What's the Big Deal with JUUL and Vaporing Recently?

JUUL 101: Everything you need to know about JUUL and vaporing

By Madiha A.
What's the Big Deal with JUUL and Vaporing Recently?

What is Vaporing and How It Became Popular?

An e-cigarette or a similar device produces aerosols or vapors. When these vapors are inhaled and exhaled by users it is called vaping. This is completely different from smoking regular cigarettes because e-cigarettes don’t burn tobacco to produce smoke. They produce aerosols that are considered harmless water vapors only, which is not true. These vapors actually contain fine particles, these particles contain tremendous amounts of life-threatening chemicals and are often held responsible for various respiratory and heart problems. 

Vaping became popular among the general public when e-cigarettes were introduced in 2007. Vaping devices include e-cigarettes, personal vaporizer i.e. MODS, and vape pens. Normally a vaping device consists of a mouthpiece, a cartridge for e-juice or e-liquid, a battery and a heating unit. When the device is turned on, the battery heats up the heating unit which turns the contents of the cartridge into vapors which are inhaled and exhaled by the user. 

The e-liquid that is used in vaporizers is made out of vegetable glycerin-based liquid with nicotine or propylene glycol, flavorings, and metal pieces. It doesn’t contain tobacco in any form. 

In the 2000s, health experts were extremely optimistic when vaping devices hit the market. People started to consider them as a safe alternative to smoking and this belief particularly increased the e-cigarette usage among young people. 

E-cigarette promoters claim that vaping helps smokers in quitting smoking. Health experts believe that e-cigarettes deliver deadly amounts of nicotine which is a highly addictive chemical. Instead of quitting smoking they start vaping and still continue to smoke cigarettes side by side which leads to dual-use. 
Some of it is true that vaping is less harmful than smoking and aerosol from e-cigarettes contains fewer contaminants than tobacco smoke, but it is still not worth the risk it poses to the health of its users. 

The constant increase in the usage of vaping devices is an alarming situation and a serious public health threat. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Introducing JUUL

The most current and increasingly popular innovation in vaping devices is JUUL. It is a tiny sleek device that resembles a USB flash drive. It is often regarded as the iPhone of e-cigarettes, no wonder why it has gained popularity among the younger generation. JUUL’s length is 9.48cm and 1.51cm wide. Its compact size has made it popular among students, teenagers, and young adults. Hiding it is a lot easier than other vaping devices. JUUL is a rechargeable device and comes with a USB charger that can be easily connected to a power outlet or your laptop. It features a small LED light to indicate battery life. To check the battery all you have to do is tap on your JUUL twice and it will flash one of the three colors i.e. green for high level, yellow for mid-level,  and red specifies that the battery will need recharging soon. You need to charge it once a day and it takes around 50-55 minutes to get fully charged. 

It comes with a one year warranty and is available in metallic grey and silver colors. JUUL has two compartments. The bottom part of the device includes a temperature regulating system and a battery. The upper part is the e-liquid cartridge that the user is supposed to stick to the device. The cartridge also doubles as a mouthpiece so you just need to attach the two when you are ready to begin using it. 

What makes JUUL different from other vaping devices is that there are no settings. The device gets activated once the user takes their first drag from the mouthpiece and starts heating the liquid to evaporate it. It means that JUUL cannot be modified according to the user’s liking. It comes with a special temperature regulation to prevent overheating, so there are certainly no chances for it to burn or explode as other vapes do. 

JUUL’s pod capacity is 0.7ml which is capable of roughly 200 puffs. It is a closed system, which means the e-liquid cannot be refilled like it can be done in vape pens. The manufacturers claim that this enclosed factor enables them to maintain quality. Every JUUL product contains huge amounts of nicotine. It is claimed that a single pod or cartridge contains the same amounts of nicotine just as a whole pack of cigarettes. 

The manufacturers believed that JUUL will be aiding smokers in quitting smoking. But it seems like it's the fancy design and attractive flavors didn’t let it qualify for the purpose. It is attracting the younger generation towards itself rather than persuading them to quit smoking. 

How JUUL became everyone's favorite?

No wonder why JUUL has become everyone’s new favorite it is definitely because of its sleek design. It is compact, stylish and portable. You can carry it in your pocket without anyone knowing very easily. 
Another fact that makes it everyone’s favorite is the several exciting flavors that it is available in which are créme brûlée, cool mint, fruit medley, and mango. It tastes so much better when compared to other cigarettes and vaping devices. 

Even though it doesn’t look like a cigarette it was designed to mimic the sensory and physical experience of a cigarette without causing that much harm. It incorporates the same hand and mouth coordination required in smoking a cigarette, but what made it so hyped and everyone’s favorite is that it doesn’t pose extreme health risks like a conventional tobacco burning cigarette. 

JUUL produces very fewer byproducts, which means that you won’t be producing a cloud of stinky smoke every time you take a puff. This makes smoking indoors easier, but still, many restaurants and bars have banned its usage. The right age to buy JUUL is 21 years. Teens who are still below the legal age to purchase it are so attracted to it they can’t stop bragging about it on social forums, parents and administrators from educational institutions are equally worried about this teen vaping epidemic. 

Studies show that almost 2 million middle school and high school students used e-cigarettes in 2016. 
JUUL manufacturers are trying to implement youth prevention programs and they certainly don’t want teen market. Their targeted audience is adult smokers to help them quit smoking cigarettes. 

Health Risks of Vaporing or JUUL

JUUL like other vaping devices can have certain health-related risks. since it is used for fun and excitement, no one bothers going through pros and cons and the focus remains on enjoyment. 

●    Vaping delivers huge amounts of nicotine to the body; this highly addictive chemical badly affects the brain of kids and teens. And it also affects fetuses whose mothers tend to vape while being pregnant. Some kinds of vapes are believed to deliver more amounts of nicotine than a whole pack of cigarettes. 

●    The e-liquid used in JUUL or vaping can be dangerous. Many kids and adults have died after breathing, swallowing or absorbing it through their skin or eyes. 

●    Usage of JUUL badly impacts all lung diseases including asthma. 

Should You Still JUUL?

JUUL delivers a potent amount of nicotine with every puff and can be as addictive as a conventional cigarette. Even though it is a safer alternative to cigarettes but one should never consider that it's only a vapor that they are inhaling. Its vapor with contaminants, toxins, and nicotine. JUUL is certainly not harmless. 

 The purpose behind its manufacturing is to help adults cope up with smoking and not encourage vaping among teens and kids at all. The JUUL company is taking steps to hinder the usage of its products among teens. It is taking away all the content from the internet that might encourage teens to use JUUL. The company has also made its website 21+. 

 Parents and teachers shouldn’t be hesitant about talking to kids and teens regarding nicotine addiction. Talk them down and make them understand how real nicotine addiction is and how it can affect their performance in academics and sports. It's better to be safe than sorry, so begin right away and don’t wait for the time when your kid will be actually indulged in JUUL or other vaping devices to talk to them about nicotine addiction. 

If you are suffering from cigarette withdrawal and using JUUL to support you in quitting smoking then you should continue its usage wisely. Otherwise, its usage can result in several problems. 

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E-cigarettes or JUUL might help some people quit smoking but certainly, there are many more ways. So if you are planning to use JUUL as an aid to help you quit smoking you should do your research and consult with your healthcare professional as well. JUUL is not marketed as a smoking quitting tool but just an alternative to smoking cigarettes. So you’ll still stay dependent on JUUL if you succeed in getting rid of cigarettes, and your health will still stay at stake because JUUL is certainly packed with tremendous amounts of nicotine.