrate and all they want to do is to get laid. At times, the arousal is so hard that you might have to relieve yourself.

9. You make excuses to be alone with your lover

Some alone time with your lover will give you ample opportunity to initiate a proposal for sex. Sexual tension can be said as a prolonged foreplay which occurs only in the mind. You don't get the opportunity to touch the person intimately, but you go through the entire act of sex in your mind numerous times. You try to create opportunities to be alone so that you can have sex and relieve yourself of your sexual tension.

10. You exchange a lot of smiles

You exchange a lot of smiles to let the other person that you appreciate his presence, his looks, his body and him. Smiling a lot makes a good and positive connection with the other person. Obviously, you cannot frown or scowl at a person and then grab them for sex. Smile is a language which is inviting, welcoming and pleasant.

11. You gaze deeply into each other's eyes

When you gaze deeply into each other's eyes, you connect with the person at his core. Gazing deeply into each other's eyes is also a way of making an emotional connection.

12. You are always distracted

When you have sexual tension, your mind if always distracted. All you can think of is having sex with that person and your mind does not concentrate on your work.

13. You keep staring at your partner's body parts

If you want to have sex with that person, you keep staring at that person's body parts imagining what would he or she look like without clothes.

14. You want to wear revealing dresses

You wear revealing dresses only to seduce your partner. Wearing provocative or revealing clothes seduces your partner and the sexual tension build up to an extreme level.

15. Sexual tension even if the person is not your type

Sometimes, the sexual tension cannot be explained and has no logic. You may dislike someone's attitude and behavior a lot but yet you find yourself sexually attracted towards that person.

16. You want to stay around that person for a little longer

A little while longer, some extra moments and a few extra minutes, perhaps you get a better chance with him or her alone. Perhaps, you get to touch that person. And also because it is so damn difficult to pull yourself out of the strange sexually charged up atmosphere.

17. You try to touch him even in public

When you feel a sexual tension towards someone, your mind and body is hardly in control. You cannot help but even touch that person in public assuming that none would notice. Sexually attracted people often lose their mind and behave awkward even in public.

18. You try very hard to focus elsewhere

Concentrating and putting your mind elsewhere becomes a challenge when you are sexually tensed. All you can think of is sex and you cannot put your mind to productive use.


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19. You are always imagining yourself with that person

Your thoughts are all about having sex with that person. You love to imagine your sexual encounters and you even love to fantasize situations when you will have sex with that person.

20. You get wet dreams

Sometimes, your sexual tension builds up to such extreme levels that you get wet dreams. Men often ejaculate in their sleep while dreaming of having sex with that person and women too get an orgasm in their sleep.

21. Mention of sex generates image of the person

The mention of sex brings the image of that person in your mind. That person becomes a personification of sex itself.

22. Both of you catch sneaky glances at each other

You catch sneaky glances at each other only to know if the other person is looking at you also or not. You want to know whether he or she is also feeling the same way about your or not. Sometimes, the sneaky glances are knowing glances at each other as if you both share a secret language spoken only by eyes.

23. Unexplainable tension in the air between you two

The atmosphere often gets charged up when both of you are together. You cannot explain the reason behind this sexual tension and neither can your partner. It is as if an invisible force is bringing both of you together.

24. Others notice your chemistry too

Your behavior in public becomes so awkward and obvious that everyone notices the chemistry between both of you no matter how calm you both try to appear.

25. You feel like you are in high school again

Being sexually tensed brings about all the memories of your high school days when you felt similar attraction for every new crush in your high school.


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